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V O L U M E 6 9 ( 2 0 1 5 ) • N U M B E R 1 135 A R I Z O N A Arizona this autumn, with numerous large concentrations in many of the mountainous areas. A fock of Red Crossbills along the Santa Cruz River in Tucson 29 Nov (RH) was the only lowland fock reported during the fall. An ad. male American Goldfnch in a Portal yard 6-7 Aug (REW) was out of place at this season. Evening Grosbeaks staged quite an invasion across much of s. and cen. Arizona beginning in mid-Oct. Cited observers: Chris D. Benesh, Barbara Carlson, Troy Corman, Tommy DeBardeleben, Henry Detwiler, Ed Dunn, Richard Fray, Lau - rens Halsey, Lauren Harter (LHa), Eric Hough, Rich Hoyer, Doug Jenness, Keith Kamper, Paul E. Lehman, Michael Lester, Dave Pearson (DPe), David vander Pluym, Molly Pollock, Arlene Ri - pley,. Gary H. Rosenberg, Rose Ann Rowlett, Will Russell, Alan Schmierer, Dave Stejskal, Mark M. Stevenson, Paul Suchanek. Rick Tay - lor, Carl S. Tomoff, Richard E. Webster. n –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Mark M. Stevenson, 4201 East Monte Vista Drive, #J207, Tucson, Arizona 85712-5554 ( Gary H. Rosenberg, P. O. Box 91856, Tucson, Arizona 85752-1856 ( Sedona 27 Nov+ (ph. S. Bonds); there are now also about 30 accepted records for this species in Arizona. Casual in Arizona, Orchard Orioles were found at Saint Johns 1 Sep (ph. LHa, DVP) and along the Santa Cruz River near Tumacacori 24-29 Oct (LH). The male at Sun City returned for it ninth winter 15 Nov (D. Bradford). A male Bullock's Oriole returned to a Tucson yard for its fourth winter 22 Nov+ (L. Norris). Two different ad. male Baltimore Orioles, a species still considered casual, were reported, with one along the Santa Cruz River in Tucson 19-20 Oct (†MMS, MP), presumably the same one nearby at Sweetwater 2 Nov+ (ph. J. & J. Wilbur), and one at Three Points 19 Nov (†T. Holland). Two Pine Grosbeaks were on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon at Desert View 6-9 Nov (ph. C. Sands), and another was at Yavapai Point 19 Nov (LH); this species is an irregular fall and winter visitor to coniferous forests in n. Arizona. Purple Finch is still a casual visitor to the state, diffcult to distinguish from Cassin's Finch. Reports of Purples with documenta - tion included one at Willow Tank near Portal 10 Nov (ph. J. Oldenetel) and one at Oxbow Campground near Cibola 11-14 Nov (ph. J. Crawford). Cassin's Finches irrupted across from mid-Oct or later. Several Western Tana - gers lingered well into Oct, but one at Shield Ranch, Yavapai 8 Nov (ph. R. Morris) and an - other at Buenos Aires N.W.R. 12 Nov (T. Grav) were both very late. Similarly, Black-headed Grosbeaks at B.T.A. 20 Oct (ph. G. Kirsch) and Flagstaff 27 Oct (C. Funk) were both extremely late; this species is casual at best as a wintering bird anywhere in Arizona. A female Lazuli Bun - ting feeding nestlings at Leslie Canyon N.W.R. 29 Aug (ph. B. Radke) established one of only a few confrmed nesting records for se. Arizona. Painted Buntings were again numerous around se. Arizona during Aug; late reports included one at Tubac 3 Oct (DS), another at Arivaca Cienega 17 Oct (D. Griffn), and one at Buck - eye 25-29 Nov (ph. C. Strand). No fewer than 20 Dickcissels were found around the