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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 150 N O R T H E R N C A L I F O R N I A DOVES THROUGH THRUSHES Band-tailed Pigeons staged an impressive incur- sion, with large numbers moving through the Coast Range, highlighted by a peak count of 596 at Wild Horse Ridge, Napa 4 Nov (MBe), and numerous occurrences on the C.V. foor, where scarce, extending between Butte and Kings. Meanwhile, a new high count of Eurasian Col - lared-Doves was established for Madera, with 55 se. of Madera 3 Nov (Chris Hiatt). A similarly large concentration of 50 birds was at Walker, Mono 8 Aug (Richard Norton). Fourteen White- winged Doves, twice our seasonal 10-year aver - age, were all coastal except one at Clear Lake Riviera 22 Sep (Lake's second; ph. Vicki Miller). The only Yellow-billed Cuckoo reported was an apparent juv. at Riverfront R.P., Sonoma 6 Oct (DgSh). A Greater Roadrunner at Briceland 30 Aug (Casey Ryan) established the sixth record of this species for Humboldt. A Western Screech- Owl at Acampo 16 Oct (DGY) established one of few records for the C.V. foor in San Joaquin dur - ing the past 15 years. One or 2 Northern Saw- whet Owls at American River Parkway 20 Oct (Phil Lutz) and another at Natomas 4 Nov (ph. Liz Bredberg) provided unusual records of this species for Sacramento and the C.V. foor. Humboldt's second Chimney Swift and frst to be photographically documented few over Arcata Bottoms 30 Sep (ph. †SBT, RbF). Re - markably, another was over the Redwood Creek mouth, Humboldt 1 Oct (†GAB). Other singles were over Ripon W.T.P. 6 Sep (†DGY, JRow; San Joaquin's third), over American River Parkway 8 Sep (ph. GEw), and over F.I. 10 (†JTz et al.) & 20 Sep (Oliver James). A Ruby-throated Hum - mingbird, a juv. female, that visited feeders at a residence in Eureka 3-10 Sep (ph. Brad Elvert, m.ob.) established the second record for Hum - boldt. An ad. female Allen's Hummingbird at Acampo, San Joaquin 2-3 Aug (ph. DGY) helped elucidate the continuing pattern of a small post- breeding movement through the C.V. On the topic of continuing patterns, a Calliope Hum - mingbird, scarce anywhere else on the C.V. foor in fall, was in Sacramento, where almost expect - ed, at Fair Oaks 12 Aug (†GEw). Although Lewis's Woodpeckers withdrew from Lassen despite a decent acorn crop (KAb), they appeared in numbers much larger than normal throughout portions of the C.V. and Coast Range, highlighted by a minimum of 90 along Latrobe Rd., Sacramento 8 Nov (CCo, DKo) and a 720% increase in sightings com - pared with the average during the period (41 vs. 5) in Santa Clara (WGB). Acorn Woodpeckers made a similar incursion but in smaller num - bers. Sacramento's frst Williamson's Sapsucker, a female, was at C.R.P. 29 Nov (JTr). Nine Yellow- belled Sapsuckers, all coastal or around S.F. Bay, represented a typical showing, whereas a total of and 128 at Point Pinos, Monterey 19 Nov (BLS). Scripps's Murrelets are infrequently seen from shore, so 1-2 seen from Point Pinos, Monterey on four dates, 6 Oct–30 Nov (DR, BTM) and one at Terrace Point, Santa Cruz 19 Nov (AMR) were remarkable. Even more unusual, single Craveri's Murrelets were seen from Point Pinos, Monterey on seven dates spanning the duration of the pe - riod (DR, BTM, BLS, PFw, RC); fve observations in Nov were unusually late, likely refecting the record-high water temperatures in Monterey Bay at the time (DR). Among an above-average total of 35 Sabine's Gulls inland, 31 Aug–26 Oct, 1-2 at Stampede Reservoir 12-17 Sep (ph., †DRs, SRs, JSL) pro - vided Sierra's frst record. Laughing Gulls were at Eureka, Humboldt 29 Aug and 20 Sep (same bird?; SMcA, †Elizabeth Feucht, †Mark Colwell) and P.R.N.S. 5 Sep (ph. STu). Seven Franklin's Gulls 16 Aug–30 Nov, with 3 coastal and 4 in - land, represented a sub-par showing. Two dif- ferent Mew Gulls at Lake Almanor 2 and 7 Nov (ph. CPD, Angela