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V O L U M E 6 9 ( 2 0 1 5 ) • N U M B E R 1 149 N O R T H E R N C A L I F O R N I A mering crane remained along Elkhorn Slough throughout the fall to 18 Dec (ph. m.ob.). SHOREBIRDS Wandering Black-necked Stilts included 4 at Prosser Creek Reservoir, Nevada 16 Aug (with a single American Avocet; JLx et al.), Amador's third, at Silver Lake 19-20 Aug (Gwen Star - rett, JLx), and 5 at Groveland, Tuolumne 31 Aug (Jeanne Ridgley). Eight reported American Golden-Plovers in four counties 26 Sep–17 Oct included an impressive 5 in Humboldt. Coastal Mountain Plovers are unexpected, so juvs. at Zmudowski S.B., Monterey 29 Oct–1 Nov (ph. CSc, Don Glasco, ph. m.ob.) and se. of Dav - enport 30 Oct–1 Nov (ffth for Santa Cruz; ph. AMR, ph. mob.) were surprising. Reports of 17 Solitary Sandpipers 3 Aug–30 Sep included Trin - ity's fourth at Hayfork W.T.P. 14 Sep (DRs, SRs). Wandering Tattlers well inside S.F. Bay included 2 juvs. seen from a kayak on the Mare Island jetty, Solano 31 Aug; one was still present 7 Sep (all RMu). A Willet at Sacramento N.W.R. 18 Oct (Harry Fuller) was one of few found in Glenn. A Lesser Yellowlegs at Prosser Creek Reservoir 19 Aug (ph. SRs, DRs) may have been the frst for Nevada. Perhaps the same individual was seen 29 Aug at nearby Boca Reservoir, Nevada 29 Aug (JSL). An impressive 34+ Lesser Yellowlegs were with 90 Greaters at the O'Neill Forebay, Merced 9 Sep (KVV), where dwindling water levels cre - ated good habitat. A Eurasian Whimbrel was seen 160 km w. of Humboldt Bay, Humboldt 17 Sep (MFo). A juv. Ruddy Turnstone at South Lake Tahoe 13 Sep (ScD) was only the third for El Dorado. Also unexpected was an ad. in eastern Contra Costa 13 Aug (ph. Albert Linkowski). A Black Turnstone at the Mare Island jetty 7 Sep (RMu, ph. EPi) was the third for Solano. Unexpected inland, a Red Knot graced the Fresno W.T.P., Fresno 16 Sep (ph. GaW). Solano's frst Surfbird was a juv. at the Napa Sonoma Marshes W.A. 6 Sep (†RMu). Ten Ruffs in six counties included Tulare's ffth or sixth at the Tulare W.T.P. 3 Aug (DaF). Sharp-tailed Sandpipers, all juvs., were found at the Eel River W.A., Humboldt 22 Sep (ph. Brad Elvert), the Yolo Basin W.A., Yolo 22 Sep (TEa), Lake Tolowa, Del Norte 17 Oct (LBr), and s. Arcata Bottoms, Humboldt 20 Oct (KMS). Up to 7 Stilt Sandpipers were 3 km n. of Stratford, Kings 23 Aug–5 Oct (ph. MSy); 6 others were found in four counties 20 Aug–6 Oct. Sanderlings in the Sierra Nevada included singles at South Lake Tahoe, El Dorado 19 Aug (R&NO) and 4 Sep (Bill Frey), 2 at n. Lake Tahoe, Placer 22 Aug (ScD), and singles at Lake Almanor, Plumas 30 Aug (RDB) and 13 Sep (SEd, ADE). Buff-breasted Sandpipers were re - ported from the Centerville wetlands, Humboldt 26 Aug (Brad Elvert, AxL), Smith River Bottoms, Researchers report that this species is fairly regu - lar 250+ km offshore, primarily w. of the Califor- nia Current (fde MFo). An ad. Masked Booby at Moss Beach 12 Aug, San Mateo's second, was fol - lowed by a juv. Masked/Nazca Booby at the same location 25 Aug (both †RSTh). Aside from last fall's invasion, Blue-footed Booby is a rarity in the region, so an ad. at F.I. 5 Aug–4 Nov, with a sec - ond ad. also present 15-17 Aug (ph. Point Blue), was noteworthy; these may have been returning birds that frst visited the Region last fall. Brown Booby numbers continue to climb; 26 were re - corded this fall, including at least 9 in San Mateo, 6 at F.I., 4 in Monterey, and the remainder in S.F., Marin, Sonoma, and Humboldt. The long-staying Northern Gannet at F.I. was seen throughout the period (Point Blue). American White Peli - cans are scarce on the north coast, so one wan- dering around coastal Del Norte 25 Aug–1 Nov (m.ob.), 11 in Mendocino, Mendocino 18 Sep (Mark Burns), and one at Lake Mendocino, Men - docino 26 Nov (GGi) were noteworthy. BITTERNS THROUGH CRANES A Least Bittern continued at Mather Lake, Sacra- mento 26-30 Aug (Mark Sawyer, Phil Lutz); sin- gles were also reported in Sonoma, from Shiloh Ranch R.P. 17 Oct (DgSh) and nearby Foothill R.P. 17-28 Nov (Craig and Annette Roth, ESH, mo.ob.). A Cattle Egret at Clear Lake S.P. 11 Aug (DvW) was only the ffth for Lake. White-faced Ibis were widely reported