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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 128 N E W M E X I C O by 19 Nov, some 24,700 Sandhills were in the Bitter Lake area (FA). Adding a new species to the confrmed list of New Mexico birds, Old - enettel discovered a Common Crane among Sandhills at Roswell 30 Nov (ph. JO, m.ob.) at the same time that 2 other Commons were being seen at Muleshoe N.W.R. in Texas. The Roswell bird continued through Dec and into Jan, often roosting at Bitter Lake; it provided the second credible record of the species from that area, as there was a well-documented report of one at Bitter Lake 10 Mar 1961 (Audubon Field Notes 15: 349), which was the frst Common Crane ever recorded in the Lower 48 states. Noteworthy Black-bellied Plovers were 2 at Laguna del Perro near Willard, Torrance 7 Sep (CR) and 4 together at Bitter Lake 25-26 Sep (ph. FA). Two American Golden-Plovers were near Holloman Lake on the late date of 17 Oct (ph. NS). Rare in Sierra, 3 Solitary Sandpipers were at Jornada Lake near Engle 11 Aug (ph. DC); one was heard fying over Albuquerque the night of 9 Sep (WH). Single Upland Sandpipers were noted w. to Las Vegas N.W.R. 9 Aug (WE), Galisteo 16 Aug (WE), and Laguna del Perro 6 Sep (JP). Migrant focks of Long-billed Curlews numbered 164 near Estancia 1 Oct (RC), 285 at Crossroads, Lea 12 Oct (CR), and 788 near Otis 26 Oct (SW). Noteworthy for Torrance were 6 Marbled Godwits at Laguna del Perro 14 Sep (DH), as were 2 Dunlins there 29 Oct (ph. RC). Several Semipalmated Sandpipers were w. to the R.G.V., including singles photographed at Belen 3 Sep (ph. NH), E.B.L. 12 Aug (ph. DC), Armendaris Ranch e. of Engle 9 Aug (ph. DC), and Caballo Lake 5 Sep (ph. DC). A vocal Short-billed Dowitcher at the Las Cruces Dam 3-4 Sep (ph. NS, BM) provided the lone report. High counts for Red-necked Phalaropes were 64 at Laguna del Perro 6 Sep (JP) and 37 at Bitter conspicuous in the lower Pecos Valley, with up to 2 at Bitter Lake 9 Aug–10 Sep (JP, FA, ph. NH, LM, DH) and up to 3 at Brantley Lake 9-24 Aug (JP, NP, MB). A high 485 Cattle Egrets were at the Belen marsh 10 Aug (DH); late was one in a snowstorm near R.S. 17 Nov (SW). It was an - other strong season for Yellow-crowned Night- Heron, with one at the Clovis zoo 22 Aug (JP), up to 2 at the Clovis treatment ponds 19 Sep–2 Oct (JP, ph. JO), one at Bitter Lake 9 Sep (ph. FA), one at Tatum 13 Sep–12 Oct (SC, ph. JO, CR, ph. NH), and one at Brantley Lake19-21 Sep (ph. RN, SW). New Mexico's second confrmed Black Vulture was present in the vicinity of the Roswell zoo from 23 Nov (ph. M. Richardson) through at least 29 Nov (m.ob., ph. JO, ph. NP, ph. MB); it roosted with up to 20 Turkey Vul - tures during its stay. Ospreys lingering in the n. included singles at Conchas Lake 16 Nov (WE) and Quemado Lake 22 Nov (NP). Swallow- tailed Kite has become essentially annual in New Mexico in recent years; this season, one was at the Texico marsh 7 Sep (G. Reeves), and anoth - er was at Cannon A.F.B. 19-21 Sep (JP, ph. JO, ph. DW, WE). Continuing from Jul, an elegans Red-shouldered Hawk was at Apache Creek Campground, Catron 17 Aug (ph. JO); on the other side of the state, another Red-shouldered, representing one of the e. subspecies, was at Ta - tum 27 Sep–12 Oct (JP, ph. JO, CR, ph. NH). The latest Gray Hawk was one at R.S. 13 Sep (RN). A Swainson's Hawk was late at Garfeld 26 Oct (MS, JZ). Migrant Zone-tailed Hawks were singles over Carlsbad 10 Sep (SW) and over the desert 5 km s. of Deming 21 Sep (DH). A Krid - er's Red-tailed Hawk was nicely photographed near Fort Sumner 20 Oct (ph. DW); there are few confrmed state records of this subspecies/ morph. Returning Harlan's Hawks were one at Rodeo 19 Oct and later (RW) and one at La Cieneguilla 27 Nov (BF), the latter returning for its ffth season there. The earliest Sandhill Cranes reached Maxwell N.W.R. 24 Sep (Lake Wilkins); rarely reported in Harding, 19 were over Bueyeros 8 Oct (CR); (DG, RV). Two Greater Scaup were w. to Blue - water Lake 22 Nov (NP). New Mexico's rarest scoter, a female Black Scoter, was at Holloman Lake 31 Oct–1 Nov (JP, ph. JO, CR, ph. NH). A White-winged Scoter w. to Quemado Lake 22- 30 Nov (ph. NP, ph. JO, JP, DH) provided a Ca - tron frst. Noteworthy for Grant, 3 Surf Scoters were at Lake Roberts 27 Oct (ph. W. Bridge). Up to 3 Long-tailed Ducks at the Clovis treat - ment ponds 6-7 Nov (ph. JO, WWi) furnished a Curry frst. The frst Barrow's Goldeneye of the season was a male at Ohkay Owingeh lakes 30 Nov (BF). Seldom searched for after summer, 4 White-tailed Ptarmigan were on Jicarita Peak 10 Sep (B. Long). A Red-throated Loon was rescued from a potash mine pit in late Nov and released at Lake Avalon 23 Nov (ph. SW). An early Pacif - ic Loon was at Conchas Lake 11 Oct (MB, NP); singles were at Greenwood Lake in Hobbs 13 Nov (CL) and Charette Lake 15 Nov (CR, WE). An early Horned Grebe was at Brantley Lake 20 Sep (ph. RN). Late for the northeast, a Neotropic Cormorant was at Clayton Lake 16 Nov (CR, WE). A fairly average season for Brown Pelicans found singles at Caballo Lake 16 Aug–15 Sep (ph. DC), Santa Rosa Lake 9 Oct (ph. J. John - son), Quemado Lake 16 Oct (ph. C. Cogsdill), and Conchas Lake 31 Oct (WWe). Single American Bitterns were at Brantley Lake 8 Oct (SW) and Carlsbad 19 Nov (SW); up to 3 were at Bitter Lake 8-22 Oct (FA, CR, ph. NH). North of expected was a Great Egret a Corrales 2 Sep (C. Ramotnik). Noteworthy n. to Santa Fe, 3 Tricolored Herons were at the Galisteo playa 4 Aug (ph. RC); Tricoloreds were Swallow-tailed Kite has been annual in New Mexico 2009–2014, including two documented in autumn 2014. This one was at Cannon Air Force Base west of Clovis, Curry County 19-21 (here 19) September 2014. Photograph by Debra Whitecotton. Only the second the be confrmed in New Mexico (the frst was in 1996), this Black Vulture was at Roswell, Chaves County from 23 (here 29) November through 4 December 2014. Photograph by Matthew J. Baumann. This immature Red-shouldered Hawk at Tatum, Lea County, New Mexico, present from 27 September through 12 Octo - ber (here) 2014, represented one of the eastern subspecies, most likely B. l. lineatus. Photograph by Nancy E. Hetrick.

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