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VOLUME 69 No1 2016

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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 126 C O LO R A D O & W YO M I N G Yuma); Purple Finch (Prowers). Cited observers (subregional editors in bold- face): Jean Adams, Taber Allison, Jessie Barry, Jim D. Beatty (sw. Colorado), Nathaniel Behl, Francis & Janice Berquist, Shawn Billerman, Steve Campagnaro (SCa), Eva Crane, Coen Dexter (w.-cen. Colorado), David Dowell, John Drummond (se. Colorado), Kathy Mihm Dunning, Doug Eddy, Ted Floyd, Steve Frye, Barb Gorges, Mike Henwood, Ann Hines, Zach Hutchinson, Palma Jack, Don Jones, Joey Kellner, Chris Knight, Tom Koerner, Nick Komar, Steve Larson, Norm Lewis, Forrest Luke (nw. Colorado), Cade Maestas (CMa), Libby Megna, Chris Michelson (CMn), Carol Miller (CMr), Rich Miller, Steven G. Mlodinow, Nick Moore, Del Nelson, Brandon K. Percival (Pueblo area), Mark Peterson, Cody Porter, Van Remsen, Gene Rutherford, Vic Samstag, Stacey Scott (SSc), Chuck Seniawski (CSe), Scott Severs (SSe), Cathy Sheeter (CSh), Jane Stulp, David Suddjian, Janeal Thompson, Dave Wade, Glenn Walbek, Sean Walters (Colorado mountains), Rich Weaver, Christopher L. Wood, Brenda Wright. Many other individuals contributed information to this report but could not be ac - knowledged here; all have our appreciation. n ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Tony Leukering, 1 Pindo Palm Street W, Largo, Florida 33770 ( Matt Fraker, The Prairie Oak Veterinary Center, 207B Landmark Drive, Normal, Illinois 61761 ( at the species' expected Medicine Bow Peak, Albany location 25 Oct (CP) provided one of Wyoming's highest counts. A well-described female-plumaged Purple Finch at Laramie 15 Sep (CP) provided a rare se. Wyoming record for this less-than-annual visitor. Single Purple Finches were documented from Colorado 12- 15 Nov at Longmont, Boulder (B. Guarente) and on the West Slope, where exceedingly rare, 23-25 Nov at Steamboat Springs, Routt (D. & T. Moulton). White-winged Crossbills were well represented in Wyoming this fall, with 10 visiting feeders in Sheridan 17-23 Aug (J. Canterbury); a juv. at Laramie 2-3 Sep (CP); three reports of 10 total birds from Grand Tetons N.P./Yellowstone, Teton/Park 10-18 Sep (M. Shepard); and 1-2 on the University of Wyoming campus, Albany 24 Oct–19 Nov (CP, NB, SB, LM, DE). Wyoming's only Common Redpoll report for the season was of 6 at Cody, Park 17 Nov (J. Hoar). It was a huge fall for Lesser Goldfnches in Wyoming, with a dozen reports 16 Aug–18 Sep totaling 73 birds, including a record-high count of 20 at Hereford 12 Sep (M. Pike) and 7 away from their se.-corner haunts, at Lander, Fremont 10 Sep (E. Blake, J. Carter). Undocumented rarities: The following in - dividuals of review species were reported in the period from Colorado without details but are considered to be correctly identifed: Blue-headed Vireo (Montrose); Pacifc Wren (Lincoln); Eastern Towhee (Logan); Le Conte's Sparrow (Lincoln); Red Fox Sparrow (Jefferson, Hansen) and Casper (AH) added to very few Nov Wyoming reports. Adding to six previous Wyoming fall Great-tailed Grackle reports were seven this year (all from the se. quadrant) span - ning 1-29 Aug, with an exceptionally late report of one at Laramie 22 Oct (A. Beerman). Two female-plumaged Orchard Orioles at Rawhide Wildlife Habitat Management Area 26 Aug (DJ) tied Wyoming's record-late date. Six Baltimore Oriole x Bullock's Oriole hybrids were tal - lied this season 16 Aug–8 Sep, all singles in e. Colorado counties, where expected. Wyoming's third Brambling popped up at a feeder in Saratoga, Carbon 22 Nov (ph. F. Berquist, J. Berquist). The largest Colorado focks of Black Rosy-Finch are nearly always on the West Slope (closer to breeding range) and at relatively low elevation, such as the 180 at DeBeque, Garfeld 17 Nov (J. Trappett). A fock of 17 Brown-capped Rosy-Finches tallied This Brambling at Saratoga, Carbon County, Wyoming 22 Novem- ber 2014 was the state's third and part of a minor irruption into the continent's interior in fall 2014. Photograph by Francis Berquist. (ph., †DCl). The only Long-tailed Duck was at Frenchtown, MT 20 Oct (LW). Five Pacifc Loons came through the Region, representing a low or average total. Three Cattle Egrets, rare in sw. Idaho, held over in Canyon 1-7 Aug (DH, CHu). Surprisingly late was an unidentifed Ple - gadis at Bozeman, MT 1 Nov (AG). As has been the trend in recent years, rare Red-shouldered Hawks wandered to sw. Idaho, with one at Boise 28 Aug–2 Sep (†LA) and another in Owyhee 20 Sep (ph., †CL). The only Broad-winged Hawk sighting away from hawkwatch sites was at Blackfoot, ID 17 Sep (BC). A spectacular count of 242 Swainson's Hawks was made w. of Boze - man, MT 8 Sep (MM). Always rare in w. Mon- tana, a Ferruginous Hawk was a good fnd near Kalispell, MT 12 Nov (KL). Three Black-bellied Plovers in Canyon 13 Aug (CHu) were noteworthy, as any Pluvialis in sw. Idaho is rare. Also noteworthy was a single American Golden-Plover at Cottonwood Reser - David Trochlell ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– W eather in autumn 2014 was quite variable across the Region, but all reports agreed that August was un - Idaho & Western Montana usually wet and early November was quite cold. Unfortunately, the bird migration picture was not as interesting as the season's weather. In fact, no fallouts or other notable migratory passages were reported from either state. However, the fall season held a remarkable array of vagrants that compensated somewhat for the otherwise lackluster season. WATERFOWL THROUGH FINCHES Four Greater White-fronted Geese in Flathead, MT 8 Nov (CH) provided the frst local fall re - port since 2012. The only report of Eurasian Wigeon was from Hope, ID 16 Nov (CL). A Harlequin Duck s. of Ennis, MT 29-30 Aug (RW) was interesting, as there are relatively few fall records in the Region. Totals of 14 Surf and 7 White-winged Scoters were detected, repre - senting an average fall tally. Single rare Black Scoters were identifed in Park, MT 29 Oct–6 Nov (PE, LAH, JP) and Madison, ID 13-15 Nov

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