L. Dillingham), and a Thayer's Gull there 2 Nov (ph. CPD), were rare in Plumas. The frst Vega Herring Gull for F.I., a juv., was present 7 Oct (KNN, ph. DJM et al.). A second- year Lesser Black-backed Gull in Eureka 2-26 Aug (TMcK, ph. RbF et al.) furnished Humboldt's frst record and provided the frst Regional re - cord of an apparent summering individual. One at South Lake Tahoe 29 Oct+ (Don Harriman et al.) furnished El Dorado's second record, and an ad. at Crowley Lake, Mono 28 Nov (JLD, DVP) was likely a returning bird. Single Glau - cous Gulls were at the Davis W.T.P., Yolo 21 Nov (SCH) and Crescent City Harbor, Del Norte 22 Nov (Sky Lloyd). The only Least Tern n. of S.F. Bay was at Doran R.P., Sonoma 23 Aug (LHg, Norm Ortmann, Don Kirker). Black Terns were in higher-than-average numbers in coastal areas, with 14 reported; one in Del Norte and 4 in Humboldt were particularly rare on the north coast. Indian Creek Reservoir hosted Alpine's frst Arctic Tern 22 Sep (JSL). The total of 128 inland Common Terns represented an all-time seasonal high away from the coast and included Alpine's third record (2 birds) at In - dian Creek Reservoir 1 and 18 Sep (JSL); Butte's frst record at Thermalito Afterbay 23-24 Sep (JCS; JLw); and robust concentrations of 20 at n. Lake Tahoe, Placer 31 Aug–30 Sep (ScD, m.ob.) and 32 at Clear Lake, Lake 5 Sep (JRW). Elegant Terns were in high numbers and remained far - ther north, and inside S.F. Bay, through the end of the period, which is unusually late. A count of 6790 at the San Lorenzo River mouth and Seabright S.B 1 Aug (AMR) may have been a re - cord count for Santa Cruz; 420 at Crescent City Harbor 13 Aug (ADB) provided a high count for Del Norte; and one at the Salinas W.T.P. 3 Aug (PFw) furnished Monterey's frst inland record. Del Norte 1-4 Sep (2 birds; ph. LBr et al.), Lake Tolowa, Del Norte 2 Sep (ph. TKz, Casey Ryan), and Manchester S.B., Mendocino 26-27 Sep (ph. Doug Forsell, Diane Hichwa). Among Semipal - mated Sandpipers reported 2 Aug–19 Sep was Napa's third, a juv. at Huichhica Creek W.A. 4-17 Aug (DMo, Michael Park, m.ob.). Notable inland Semis included singles in e. Contra Costa 13 Aug (ph. Albert Linkowski) and at South Lake Tahoe, El Dorado 25 Aug (ScD) and 2 Sep (Bill Frey). A single Wilson's Phalarope lingered in Alviso, Santa Clara 28 Sep+ (RGJ, MMR et al.). A Red Phalarope at the Dixon W.T.P., Solano 3-5 Aug (RMu) was at an unexpected inland location. JAEGERS THROUGH TERNS Inland Parasitic Jaegers were at Lake Almanor, Plumas 12 Sep, 19 Sep, and 10 Oct (different birds; DPA, CPD, MRg, Madelyn Ore et al.), n. Lake Tahoe, Placer 10-13 Sep (ph. ScD, m.ob.), and Folsom Lake, Placer/Sacramento/El Dorado 16-28 Sep (BWb, CCo, m.ob.). Long- tailed Jaegers inland, or inside S.F. Bay, were at the Benicia pier, Solano 29 Aug (RMu, EPi); at Shoreline Lake 31 Aug (ph. Steve Tracey) and in Sunnyvale 8 Sep (ph. Wildlife Center of Sili - con Valley), providing Santa Clara's third and fourth records; at Stampede Reservoir 13-19 Sep (Sierra's second; JLx, ph. JSL, Dale Rubach); and s. of Corcoran, Kings 24 Sep (ph. MSy). A Rhinoceros Auklet at Coyote Point, San Mateo 30 Sep (RSTh) was rare on S.F. Bay, while a juv. Pigeon Guillemot there 29 Oct (RSTh) was late for a bayside occurrence. Counts of 121 Marbled Murrelets at Waddell Bluffs, Santa Cruz 2 Sep (GJS) and 71 at Pigeon Point, San Mateo 11 Nov (RSTh) were high for recent years and undoubt - edly included birds from more northern breed- ing areas. Ancient Murrelets were widespread and in fairly good numbers, with high counts of 214 at Pigeon Point, San Mateo 11 Nov (RSTh) Tropical Kingbirds appear to be increasing in Northern California, where a minimum of 63 established one of the highest fall totals ever. This bird was along Lanphere Road in Humboldt County 14 November 2104. Photograph by Bill Kieser.

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