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VOLUME 69 No1 2016

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V O L U M E 6 9 ( 2 0 1 5 ) • N U M B E R 1 137 G R E AT B A S I N Nov+ (SC, MM et al.). Painted Buntings were photographed at Lida, Esmeralda, NV 7 Sep (GS) and Corn Creek 8 Sep (GS). A Bobolink was in the milo feld at Lytle 17 Sep (RF), and up to 2 Common Grackles were at Boulder Beach, Lake Mead 12-18 Nov (GS et al.). A female Orchard Oriole was photographed at Las Vegas Bay, Lake Mead 28 Sep (ph. JSt). Purple Finches were documented in Nevada at Miller's R.A. 18 Sep (ph. RA) and Reno, Washoe 28 Nov (JH). Contributors and cited observers: Aaron Ambos, Richard Aracil, Kaitlin Backund, James Bailey (JBa), Ned Batchelder, Joel & Kathy Beyer, Jim Boone (JBo), Dave Boyarski, Scott Clemson, Dennis Coleman (DCo), Chuck Coxe, Dorothy Crowe (DCr), Laura Cunningham, Brian Day, Christian & Molly Edwards, Keith & Betty Evans, Darlene Feener, Billy Fenimore, Rick Fridell, Kenny Frisch, Dennis Ghiglieri, John Hackney, Dave Hanscom (DHa), Lauren Harter, Mike Hearall, Dave Henderson (DHe), Paul Higgins, Theresa Hyde, Norman Jenson, Josh Kreitzer, Rachel LeBlanc (RLe), Rob Lowry (RLo), Doug Mead, Martin Meyers, Rick Miller, Deedee O'Brien, Bryant Olsen, Fred Petersen, Eric Peterson, Mark & Lois Ports, Kristin Purdy, Shyloh Robinson, Nick Rosen, John Ruckdeschal, Terry Sadler (TSa), Tom Schuster (TSc), Greg Scyphers, Dennis & Rebecca Serdehely, Bryan Shirley, Steve & Cindy Sommerfeld, Anna Lee Smith, Logan Smith, Weston Smith, John Stefka (JoS), Mike Stirling (MSt), Justin Streit (JSt), Rose Strickland, Darlene Stump, Mike Swink, Jeanne Tinsman, Richard & Carolyn Titus, David Vander Pluym, Kendall Watkins, Wayne Whaley, Diane Wong-Kane. n –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Rick Fridell, 3505 West 290 North, Hurricane, Utah 84737 ( were at Floyd Lamb Park, Las Vegas, Clark, NV 9 Sep (GS), Dyer, Esmeralda, NV 8 Sep (MM, R&CT), and South Fork State R.A., Elko, NV (JoS, LP). A wayward Tennessee Warbler was found at Miller's R.A. 7 Nov (DW). A Connecticut Warbler reported from Dyer, Esmeralda, NV 12 Sep (p.a., RLo) would be Nevada's fourth. Hooded Warblers graced Dyer, Esmeralda, NV 28 Sep (RLo) and 19 Oct (GS, RS, DG). Eight American Redstarts spanned 24 Aug–15 Sep, with Nevada records from Clark (JR), Esmeralda (RS), Lincoln (GS), and Washoe, (MM), Utah records from Davis (J&KB), Salt Lake (BO), and Weber (MH). Magnolia Warblers were reported at Circle L 12 Oct (RS, DG), Miller's R.A. 19 Oct (GS, RS, DG), and Garr Ranch, Antelope Island 21-22 Oct (DO, ph. NJ). A Blackburnian Warbler was a great fnd at Leidy Creek, Dyer, Esmeralda, NV 11 Oct (†MM). In Nevada, Chestnut-sided Warblers were found at Pahrump, Nye 14 Sep (DF) and Dyer, Esmeralda 15 Sep (RS). The only Blackpoll Warbler reported was at Circle L 28 Sep (RS, DG, ph. RLo). Black-throated Blue Warblers turned up 4 Oct at both Lytle (ph. RF) and Spring Mountain Ranch S.P., Clark, NV (JSt), and a Palm Warbler visited Corn Creek 18 Oct (JSt). At least 12 Hermit Warblers, rare but regular at high-elevation sw. Utah sites in the fall, were photographed at Lava Point, Zion, and Oak Grove, Washington, UT 14 Aug–3 Sep (ph. RF, S&CS). Clay-colored Sparrows were reported from Olympus Hills, Salt Lake, UT 31 Aug–3 Sep (KF, RL) and Tonopah Cemetery, Esmeralda, NV 12 Sep (RLo). Wayward Lark Buntings were found at Pyramid Lake 2 Sep (MM) and Reno, Washoe, NV 16 Nov+ (JH et al.). Nevada's fourth endorsed Le Conte's Sparrow was photographed at Floyd Lamb Park, Las Vegas, Clark, NV 29 Oct (ph. AS), and Utah's frst Nelson's Sparrow was found at Farmington Bay 29 Sep (ph., †BO). The Nelson's lingered through 1 Oct and was enjoyed by many observers (ph. TS, ph. NJ, J&KB et al.). Swamp Sparrows were at Miller's R.A. 19 Oct (GS, RS, DG), Lytle 29 Oct (RF), Utah Lake, Utah, UT 22 Nov (JK), Riverside Marsh, Washington, UT 26 Nov+ (RF), and Corn Creek 29 at Bountiful Lake, Davis, UT 22 Sep (KP). One of the highlights of the season was a cooperative Thick-billed Kingbird that lingered at Overton W.M.A., Clark, NV 7-16 Nov (NB, DB, m.ob.), furnishing Nevada's second record. An Eastern Kingbird was a nice surprise at Miller's R.A. 16 Sep (ph. MM). Single Red-eyed Vireos were at Garr Ranch, Antelope Island 24 Aug–14 Sep (ph NJ et al.), Black Hills, Davis, UT 28 Aug (ph. MH), Dyer, Esmeralda, NV 7 Sep (GS, RS, DG), and Circle L 7 Sep (GS, RS, DG). Blue Jays turned up in Utah at Salt Lake City, Salt Lake 21 Oct+ (ph. RM, BO), Tremonton, Box Elder 9 Nov (DS), and Spring Lake, Utah 9-10 Nov (WW). A Western Scrub-Jay was an unexpected visitor to a Fernley, Lyon, NV yard 4-30 Nov (D&RS), and a Black-billed Magpie made a rare Esmeralda, NV appearance at Arlemonte Ranch 19 Oct (RA). A Gray Catbird was found at Garr Ranch, Antelope Island 26 Oct (J&KB). Two Curve-billed Thrashers continued at Searchlight, Clark, NV through the season (DV et al.), and another was documented at Walking Box Ranch Rd., Clark 23 Aug (LH, DHe). A Chestnut-collared (JSt) and 2 Lapland Longspurs (RLo) were at Boulder Beach, Lake Mead 15 Nov. The Great Basin is well known for turning up vagrant warblers. Two, perhaps 3 Ovenbirds were found at Garr Ranch, Antelope Island 31 Aug–30 Sep (J&KB, ph. EP, ph. NJ, KW et al.). Nevada's fourth Louisiana Waterthrush was photographed at Corn Creek 4-5 Aug (ph. JBa, ph. MS). Thirteen total Northern Waterthrushes were observed 7-22 Sep in the Region, with Nevada birds in Clark (GS), Esmeralda (GS, RS, DG), Lincoln (GS), Nye (LC, DF), and Washoe (MM) and Utah records from Davis (KP, RF) and Washington (RF). Black-and-white Warblers Nevada's ffth Common Ground-Dove was observed 7-9 (here 8) September 2014 at Dyer, Esmeralda County. Photograph by Greg Scyphers. Two Painted Buntings were found in Nevada in autumn 2014, including this individual at Lida, Esmeralda County 7 September. Photograph by Greg Sycphers.

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