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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 140 ALASKA St. Lawrence Island fall records. Olive-backed Pipits made a strong Sep push, including 8-10 birds at St. Paul Island 14-26 Sep (St. Paul Tour), singles at Gambell 23 & 30 Sep (ph. PEL et al.), where there was only one prior fall report, and one on Shemya Island 28 Sep (DS). An Olive- backed Pipit on Middleton Island 24 Sep (ph. LHD, NRH, CWW) follows that site's frst ever report from 2013. Gambell produced another in its running series of Pechora Pipits 27 Sep (PEL, CF), bringing that area's fall total to 19 individu - als since the late 1990s. The Red-throated Pipit at Gustavus 23 Sep (NKD) was one of very few from Southeast. Parulid highlights spanned the Region with both eastern rarities and notably late departures. Gambell special reports includ - ed 5 Orange-crowned Warblers 16 Aug–29 Sep, with one lutescens type noted 13 Sep, a third local Mourning Warbler 13 Sep, and a fourth local fall Townsend's Warbler 4 Sep (PEL). St. Paul Island had similar unusual and some early arriving birds, highlighted by the Pribilofs' frst Tennessee Warbler 5 Oct, very rare Bering Sea Blackpoll Warblers 2 & 17 Sep, the frst Pribi - lofs Palm Warbler 28 Sep, and single Townsend's Warblers 24 & 30 Sep (St. Paul Tour). Middle - ton Island warbler highlights included single Tennessee Warblers 9 & 29 Sep, a late Nash - ville Warbler 5 Oct, a Magnolia Warbler 4-6 Oct, and a banner Palm Warbler showing with 7 birds 22 Sep–4 Oct, including 6 total 1 Oct (all ph, LHD, ph, CWW, NRH). Notable late war - bler departure dates included a record-late and frst Ketchikan Northern Waterthrush 21 Oct (ph. SCH, GHR), single Tennessee Warblers in Southeast at Ketchikan 22 Oct (ph. SCH) and Sitka 9 Nov (ph. MRG), a MacGillivray's War - bler at Ketchikan 17 & 19 Oct (SCH, TJD, GHR, KMR), a new record-late and extralimital Cape May Warbler at Seward 2-3 Nov (ph. NRH, ph LHD, SS, TT, CAG et al.), a Yellow Warbler at Sitka 13 Nov (ph. MRG), a Townsend's Warbler at Kodiak 26 Nov (RAM), and a Wilson's War - bler at Juneau 28 Nov (BAA). Extralimital were an ad. American Redstart at Anchorage ~23-25 Aug (fde TT et al.), where there are a few sum - mer reports, and a Black-and-white Warbler at Juneau 6 Oct (ACC, MWS). There are fewer than 10 Black-and-white Warbler records in the Region, most are from spring. At Thorne Bay, Prince of Wales Island, a Spot - ted Towhee attended a feeder 30+ Nov (ph. JFB), bringing the Region's total to 14 records, nine of which come from Juneau. Chipping Sparrows presumably from e. Interior nesting areas surged into the Bering Sea, with a record 6 for the season at Gambell 6-18 Sep (PEL) and at least 7 for the season on St. Paul 24 Aug–5 Oct (St. Paul Tour). A Clay-colored Sparrow at Ju - neau 22-26 Oct (GBV, ph. DKM, ph. PAR) adds another report of this sporadic fall vagrant, for and another in Middleton Island thickets 7-8 Oct (ph. NRH, ph. LHD, ph. CWW). St. Paul bird - ers located the Pribilofs' third Dusky Warbler 19 Sep (St. Paul Tour), the season's only report. Finally, single Yellow-browed Warblers were at Gambell 4 Sep and 7 Oct (ph. AJL, CF et al.) and Middleton Island 19 Sep (ph. NRH, LHD, CWW). A rare fall Gray-streaked Flycatcher was on St. Paul 25 Aug (St. Paul Tour). Two Siberian Rubythroats were found this fall, one on St. Paul Island 2 Sep and another 12 Oct (St. Paul Tour). Three Red-fanked Bluetails represented a strong showing: one at Gambell 29 Sep (CF, ph, PEL) was the third record there, and singles were on St. Paul 17-19 & 30 Sep (St. Paul Tour), the Pribilofs' sixth and seventh. St. Paul birders felt that possibly 2 Taiga Flycatchers were present there 18-22 Sep (St. Paul Tour). There are still fewer than a half-dozen fall reports of this spe - cies. An imm. Northern Wheatear in the beech logs on Middleton Island's west shoreline 25 Sep (ph. NRH, LHD, CWW) represented that loca - tion's third overall