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VOLUME 69 No1 2016

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V O L U M E 6 9 ( 2 0 1 5 ) • N U M B E R 1 129 N E W M E X I C O wood 30 Nov (DH). Seldom reported in Lincoln, an Eastern Phoebe was at Fort Stanton 26 Oct (CR, WE, ph. NH). A Vermilion Flycatcher was n. to Albuquerque 24 Sep (WM). An ad. Ash- throated Flycatcher was tending recent fedg - lings in P. O. Canyon 5 Aug (CDL). Single Great Crested Flycatchers were at N.R.T. 14-15 Sep (ph. JO, NP, ph. NH) and Carlsbad 22 Sep (ph. RN). A Cassin's Kingbird lingered at Rodeo 10 Nov (JO). A scarce migrant in the southeast, an Eastern Kingbird was at R.S. 24 Aug (SW); s. in the R.G.V. to Albuquerque were singles near Alameda 3 Sep (ph. WM) and V.D.O. 7 Sep (ph. NH, DH). A Scissor-tailed Flycatcher was w. to V.D.O. 24 Oct (K. Herzenberg, C. Brady). An Eastern Bell's Vireo was netted at Boone's Draw 7 Sep (ph. NP, MB); at least one Bell's continued at La Union through 28 Nov (DB), where a Plumbeous was singing the same day (DB). Blue-headed Vireo is proving to be a rare but regular fall migrant in e. New Mexico; this season found singles at Milnesand 27 Sep (JP), near Maljamar 30 Sep (C. Black), and at Carlsbad 22 Sep (ph. RN), plus at least 5 individuals at N.R.T. on ten days 13 Sep–24 Oct. A late War - bling Vireo was in P. O. Canyon 17 Oct (CDL). Philadelphia Vireo made an impressive showing at N.R.T., with singles documented 18 Sep (ph. JO), 25 Sep (ph. JO), 3 Oct (JP, ph. JO), and 17- 19 Oct (JP, CR). A Red-eyed Vireo was at Costilla, Taos 3 Sep (R. Friedrichs); others singles were at fall migrant across the e. plains, a Flammulated Owl was at N.R.T. 19 Oct (ph. JO, CR). A roost of 7 Long-eared Owls was in Arroyo Varrido, Socorro 11 Nov (DH). A Short-eared Owl on the Las Cru - ces West Mesa 22 Oct (ph. NS) prompted others to visit the area, and 13 were counted there 9 Nov (CR, ph. NH); other Short-eareds enjoying the state's grasslands in - cluded singles near Taiban, De Baca 25 Oct (JP), near Tolar, Roosevelt 22 & 29 Nov (CR, WE), and n. of Fort Sumner 29 Nov (WE). A Magnifcent Hummingbird was n. to Ne - grito Creek, Catron 4 Sep (JO), and another was e. of Las Cruces near the Organ Mountains 15 Sep (ph. B. Carson). Rare in New Mexico, a Blue-throated Hummingbird was n. to Black Canyon Campground near Hyde S.P., Santa Fe 18 Sep (ph. D. Joyce), and another was near Radium Springs 20 Oct (M. Desmond). Lucifer Hummingbirds peaked at 32 in P. O. Canyon 15 Aug (CDL); last seen was a male there 11 Oct (CDL). A male Anna's Hummingbird was n. to Albuquerque 9 Aug (H. Walker), and a female arrived near Radium Springs 23 Oct (MS, JZ); at least 69 individuals passed through P. O. Can - yon 1 Aug–29 Nov, including a peak 9 on 24 Sep (CDL). Up to 10 Broad-billed Hummingbirds were in P. O. Canyon 31 Aug, where the last was seen 26 Sep (CDL). Single Lewis's Woodpeckers wandered s. to Caballo Dam 6 Nov (ph. NS), La Union 17 Oct (DB), and s. of Road Forks 1 Nov (NM-C), and up to 4 were in a pecan orchard near Leasburg S.P. 6-30 Nov (ph. NS, ph. JZ, MS, CR, ph. NH). A Red-headed Woodpecker was w. to Angostura Dam 7 Sep (DH); another was at Galisteo 13 Sep (ph. JB, ph. BF, WE). Far e. was an Acorn Woodpecker at N.R.T. 11 Oct (ph. NH). Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers with useful details were single juvs. at N.R.T. 4 Oct (ph. JO, JP), San Andres Canyon 16 Oct (WH. MEW), and La Union 1-28 Nov (ph. DB). Noteworthy for the Sacramento Mountains was a Downy Woodpecker at Alto Lake 26 Oct (CR). Appar - ently "pure" Yellow-shafted Flickers were singles at Ohkay Owingeh lakes 19 Oct (BF) and Ute Lake 16 Nov (CR, WE). Early Merlins included 2 at Caballo Lake 8 Sep (DC) and one at Las Cruces 13 Sep (BM). Wandering Aplomado Falcons of un - certain provenance were singles at Lake Avalon 11 Sep (SW) and w. of Las Cruces in the Corralitos Ranch area 24 Oct (ph. NS, ph. CG). Noteworthy for the n. Peloncillo Mountains was a migrant Greater Pe - wee near P. O. Canyon 5 Aug (CDL). A Hammond's Flycatcher was late at Glen - Lake 25 Sep (ph. FA). A dark-morph juv. Parasitic Jaeger at Brant - ley Lake, frst seen 23 Aug (ph. SC), continued through 30 Aug (m.ob.), when it was joined by a second dark-morph juv. 30 Aug–1 Sep (ph. RN, ph. JO, WE); another dark juv. was at E.B.L. 20 Sep (ph. NP, MB). With fewer than two-dozen state records, Black-legged Kittiwake is a prized fnd in New Mexico; this season, an ad. was at Bosque N.W.R. on the early date of 12 Oct (ph. JS). A respectable Sabine's Gull season pro - duced 12 individuals at 10 sites in seven coun- ties from the R.G.V. eastward, including an ad. near Mountainair, Torrance 10 Sep (E. Wade). A California Gull was e. to Storrie Lake 15 Nov (CR, WE). A Lesser Black-backed Gull at Sun - land Park 29 Nov (ph. DB) provided the lone report. A Caspian Tern was at E.B.L. 18 Sep (ph. DC), and presumably the same individual was still there 22 Sep (ph. JO). Common Tern is a relatively rare transient through New Mexico, so noteworthy were singles at Conchas Lake 11 Oct (MB, NP) and Ute Lake 19 Sep (JP, JO), 3 at Brantley Lake 19 Sep (ph. RN, SW), and up to 3 at E.B.L. 18-21 Sep (ph. DC, MB, NP), plus a late one there 16 Oct (ph. DC). Arctic Tern is rare and irregular in New Mexico; providing a San Miguel frst was an ad. at Conchas Lake 14 Sep (MB, NP). DOVES THROUGH WRENS Scarce in recent years, this season found Inca Doves more widespread across the south, with often multiple reports from Lea, Eddy, Doña Ana, and Luna and n. in the R.G.V. to Sierra and Bernalillo. Two Common Ground-Doves were at R.S. 15 Aug (SW); a vocal male was at Ro - deo 14 Nov (JP, NM-C). Scarce in Torrance, a Yellow-billed Cuckoo was near Moriarty 3 Aug (ph. RC). A Black-billed Cuckoo was at N.R.T. 13 Sep (JP, ph. JO); the majority of New Mex - ico's 21 records are from such prairie oases. A Groove-billed Ani near Oliver Lee S.P. 25-27 Oct (ph. B. Barber, CR, ph. WE, ph. NH, ph. JO) provided an Otero frst; one at Rodeo 9-10 Nov (RW, AC, ph. N. Snyder, JO) was the frst con - frmed for Hidalgo. Now understood as a regular With fewer than two-dozen state records, Black-legged Kittiwake is a New Mexico rarity. This adult was at Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge, Socorro County 12 October 2014. Photograph by John W. Shipman. Philadelphia Vireo is a rare species in New Mexico, but four individuals were documented at the north Roosevelt County migrant trap west of Melrose in autumn 2014, including this one 3 October. Photograph by Jerry R. Oldenettel. One of two found in New Mexico in autumn 2014, this Groove- billed Ani was near Oliver Lee State Park, Otero County 25-27 (here 27) October 2014. Photograph by Jerry R. Oldenettel.

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