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V O L U M E 6 9 ( 2 0 1 5 ) • N U M B E R 1 147 O R E G O N & WA S H I N G TO N falls that this species has been reported in the Region. Oregon's eighteenth Dickcissel dropped in at the Philomath S.T.P. 6 Oct (WDR). Bobo - links are very rare at any season in w. Wash- ington, so one at Bainbridge Island, Kitsap 7-8 Oct (ph. BW) was noteworthy; there are just over 30 fall records and one winter record for w. Washington. Four Rose-breasted Grosbeaks 1 Aug–28 Oct were equally split e. and w. of the Cascades; 2-3 per fall is typical. Single Yellow- headed Blackbirds at Florence, Lane 28 Sep (AC) and at Gold Beach, Curry 19 Oct (TR) were on Oregon's outer coast, where rare at any season. About normal for fall, 3 Rusty Blackbirds were noted in w. Washington 20 Oct. Oregon's only Rusty was at Wickiup Reservoir, Deschutes 11 Nov (W. Hemstrom, J. Greer). The male Great- tailed Grackle from summer at Puyallup, Pierce was noted through 13 Sep (M. Charest); this bird, which adds to nine prior Washington reports, is presumed to be the same individual that was present during fall 2013. An Orchard Oriole, Washington's eighth and the third from this site, inhabited Neah Bay, Clallam 26 Oct+ (ph. RM, RS, CW, BW); all but one of Wash - ington's records have come Sep–Dec. Three Hooded Orioles 8-26 Nov included one at Ho - quiam, Grays Harbor 8-10 Nov (ph. L. Ogren, J. Ogren); this was Washington's eleventh and just the second during fall in that state, where most records span late Apr–late Jul. A Bullock's Oriole at Neah Bay1-8 Nov (BT) provided the ffth Nov record for Washington, which also has ten winter records. Single Bramblings at Neah Bay, Clallam 4-8 Nov (ph. T. Mansfeld) and Port Hadlock, Jef - ferson 5-11 Nov (ph. P. Vanderheul) provided Washington's seventeenth and eighteenth re - cords; records span Nov–Apr. Gray-crowned Rosy-Finches seemed unusually prevalent in the lowlands of w. Washington this fall with 4 at Coupeville, Island 1-24 Nov (S. Ellis), one at Marymoor, King 10 Nov (MH), and an un - precedented fock of 30 at Willapa Hills, Pacifc 14-15 Nov (ph. L. Hanes); there appear to be no previous records for this species in Pacifc and only a few records ever for the Washing - ton coast. Forty-one Gray-crowneds on Marys Peak 18 Nov (WDR) is likely a record count for this site, the only place in Oregon's Coast Range where rosy-fnches appear regularly. Pine Grosbeaks staged a mini-irruption away from traditional montane haunts in e. Wash - ington and ne. Oregon. At least 25 were noted in the w. Washington lowlands 4 Nov+, includ - ing up to 8 at Neah Bay 4-26 Nov (m.ob.); Pine Grosbeaks have rarely reached Washington's outer coast. Two at Marys Peak 18-21 Nov (WDR, RN) represent the only w. Oregon re - port. Twenty-fve more were noted in the east- side lowlands 27 Oct–18 Nov. Over the past records have come the Harney oases May–Jun. Single Magnolia Warblers at Page Springs, Har - ney 26 Sep (NS) and Arizona Beach, Curry 4 Oct (AC) made for a typical fall showing. A Blackburnian Warbler at Bayocean Spit, Til - lamook 11-12 Oct (D. Mandell, ph. M. Klem) was Oregon's twelfth and that state's fourth fall bird over the past fve autumns. Five Blackpoll Warblers 2 Sep–5 Oct included 2 w. of the Cas - cades, where they are not annual. This season's Black-throated Blue Warbler was at Burns 26 Sep (Z. Fukuda); this species is nearly annual in Harney Sep–Oct. Thirty-one Palm Warblers 27 Sep+ was a return to normal fall numbers after last fall's spectacular showing. A Wilson's Warbler at Yakima 15 Nov + (S. Isley, L. Isley) was the latest ever for e. Washington. Seven westside American Tree Sparrows 24 Oct–26 Nov was slightly above the recent fall average. Both states had record-early Clay- colored Sparrows, with singles at F.R.R. 3 Aug (T. Meinzen et al.) and Diablo, Whatcom 9 Aug (RM). These birds, plus a maximum of 3 at Neah Bay, Clallam 26 Oct (CW, RM, SM, RS, BW), contributed to a supra-normal 17 west - side birds during the period. Oregon's only eastside Clay-colored visited Fields, Harney 18 Sep (TR). Thirteen westside Brewer's Sparrows 3 Aug–9 Sep included a group of 7 at Sunrise, Pierce 7 Aug (RM, BW); Brewer's are annual in Aug in the W.V., but the westside status in Washington is less clear. A Brewer's Sparrow at Colville, Stevens 6 Oct (ph. D. Bragg) was e. Washington's latest ever. A concentration of 35 Vesper Sparrows at Sunrise 7 Aug (RM, BW, CW) was unprecedented for recent times in w. Washington. Four additional lowland migrant Vespers included one at Neah Bay 2-5 Nov (S. Giles), which was just the third Nov record for Washington. Two Lark Buntings at F.R.R. 9 Sep (S. Hill, S. Maulding) and another at Langlois, Curry 4 Oct (KA, LM) add to 26 prior Oregon records. A Grasshopper Sparrow at Waatch River valley, Clallam 26 Oct (RS, CW, RM, BW, SM) provided an exceptionally rare w. Washington record. A Grasshopper at Newport 27 Oct (WH) was equally surprising. Most of the Region's Swamp Sparrow reports involve 1-2 birds, so the count of 6 Swamps at Waatch River valley, Clallam 26 Oct (RS, CW, RM, BW, SM) was noteworthy. Four Swamps were in e. Washington, where not annual, 21 Oct–20 Nov. A Harris's Sparrow at Marblemount 27- 28 Sep (GB, K. Kemper, B. Kundtz) was record early for w. Washington. Five more Harris's 13 Oct–20 Nov made an average fall showing. A Lazuli Bunting was at Hobuck Beach, Clal- lam 23 Sep (B. Paige); this species is very rare for the outer coast. An Indigo Bunting at Plat 1 Reservoir, Douglas 31 Aug (MH) and another at Albany, Linn 5 Oct (WH) make nine consecutive this species has normally departed the Olympic Peninsula by late Sep. A Mountain Bluebird, rare during fall in the lowlands of w. Washington, was at Kingston, Kitsap 5 Nov (K. Brown). Five westside Gray Catbirds 1-5 Sep was highly unusual, as this species is not found annually during fall w. of the Cascades. This season's Brown Thrasher was at Mount Vernon, Grant 29 Oct (A. Frost, C. & M. O'Leary). A concentration of 25 Bohemian Waxwings at Harts Pass, Okanogan 19 Aug (RK) was exceptional for early fall on the westside; there are two confrmed breeding records from n. Washington. One Bohemian at Mount Baker, Whatcom 15 Nov (F. Lane), plus 15 at Con - crete, Whatcom Nov (GB), and 9 at Rockport, Skagit 30 Nov (GB) fell within the normal date range for birds wandering to the westside. Or - egon's third Red-throated Pipit, all since 2003, was at Lake Selmac, Josephine 20-21 Oct (ph. RN, m.ob.); remarkably, two of these records have come from inland locations, whereas the majority of West Coast records are coastal. Washington's frst well-documented japonicus American Pipit was at Hobuck Beach, Clallam 8-9 Nov (ph. F. Lane, †CW); there have been a few prior sight records of this subspecies in the Region. Single Chestnut-collared Longspurs were at Gearhart, Clatsop 17 Oct (MP) and Cape Blanco 21 Oct (TJW); this species is nearly an - nual during Oct along the Oregon coast. An Ovenbird at Anacortes, Skagit 11 Sep (†R. Shain) provided the seventh fall record for Washington; there are just shy of 30 records in that state, with most May–Jun. Ten migrant Northern Waterthrushes 23 Aug–30 Oct in - cluded 4 on the westside, where barely annual in fall. The only Black-and-white Warbler en - livened Washtucna 11-13 Sep (K. Brady); this was the fourth this year for Washington, which averages about one per annum. Two Tennes - see Warblers, both during early Sep, was a bit below the recent fall average. Five westside Nashville Warblers were detected 12 Oct–16 Nov. Given that local breeders are typically gone from the Region by early Sep, some have wondered if late birds such as these might be of the e. subspecies rufcapilla. Washington's frst and the Region's third Lucy's Warbler was at Neah Bay, Clallam 6-7 Nov (†BW, DW, RK); both Oregon records are from winter but were also coastal. Two lingering Yellow Warblers at Clallam Bay, Clallam 29 Oct were nearly a month tardy (BW, RM, CW). A Chestnut-sided Warbler near Yakima 15-16 Sep (D. Brown, R. Brown) was the twenty-eighth for Washing - ton, where most records are from Jun. Another Chestnut-sided visited Drewsey, Harney 8 Oct (T. Blount). A Northern Parula at Port Orford, Curry 14 Sep (LM) made an exceptional fall record for the Oregon coast; most of Oregon's

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