record. A Mountain Bluebird was located in similar Middleton Island habitats 21 Sep (ph. LHD, NRH, CWW). Rare Bering Sea Swainson's Thrush reports included one on St. Paul 15 Sep (St. Paul Tour) and singles at Gambell 4 & 7 Sep (JG, AJL et al.). The season's most extravagant rarity was certainly the imm. Wood Thrush fushed from the gravel road at St. Paul Island in a storm 3 Oct (ph. St. Paul Tour). This frst Alaska record came a long way from breeding areas and represents one of few reports for the Pacifc region. The Pribilofs' frst fall and third overall Dusky Thrush appeared on St. Paul 13 Oct (ph. St. Paul Tour). A fighty Dusky Thrush was located in the spruce groves around Unalaska 12 Nov (ph. SG), on the heels of a huge early Nov storm system. This marks the frst for the e. Aleutians and only record be - tween Bering Sea/Aleutian regions and South- coastal/Southeast sites. Within ten minutes and 100 m of each other in the west side thickets, Middleton Island bird - ers discovered a Gray Catbird and a Northern Mockingbird 14 Sep (ph. LHD, NRH, CWW). The former represents the Region's approximate - ly sixth in fall and frst for Middleton, while the latter becomes a fourth island record. Another Northern Mockingbird made it to Gambell 13 Sep (ph. PEL), a new record there, and one at Sitka 25 Sep+ (ph.MRG) provided a third local record. Single Siberian Accentors were on St. Paul 21 Sep (St. Paul Tour) and Gambell 19 & 27 Sep (ph. PEL et al.). An imm. Eastern Yellow Wagtail was at Mid - dleton Island 28 & 30 Aug (ph. LHD, NRH, CWW), a fourth record there and the only extra - limital report this season. Two Tree Pipits dis- covered at Gambell 2-5 & 18-23 Sep (AJL, ph. PEL, CI et al.) constituted the second and third mented from Gambell 29 Aug and 1-5 Sep (ph. NH, m.ob.), established St. Lawrence Island's third and fourth records. Extralimital Warbling Vireos included singles offshore at St. Paul Is - land 29-30 Sep (St. Paul Tour), the ffth overall for the Pribilofs, and Gambell's seventh ever 27 Sep (PEL et al.), while single Warblings at Ket - chikan 16 Oct (TJD, JLH, JDL) and Middleton Island 1 Oct (LHD, NRH, CWW) were only the Region's sixth and seventh from Oct. Gambell produced a rare Red-eyed Vireo 4 Sep (PEL). Following the complete absence of Steller's Jays from Ketchikan in the previous winter, numbers returned to normal by the summer, then exploded in fall. It was not unusual to see groups of 20 or more in yards all season. Similar irruptive movements have been documented as close to Southeast as Vancouver Island, possibly in response to food shortages. A Clark's Nut - cracker that hung around s. Ketchikan homes 13-14 Oct (ph. JHL, AWP) and was described by locals as having been there for at least a week prior is the Region's frst report since 2004. Notable from the usual few Sky Lark accounts were singles from Anchor River on the w. Kenai Peninsula 28 Sep (DWS, DE), a second record for the area, and Middleton Island's frst, also on 28 Sep (LHD). Signifcantly late Bank Swal - low reports included one at St. Paul Island 27 Sep–3 Oct (St. Paul Tour) and 5 at Gustavus 2 Oct (NKD). A very late Ruby-crowned Kinglet at Gambell 22 Oct (CI) established a local new departure date. An unprecedented fight of Phylloscopus war - blers started in Aug, with a Willow Warbler on St. Paul Island 25 Aug (ph. St. Paul Tour), the Pribilofs' third ever, and others at Gambell 21 Aug (record early; ph. PEL) and 4 Sep (PEL, ph. NH). A Common Chiffchaff documented at St. Paul Island 7-8 Sep (ph. St. Paul Tour) was the Pribilofs' frst and the Region's fourth overall. Wood Warbler reports included one on Adak 19 Sep (ph. FH, BH), one on St. Paul 20-28 Sep, with a second bird 25-26 Sep (ph. St. Paul Tour), Part of a sizable irruption of the species that reached south to southern California and east to Ontario, this Brambling was found on Adak, Alaska 14 September 2014. Photograph by Franklin Haas.

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