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VOLUME 69 No1 2016

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V O L U M E 6 9 ( 2 0 1 5 ) • N U M B E R 1 131 N E W M E X I C O Elida, Roosevelt 12 Oct (CR, ph. NH); farther s., one was at San Andres Spring 7 Oct (ph. MEW) and 2 were in P. O. Canyon 7 Oct (CDL). A re - cently fedged juv. Red Crossbill was seen beg- ging from an ad. male at Sandia Crest 31 Oct (DH). Among focks of Red Crossbills at Sandia Crest were 3 White-winged Crossbills 25 Oct (ph. D. Youkerd), where one lingered 30-31 Oct (ph. CB, DH). Certainly late in the calendar was an apparent fedgling Lesser Goldfnch begging from an ad. male at Corrales 2 Nov (CR). Initialed observers: Francisco Anaya, Jonathan Batkin, Matthew Baumann, Dan Belcher, Ce - lestyn Brozek, Roger Clark, David Cleary, Steve Collins, Alan Craig, Wyatt Egelhoff, Bernard Foy, Doug Gochfeld, Coleman Goin, Larry Gor - bet, David Hawksworth, Chuck Hayes, Nancy Hetrick, William Howe, David Krueper, Carol Levine, Carroll D. Littlefeld, William Maley, Larry Malone, Brandon Miller, Narca Moore- Craig, James Nelson-Moore, Robert Nieman, Jerry Oldenettel, John Parmeter, Nicholas Ped - erson, Christopher Rustay, Janet Ruth, Marcy Scott, John Shipman, Nancy Stotz, Raymond VanBuskirk, Mark Lake Watson, Richard Web - ster, Mara E. Weisenberger, Steve West, William West, Debra Whitecotton, William Wittman, James Zabriskie. n –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Sartor O. Williams III, Division of Birds, Museum of Southwestern Biology, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87131-0001 ( A male Northern Cardinal was a surprise at Edgewood, Santa Fe 20 Sep (P. Nobel); in the northeast, singles were at N.R.T. 6-30 Nov (ph. JO) and Ute Lake 16 Nov (CR). Among the few Rose-breasted Gros - beaks were singles at Boone's Draw 7 Sep (NP), Quarai ru - ins 7 Sep (CR), and Albuquer- que 6 Oct (M. Smith). Painted Buntings were in evidence in the east and south, including one at Vaughn 28 Sep (CR); late singles were at Milnesand 4 Oct (JO), Mesilla Bosque S.P. 4 Oct (ph. NS), and La Union 13 Oct (DB). Dickcissels where seldom reported were singles at Vaughn 6 Sep (SW) and along Tierra Blanca Creek, w. Sierra 3 Sep (ph. DC). Single Rusty Blackbirds were at Vaughn 20 Nov (SW) and Santa Fe 23 Nov (N. Harrison). A Bronzed Cowbird lingered at La Union 16 Nov (DB). Far n. was an ad. male Hooded Oriole at Santa Fe 3 Aug (ph. D. Doremus). An ad. male Baltimore Oriole was at R.S. 13 Sep (ph. RN), and another was at Hobbs 17-18 Sep (CL); a female Baltimore was at N.R.T. 13-15 Sep (JP, ph. JO, ph. NH, M. Shoop). Providing a frst for Roosevelt, a Purple Finch at Portales 27-28 Oct (ph. J. Lofton) was identifed as the e. subspecies (fde P. Pyle, C. Rutt). Cassin's Finches began to appear in the e. and s. by early Oct, including up to 5 at N.R.T. 3-26 Oct (JP, ph. JO) and one at One to 2 Botteri's Spar - rows were at three locales in and near Rodeo 1-17 Aug (RW, WE), where the species is becoming regular. An early American Tree Sparrow was banded at R.G.N.C. 25 Oct (LG), another was near Alame - da 14-19 Nov (WM), and up to 7 were at Ohkay Owingeh lakes 15-30 Nov (BF, WE); notewor - thy for the prairies was one at Vaughn 20 Nov (SW). Three Clay-colored Sparrows lingered at Rodeo 22 Nov (RW). The earliest Field Sparrow reached N.R.T. 8 Oct (J. N-M), where up to 9 were present 29 Nov (JO). Nicely documented was a Baird's Sparrow on Las Cruces West Mesa grasslands 29 Oct (ph. NS). Remarkably early was a White-throated Sparrow at Boone's Draw 6-7 Sep (NP, MB), and it or another was there 13 Sep (NP, MB). Golden-crowned Sparrows in - cluded an early one at the Alameda bridge 13 Oct (WM), one at a Corrales feeder 2-3 Nov (JR, DK), and one at Rodeo 14 Nov (NM-C). Provid - ing the northernmost New Mexico record yet, a Yellow-eyed Junco was at Capilla Peak, Man - zano Mountains 11-14 Sep (ph. S. Brenner). First found breeding in New Mexico in 1995, Cedar Waxwings have nested in the state annually since 2006. Rep- resenting one of two successful nests in Sandoval County in 2014, this just-fedged juvenile was one of three being tended by adults at Corrales 18 September. Photograph by Richard Elder. Arizona White-fronted Geese, with 235 reported 2 Sep– 18 Nov, most of which passed through. A fock of 17 Ross's Geese at Page S.T.P. 16 Nov (ph. L. Pilkington) was a large concentration for n. Ari - zona. The only Cackling Goose reported was at Kachina Wetlands 23 Nov (B. Healy). A Wood Duck at Desert View S.T.P. 20 Nov (B. Gatlin) was the frst away from the river and the thir - teenth overall in Grand Canyon N.P. Mexican Ducks are rare away from se. Arizona; notable this season were multiple reports of small num - bers from n. of the Mogollon Rim: one at Hol- brook 30 Aug (LHa, EH, DVP), one at Pasture Canyon 30 Aug (EH et al.), one at Concho Lake 1 Sep (EH et al.), 4 at Saint Johns S.T.P. 1 Sep (EH et al.), one at Greer 2 Sep (EH et al.), and 3 at Big Lake 1 Oct (EH). Four downy Cinna - mon Teal ducklings at Vicksburg 8 Sep (LHa) were late and confrmed nesting for La Paz. A Greater Scaup was seen again at San Carlos S.T.P. 11 Aug–6 Sep (ph. ED); 2 were there 14- 16 Nov (KK, P. Tersey). A molting male Greater M oisture sent inland by hurricanes im- pacted the state this season. On 8 Sep- tember, Norbert dumped an all-time sin- gle-day record 8.36 cm (3.29 in.) of rain on Phoe- nix and a date record high 4.67 cm (1.84 in.) on Tucson. Remnants of Odile brought heavy rain to an area from Nogales northeast through Greenlee County 17-18 September, causing extensive food damage to infrastructure in Cave Creek Canyon and damage to roads in multiple areas. Neither systems resulted in any marked movement of birds into the state, but a few individuals, includ - ing a Brown Booby near Yuma, appeared related. Abbreviations: B.W.D. (Bill Williams Del- ta, Lake Havasu), G.R.P. (Glendale recharge ponds), Lake Cochise (Lake Cochise, Willcox), L.C.R.V. (lower Colorado River valley), Sweet - water (Sweetwater Wetlands, Tucson). WATERFOWL THROUGH FALCONS There was a strong movement of Greater Mark M. Stevenson Gary H. Rosenberg ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

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