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VOLUME 69 No1 2016

A Quarterly Journal of Ornithological Record Published by the American Birding Association. The mission of the journal is to provide a complete overview of the changing panorama of our continent’s birdlife.

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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 130 N E W M E X I C O was working on a nest 16 Aug (ph. MLW) and feeding fedglings 14-21 Sep (ph. MLW), and at Corrales, where an ad. was feeding very recent fedglings 16-18 Sep (ph. D. Elder). A very active warbler season produced reports of 34 species, including an impressive number of rarities, including a Louisiana Waterthrush at R.S. 8 Aug (JP), a Blue-winged Warbler at N.R.T. 17-19 Oct (JP, JO, CR), a Prothonotary Warbler at Orilla Verde, Taos 4 Sep (T. Jackman), a Ten - nessee Warbler at N.R.T. 5 Oct (SC), a Mourn- ing Warbler netted at San Andres Spring 11 Sep (ph. MEW), single Magnolia Warblers at N.R.T. 4 Oct (JP, ph. JO) and Galisteo 6 Oct (ph. JB, RC), a Bay-breasted Warbler at N.R.T. 4 Oct (JP, ph. JO), a Blackburnian Warbler netted at San Andres Spring 7 Oct (ph. MEW), a Blackpoll Warbler at Galisteo 7 Sep (ph. JB), and single Palm Warblers at N.R.T. 8 (JN-M) & 18-19 Oct (JP, CR). A strong Black-throated Green Warbler season found singles at Boone's Draw 6 Sep (MB, ph. NP), Quarai ruins 23 Sep (RC), and Sumner Dan 25 Oct (JP), plus 2 at N.R.T. 17-19 Oct (JP, ph. JO) and another there 6 Nov (ph. JO). Other noteworthy warbler records included a female Yellow Warbler feeding a cowbird fedgling at Cochiti Lake 2 Aug (WH), single Chestnut- sided Warblers at Boone's Draw 13 Sep (MB, NP), Las Cruces 13 Sep (BM), and N.R.T. 18-19 Oct (JP, ph. JO, CR), and a Black-throated Blue Warbler w. to San Andres Spring 9 Oct (MEW). A Hermit Warbler reached P. O. Canyon 6 Aug (CDL), and at least 8 were on Jack's Peak, Burro Mountains 15 Aug (MB). Nov (RN), 3 at Tatum 22 Nov (RN), and 3-5 at N.R.T. 17 Oct–6 Nov. A Pacifc Wren 5 km s. of Radium Springs 28 Oct (MS, v.r. JZ) provided the lone report. A vocal Carolina Wren was at N.R.T. 9 Aug (D. Mehlman), and another was in the Cerrillos bosque 8 Nov+ (A. Fenner); con - tinuing at Bosque N.W.R. was at least one on 27 Sep (DH). Cactus Wrens where seldom reported were up to 4 near Bueyeros, Harding 8 Oct (CH, CR) and singles n. of Encino, Torrance 28 Sep (CR) and at Crossroads, Lea 5 Sep (JP); one was in the Caja del Rio area near Santa Fe 24 Nov (C. Beidleman). THRUSHES THROUGH FINCHES A Wood Thrush was at N.R.T. 19 Oct (ph. JO). A male Varied Thrush at San Andres Spring 28 Oct (MEW) provided the third recent record for that Doña Ana site; another male was near Sandia Park 17 Nov (ph. M. Dreibelbis). A Gray Cat - bird at Bosque Redondo 16 Aug (JP) may have summered locally; late for the n. was one at Ute Lake 16 Nov (CR). The high count for Brown Thrashers was 3 at Conchas Lake 11 Oct (MB, NP); in the R.G.V., one was banded at R.G.N.C. 25 Oct (LG), and one was at Broad Canyon Ranch near Radium Springs 25 Oct (ph. R. Bow - ers). Sprague's Pipits were much in evidence by mid-Oct in the e. plains (Union, Harding, Curry, Roosevelt, Lea) and w. to Socorro and Doña Ana; some 26 were fushed from Las Cruces West Mesa grasslands 9 Nov (CR, ph. NH). Perhaps stimulated by plentiful late summer and early autumn rains, Cedar Waxwings nested suc - cessfully at Cochiti Lake Village, where an ad. N.R.T. 30 Aug (JO), Albuquerque 31 Aug (WM), Radium Springs 7 Sep (MS, ph. JZ), and Tatum 5 Sep (JP), plus a late one at N.R.T. 11 Oct (JP, CR, ph. NH). Dispersing single Steller's Jays were near Leasburg S.P. 7 Nov (JZ), in the Tres Her - manas Mountains near Columbus 29 Nov (LM), and near P. O. Canyon 25-26 Oct (CDL). A Blue Jay wandered to Albuquerque's Montessa Park 28 Oct (NP). South of usual range was a Black-billed Magpie at V.D.O. 3 Sep (DH). A Cave Swallow n. to E.B.L. 18 Nov (ph. DG, RV) provided a Sierra frst; the 673 at R.S. 4 Sep (SW) were the most ever counted there. A mi - grant fock of some 2500 Barn Swallows lined the fences at the fooded Lordsburg playa 9 Oct (DH). Mountain Chickadees spread eastward and southward by mid-Oct, including one at Vaughn 19 Oct (JO) and 2 at Yeso 18 Oct (JP). By mid-Sep, Red-breasted Nuthatches were staging a strong fight eastward across the plains and southward into the lowlands. It was another busy season for Winter Wren, with reports from ten locales in ten counties from the R.G.V. east - ward, including 2 banded at San Andres Spring 28-29 Oct (ph. MEW), 3 at Brantley Lake 2-8 Rare in New Mexico, this Bay-breasted Warbler was at the north Roosevelt County migrant trap west of Melrose 4 October 2014. Photograph by Jerry R. Oldenettel. One of two found in New Mexico in autumn 2014, this Varied Thrush was in the Sandia Mountains west of Sandia Park, Berna - lillo County 17 November. Photograph by Michael J. Dreibelbis. Purple Finch is rare and irregular in New Mexico; this one at Portales 27-28 (here 27) October 2014 provided a Roosevelt County frst. Photograph by James Lofton. Quite rare in New Mexico, this adult female Blackburnian Warbler was banded at San Andres Spring, Doña Ana County 7 October 2014. Photograph by Mara E. Weisenberger. With fewer than two-dozen state records, Mourning Warbler is a prize fnd in New Mexico. This apparent young female was banded on the San Andres National Wildlife Refuge at San Andres Spring, Doña Ana County 11 September 2014. Photograph by Mara E. Weisenberger. By far the northernmost New Mexico record yet, this Yellow-eyed Junco was on Capilla Peak, Manzano Mountains, Torrance County 11-14 (here 14) September 2014. Photograph by Stephen Brenner.

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