state this fall; the latest report was of one at Cienega Creek Preserve 11 Oct (L. Liese). A Bobolink was at the Green Valley S.T.P. 21 Aug (†LH); this species remains a casual visitor to Arizona. A female-plumaged Rusty Blackbird was an excellent fnd at G.R.P. 7 Nov (ph. N. Ko - mar); there are now about 30 accepted records for Arizona. A Common Grackle was at Willcox 5 Nov (ph. M. & L. Jarrett), and another was at Great Basin (RLo); 2 each were at Rockport S.P., Summit, UT 27 Oct (DHa, WS), Echo Reservoir, Summit , UT 5 Nov (WS), and Walker Lake, Mineral, NV 8 Nov (DW); and 3 were at Mason Valley W.M.A., Lyon, NV 13 Oct (RLo). White-winged Scoters were found at Pyramid Lake 2 Nov (RLo), Antelope Island 7-11 Nov (MH et al.), Rockport S.P., Summit, UT 13 Nov (WS, DHa), and Sand Hollow 18 Nov (RF). Black Scoters visited Rockport S.P., Summit, UT 27 Oct (DHa, WS), Farmington Bay 27 Oct (SR), Antelope Island 11 Nov (ph. BO), and Boulder Beach, Lake Mead 14 Nov–15 Jan (RS, DG, RLo). Long-tailed Duck sightings included up to 4 at Antelope Island 13-22 Nov (J&KB et al.) and 2 at East Canyon S.P., Morgan, UT 4 Nov (WS). A Red-throated Loon lingered at Las Vegas Bay, Lake Mead 12 Nov–15 Jan (ph. GS, m.ob.). Pacifc Loons were found at Rockport S.P., Summit, UT 2-5 Nov (BO, DHa), East Canyon S.P., Morgan, UT 4 Nov (WS), and Sand Hollow 13 Nov (RF). Red-necked Grebes made a good showing, with singles at Pyramid Lake 2 Sep (MM), Bountiful Pond, Davis, UT 1-6 Nov (ph. NJ et al.), Pahranagat 12 Nov (D&RS), and Lake Mead 21-28 Nov (AA et al.). Neotropic Cormorant sightings Abbreviations: Antelope Island (Antelope Island S.P. and Causeway, Davis, UT); Circle L (Circle L Ranch, Dyer, Esmeralda, NV); Corn Creek (Corn Creek Unit, Desert N.W.R., Clark, NV); Farmington Bay (Farmington Bay W.M.A., Davis, UT); H.B.V.P. (Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve, Clark, NV); Lake Mead (Lake Mead N.R.A., Clark, NV); Lytle (Lytle Ranch Preserve, Washington, UT); Miller's R.A. (Miller's Rest Area, Esmeralda, NV); P.A.D. (Provo Airport Dike, Utah, UT); Pahranagat (Pahranagat N.W.R., Lincoln, NV); Pyramid Lake (Pyramid Lake, Washoe, NV); Quail Creek (Quail Creek S.P., Washington, UT); Sand Hollow (Sand Hollow S.P., Washington, UT); Zion (Zion N.P., Washington, UT). WATERFOWL THROUGH HERONS A Mexican Duck x Mallard was photographed on the Jordan River, Salt Lake, UT 3 Oct (BO); sightings of these hybrids have increased in the Great Basin in the past fve years. Surf Scoter sightings included singles at Sheldon N.W.R., Humboldt , NV 10 Oct (BD), Antelope Island 20 Oct–11 Nov (K&BE et al.), Hurricane Sewage Ponds, Washington, UT 28 Oct–2 Nov (RF), and Pyramid Lake 2 Nov Rick Fridell –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– T here were several outstanding sightings this fall in the Great Basin, including Nevada's frst verifed Ruby-throated Hummingbird and Utah's frst Nelson's Sparrow. Additional Nevada highlights included a Reddish Egret, a Little Gull, the state's third Ruddy Ground- Dove, second Thick-billed Kingbird, fourth Louisiana Waterthrush, and fourth Le Conte's Sparrow. Utah highlights included the state's fourth Little Gull and Long-tailed Jaeger at the Antelope Island State Park Causeway.

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