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V O L U M E 6 9 ( 2 0 1 5 ) • N U M B E R 1 123 C O LO R A D O & W YO M I N G young birds at Boyd Lake 14-17 Sep (NK) and John Martin 17 Sep (SGM, NM). Single Forster's Terns at Lake Hattie 7 Oct (CP) and over Jackson Lake, Teton 7 Oct (K. Hochgraf) were the second latest ever in Wyoming, while singles at Cherry Creek Reservoir 7 Nov (L. Broeren) and Douglas Reservoir, Larimer 7 Nov (ph. DW) were record late in Colorado by two days. As an indication of the thoroughness of the incursion that White-winged Dove is making into Colorado, the species was reported from 16 low-elevation counties on both sides of the state this season (1 Aug–29 Nov). Wyoming's single Snowy Owl report for the season was of a single near Worland, Washakie 28 Nov (J. Yule). The fock of 31 Common Nighthawks at Lamar, Prowers 4 Oct (CK) was both late (Colorado eBird frequency in that week is <0.4%) and large (the highest previous Oct Colorado eBird count was of 13). A female Magnifcent Hummingbird played to the crowds in Coal Canyon in s. Boulder 27 Oct–9 Nov (A. Jack), the latest of about 20 Colorado record by 22 days. Two dif - ferent yards in Prowers played host to female Ruby-throated Hummingbirds this fall, 22 Sep at Lamar (ph. JT) and 27 Sep–2 Oct in the s. reaches of the county (ph. JS); both yards have previously supported this species. A female Costa's Hummingbird delighted the birding hordes at a Grand Junction feeder 14 Nov–28 Dec (S. Bouricius, †KMD), Colorado's ninth and Mesa's third. Rufous Hummingbird is rarely re - ported in Sep in Wyoming, so late and unusu- ally e. was a single at a Laramie residence 1 Sep (BG). Last-of-season dates from Colorado for the regular four hummingbird species were: Black- chinned in Mesa 6 Oct (MH) and from Jefferson, Broad-tailed 8 Oct (NL), Rufous 30 Sep (DSu), and Calliope 27 Sep (M. Clark). Wyoming had three Sep reports of Red- headed Woodpecker, which is usually absent by late Aug, and two very late reports, possibly of the same bird, 5 Oct at Jackson Hole, Teton (W. Cairo, H. Cadwalader), where completely un - expected. A juv. Red-headed Woodpecker was quite late in Colorado at Florence, Fremont 28 Oct (RM). A pair of Acorn Woodpeckers was noted at Pueblo Mountain Park, Pueblo twice in Sep (RM), presumably the birds present there since 2012. Although the latest confrmed date for Williamson's Sapsucker in Wyoming is 9 Sep (from 1939), eBird data show the species linger - ing in expected strongholds into mid- and late Sep, with 29 reports for the month, 18 spanning 10-24 Sep. The Yellow-bellied Sapsucker fight in Colorado started early, with an ad. female at Crow Valley 23 Sep (SGM); 4 others were noted 1-19 Oct, singles at each of four sites in three Plains counties. A Yellow-bellied Sapsucker x Red-naped Sapsucker hybrid was also at Crow Valley 29 Sep (ph. SGM). PASSERINES Colorado's last Olive-sided Flycatcher of the season was right on time 21 Sep at Crow Valley (KMD, JK); most of the state's eBird flters are set at zero starting 22 Sep. The Yellow-bellied Flycatcher at Alvin, Yuma 29 Aug (SGM) pro - vides the tenth Colorado record. The Region's only seasonal Alder Flycatchers were noted 30 Aug at Neenoshe Reservoir, Kiowa and 31 Aug at Hale Ponds, Yuma (both †SGM). A Least Flycatcher 1 Sep at Pike's Stockade, Conejos (JDB) provided the frst fall record for the San Luis Valley; all eBird records from the San Luis Valley are from May 2009 and May 2014 and all but one of the fve from the Zapata-Medano Ranch, Alamosa. Six of the seven Wyoming fall Gray Flycatcher reports were from places where they are considered rare or atypical. Three reports of 4 came from Teton, where their fall presence may refect peripheral wandering or may be an intriguing hint of breeding; fall reports from the southeast are annual, with a single at Hereford 23 Aug (SB, LM, DE) and two singles at Laramie 27-29 Aug (SB) and 7 Sep (VS). Single Eastern Phoebes were late 29 Oct at Lake Hasty, Bent (JT) and 3 Nov far n. at Fort Collins (S. Baron). An Ash-throated Flycatcher at Rancho Neglecto, Carbon 