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VOLUME 69 No1 2016

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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 148 O R E G O N & WA S H I N G TO N Robinson, Tim Rodenkirk (Coos, Curry), Ryan Shaw, Bill Shelmerdine, Andy Stepniewski, El - len Stepniewski, Shep Thorpe, Bill Tweit, Dan Waggoner, Terry J. Wahl, Charlie Wright (eBird), Matt Yawney. n –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– David S. Irons, 6555 SW Old Scholls Ferry Road #8, Portland, Oregon 97223 ( Brad Waggoner, 7865 Fletcher Bay Road N.E., Bainbridge Island, Washington 98110 ( Ryan Merrill, 1616 10 Street W, Kirkland, Washington 98033 ( Initialed observers (subregional editors in boldface): Knute Andersson, Nigel Ball, Gary Bletsch, Marv Breece, Wilson Cady, Alan Contreras, Jim Danzenbaker, Mike & Merry - Lynn Denny, Shawneen Finnegan, Bob Flores, Michael Force, George Gerdts (GGe), Steve Giles, Jeff Gilligan, Denny Grandstrand, Mi - chael Hobbs, Wayne Hoffman, Evan Houston, Jonathon Isacoff, Stuart Johnston (Hood River, Klickitat), Randy Knapp, Bruce LaBar, Terry Lit - tle, Judy Meredith, Lois Miller, Steven Mlodi- now, Harry Nehls (Oregon), Vic Nelson, Tim O'Brien, Mike Patterson (Clatsop), W. Douglas 10 years, Lesser Goldfnches have shown signs of creeping northward of the species' rapidly growing re-established population in sw. Wash - ington's Clark, but a gathering of 45 near Puyal- lup, Pierce 6 Aug (BW, RM, CW) was remark- able; this species was found breeding near this locale in Pierce a few years ago. Other northerly Lessers included 2 at Marymoor 14 Aug (MH, M. Bartels), Clallam's frst at Neah Bay 26 Sep (BW, RS, DW), and 2 at Bellevue, King 30 Nov (J. Glant). A Lesser at Gearhart, Clatsop 5 Sep (C. Neuman) was equally surprising on Or - egon's n. coast. ing female in Alviso, Santa Clara was seen again 24 Aug (MMR, MJM, RGJ) and 18 Nov (Natalie Washburn). Notable White-wingeds far inland were at Fall River Lake 20 Oct+ (2 males, sev - enth Shasta record; KAb, ph. BY, m.ob.) and Crowley Lake, Mono 15 Nov (3 birds; JLD, DHo). The male Black Scoter returned to the Richmond Marina, Contra Costa, where diving ducks have become scarce in recent years, for its ffth winter 22 Nov+ (Bob Dunn, m.ob.). Ten Long-tailed Ducks were found in seven counties 20 Oct+, with the earliest being a no - table inland bird at Fall River Lake, Shasta 20 Oct (KAb); another at Truckee 12 Nov–9 Dec (ph. SRs, DRs, m.ob.) was thought to represent the frst record for Nevada. LOONS THROUGH PELICANS Two Pacifc Loons at Lake Almanor, Plumas 27 Aug (CPD, ph. DPA, Madelyn Ore, Emily Mick - us) were very early fall migrants. Among other inland Pacifc Loons, one at Union Reservoir 24 Oct (JSL) provided Alpine's frst record, and one at Bass Lake 7 Nov+ (ph. GaW) was Madera's ffth. Robust inland counts of Common Loons included 30 at Grant Lake, Mono 19 Oct (JLD), 26 at Lake Almanor, Plumas 19 Sep (CPD, DPA et al.), 25 at Camanche Reservoir, San Joaquin 27 Nov (DGY), and 21 at Stampede Reservoir, Sier - ra 10 Nov (FrO, LPt, Bill Frey). One at Dawson Lake 8 Aug (†HMR) may have summered, a rare event for Stanislaus. Two Yellow-billed Loons were recorded, one at the n. jetty of Humboldt Bay, Humboldt 29 Oct (ph. Brad Elvert) and an - other found dead at Salmon Creek Beach, So- noma 9 Nov (ph. Orion O'Connor et al.). Counts of 20 Horned Grebes at Eagle Lake 1 Oct (DPA, Madelyn Ore) and 2000 Eared Grebes there 12 Oct (DPA) represented good counts for Lassen. Inland Red-necked Grebes were at Crowley Lake 12 Sep (PJM, ADeM; Mono's sixth), Lake Alman - or, Plumas 19 Sep (CPD, ph. DPA et al.) and 11 C.V. (Central Valley); F.I. (Southeast Farallon Island, San Francisco); H.R.S. (Hayward R.S., Alameda); Point Blue (Point Blue Conserva - tion Science); P.R.N.S. (Point Reyes National Seashore, Marin), S.F. (San Francisco, not State Forest); Reports of exceptional vagrants submitted without documentation are not published. Documentation of C.B.R.C. review species will be forwarded to Tom Benson, Sec - retary, WATERFOWL At least 3 Brant remained at Brooks Island, Contra Costa 3-31 Aug (LKh, ph. Michael Park, CDu et al.). Up to 42 Trumpeter Swans in vari - ous Modoc locations 16-29 Nov (SCR, KAb) have become somewhat expected in recent years, but an ad. in Willow Creek Valley 24 Nov (LOr) was much less expected in Lassen. Tundra Swans in unusual locations included singles at Indian Creek Reservoir, Alpine 12 Nov (Bill Frey) and e. of Exeter, Tulare 18 Nov (ph. DaF). A pair of Bewick's Swans at Crow - ley Lake, Mono 15 Nov (JLD, DHo) was pre- sumably the returning pair that has wintered there annually since 2004. Also a returning bird, the male Falcated Duck was found at Colusa N.W.R., Colusa 30 Oct+ (ph. Matt Vito - ria, m.ob.). A Eurasian Wigeon at Glenshire 12 Nov (ph. SRs, DRs) was one of few ever report - ed in Nevada. Tufted Ducks were reported from Salmon Creek, Sonoma 14 Nov (ESH et al.) and Abbotts Lagoon, Marin 23-27 Nov (Everett Clark, Mark Dettling), although the former was noted as being a possible hybrid. A King Eider was with scoters off Ocean Beach, San Fran - cisco 25 Oct (†Paul Saraceni). Two Surf Scoters at Lake Tahoe 22 Oct–9 Dec (JLD, ScD, MMy) were thought to represent just the third record for El Dorado. A count of 430 White-winged Scoters at Clam Beach, Humboldt 17 Aug (RbF) was a surprising number for Aug; the summer - Jef N. Davis Ed Pandolfno Stephen C. Rottenborn Michael M. Rogers –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– S ea surface temperatures on Monterey Bay fuctuated, but at times during late August, September, and October they were among the highest recorded. "Southern" seabirds, such as Black-vented Shearwaters, Brown Pelicans, Heermann's Gulls, and Elegant Terns, were in higher numbers, and in good numbers farther north, than usual, and elevated numbers of Scripps's and Craveri's Murrelets were seen from shore around Monterey Bay. In contrast, num - bers of Long-tailed Jaegers, Arctic Terns, Sabine's Gulls, and Buller's Shearwaters were well below average. Portions of the Region experienced ma - jor incursions of Band-tailed Pigeons, Lewis's and Acorn Woodpeckers, Steller's Jays, Ameri - can Robins, and Varied Thrushes. Abbreviations: C.B.R.C. (California B.R.C.); C.R.P. (Cosumnes River Preserve, Sacramento); Northern California

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