from coastal areas 17 Aug+, including at total of 19 seen from F.I. 4-29 Sep, where few have been found previously (Point Blue, †JTz). A Black Vulture seen near Santa Rosa, Sonoma 8-11 Aug (fde CTo) would be the Region's sixth, unless deemed to be the same bird as the one seen elsewhere in the county 21 Mar–16 Apr. Napa's frst Broad-winged Hawk passed over Wild Horse Ridge 1 Oct (†MBe), fying into adjacent Solano, where it provided a second county record. Broad-wingeds were well-reported away from the Marin Headlands, with 7 in San Mateo 23 Sep–21 Oct (RSTh), 6 in Santa Cruz 20 Sep–18 Oct (all juvs.; m.ob.), and 4 in Monterey 26 Sep–8 Oct (m.ob.). Six Swain - son's Hawks in four coastal counties 19 Aug–19 Oct constituted an above-average total. Harlan's Red-tailed Hawks included a bird returning to Bayside, Humboldt 13 Nov+ (TKz) for its twelfth winter and different individuals at the Lodi W.T.P., San Joaquin 25 Oct (DGY) and 3 Nov (ph. DGY). The ad. Ferruginous Hawk was seen again near Bieber, Lassen 22 Aug (KAb); another in Sierra Valley, Plumas and Sierra 20 Aug (DPA) was likewise hard to explain, as breeding is not known from there. A Yellow Rail found injured in Salinas 30 Oct (ph. Monika Kaufman) was the third for Monterey. A Sandhill Crane at the Smith River Bottoms 24 Oct–1 Nov (LBr) provided the seventh record for Del Norte; Monterey's sum - Nov (CPD), and Boca Reservoir, Nevada 18-29 Nov (ph. MMy). Over 2500 Western Grebe nests at Lake Almanor, Plumas 11 Aug (Mad - elyn Ore, Emily Mickus) furnished the highest count of nests for this location, but most failed due to wind waves; re-nesting later that month was highly successful. A Western Grebe and 14 Clark's Grebes were on nests at O'Neill Forebay, Merced 4 Sep (KVV); nesting here is unusual. Hawaiian Petrels were off San Mateo 2 Aug (SBT, DLSh et al.), Humboldt 7 Aug (†Oscar Canino), Point Pinos, Monterey 25 Aug (ph. Pe - ter J. Dunn et al.), and off "central California" 24 Sep (Jeff Gilligan). Researchers conducting ma - rine mammal surveys far offshore recorded 2-4 Mottled Petrels per day, 2-8 Nov, in areas 185- 370 km w. of the shore from F.I. to Point Arena, Mendocino (MFo). Even more remarkable was a Stejneger's Petrel, the Region's ffth and Men - docino's second, with 6 Cook's Petrels 324 km wsw. of Point Arena, Mendocino 7 Nov (†MFo). A Cory's Shearwater 9-13 km off Fort Bragg 28 Sep (†JLD, ph. RAd, m.ob.) was Mendocino's frst and only the third for California. Buller's Shear - waters were in their lowest numbers on record, with only 3 at F.I. (Point Blue) and high counts of only 3-5 on Monterey Bay, Monterey pelagic trips (fde DR). In contrast, Manx Shearwaters were recorded in unprecedented numbers. There were 34 reports from Monterey alone, seen from Point Pinos and pelagic trips; 3-4 were regularly seen among shearwater focks off Point Pinos, and 7 at Point Pinos 31 Jul (DR) set an all-time Regional record. Six were in Santa Cruz, with 1-2 seen from West Cliff Drive, Santa Cruz 31 Aug–2 Sep (AMR, NLv) and 1-2 on each of three pelagic trips. Away from Monterey Bay, singles were seen from Moss Beach, San Mateo 26 Sep (RSTh) and 3 km off Bodega Head, Sonoma 12 Oct (ph. SNGH). These Manx Shearwaters often accompanied the unusually large focks of Black- vented Shearwaters present this fall. Counts of 7200 at Point Pinos, Monterey 31 Aug (DR) and 4000 at Terrace Point, Santa Cruz 25 Nov (JGa) exceeded most previous counts, but they were dwarfed by 35,000 (more than 10% of the es - timated global population) at Moss Beach, San Mateo 20 Oct (RSTh), which set an all-time Re - gional high. Black-vented Shearwaters were also recorded farther north than usual, with 12-15 off Point Arena 25 Sep (JRW, CEV) providing the frst Mendocino record since 2003 and 11 seen on fve dates in Humboldt (v.ob.). One or 2 Ashy Storm-Petrels off Humboldt Bay, Humboldt 30 Aug (RbF, m.ob.) were rare so far north, and Santa Clara's third was in Alviso 8 Oct (†WGB). Ad. Red-tailed Tropicbirds were documented 330 km wsw. of Seal Rock, Del Norte 7 Sep and 350 km sw. of Point Sur, Monterey 22 Nov (both †MFo et al.), and an imm. was 342 km w. of Punta Gorda, Humboldt 29 Sep (ph.; fde MFo).

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