4 Sep (D. Versaw) was e. of expected range for Wyoming. Ash-throated was reported only four times in Sep in Colorado, the latest on 12 Sep in s. Prowers, while the same yard hosted the last Great Crested Flycatcher fve days later (both JS). A Cassin's Kingbird near Casper 9 Sep (SSc) was only the third ever found in Natrona; the species is rarely seen outside of the state's e. plains. Western Kingbirds are very rare by mid- Sep in Wyoming, so quite late was a single at Cheyenne, Laramie 27 Sep (CSe). An Eastern Kingbird at Hereford 21 Sep (S. Perkins) was the third latest for Wyoming, with the only later birds noted in the state 5 Oct 1971 and 20 Oct 1998. A Scissor-tailed Flycatcher at Nucla 4-5 Aug (CD, ph. BW) provided a rare West Slope record. A Loggerhead Shrike was photographed along Mormon Row, Teton 10 Aug in Jackson Hole (S. Heeter), where they are considered very rare, while 2 at Arapaho N.W.R., Jackson 22 Sep (T. Johnson et al.) were a bit late for the elevation and latitude. A White-eyed Vireo was late 19 Oct at Holyoke, Phillips (DD); even later was one at Pueblo 8 Nov (CK). The huge spike in reports to eBird of Bell's Vireo in the last week of Aug was due to the presence that week of the Colorado Field Ornithologists' convention in ne. Colorado, the epicenter of the species' distribution in the state. One at Lamar 15 Oct (JT) was both unusual locally and a month late; in fact, the report is the latest in eBird by 20 days. Gray Vireos are rarely noted in Colorado after Jul, but whether that is due to the species departing, to its becoming more diffcult to detect, or (most likely) to the fact that many fewer birders visiting the species' hot habitat is undetermined, but there were just four eBird reports in Aug, with the latest being of singles at two sites in the Yellowjacket Canyon vicinity, Montezuma 17 Aug (VR, SL). Cassin's Vireo continues to mystify in Wyoming, where enigmatic, as Cassin's Vireo reports outnumbered Plumbeous Vireo reports 2:1, with the 10 reports involving 12 birds (21 Aug–4 Oct) in six coun - ties (m.ob.). Most of these sightings were docu- mented and may demonstrate that Cassin's Vireo is a more regular fall migrant in Wyoming than previously known. Certainly, the Colorado expe - rience would second that, as the species is typi- cally more common on the Plains in fall than is Plumbeous Vireo. The six Colorado Blue-headed Vireos (5-29 Sep) made for a superb showing; the species is no longer on the review list for Colorado. A Warbling Vireo at Laramie 4 Oct (NB) provided Wyoming with only its fourth Oct report. The eight Colorado Philadelphia Vireos were noted 30 Aug–28 Sep, with as many as 3 individuals at the Lamar Community College (7- 10 days between sightings) and with 2 at the Brett Gray 21 Sep (MP). Despite their expected occur - rence, Red-eyed Vireos are rarely reported in fall in Wyoming, with this year's only report coming from Cheyenne 1 Sep (M. Gorges, BG); Colorado's last was at Pueblo Reservoir 4 Oct (RM). A Western Scrub-Jay at Rawlins, Carbon 14 Nov (ph. PJ) was ne. of expected range in Wyoming. With only one prior Oct report of Northern Rough-winged Swallow for the Region, the 13 at Sandstone Ranch, Weld 2 Oct (SS) made a large number for so late. A Violet-green Swallow in e. Laramie 27 Aug (J. Lefever) was way out on the Wyoming plains, where rare. An estimate of 500 Bank Swallows at a single colony along a bank "about 75 yards in length, with about 5 holes per yard" on the Gros Ventre River, Teton 4 Aug (M. Westelev) might easily be a record gather - ing for this species in Wyoming. Adding to only 17 individuals reported to Wyoming eBird later Magnifcent Hummingbird is now almost annual in Colorado: 13 of the 19 records accepted through 2012 came after 2000, with three in 2002 and two each in 2008 and 2012. This individual, present in a yard in Coal Canyon, Boulder County 27 October (here) through 9 November 2014, provided only the second October record for the state and the frst there for November. Photograph by David Waltman.

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