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VOLUME 69 No1 2016

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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 118 Hidalgo 2 Aug and Lake Tawakoni S.P., Hunt 7 Oct (RKi). An American Redstart made an early stop at Quinta Mazatlan, Hidalgo 5 Aug (JGo). There were three reports of Cape May Warbler this season, with singles at Sabine Woods, Jefferson 4-5 (ph. MiC, TH et al.) & 10 Oct (Jha, SM) and at Houston, Harris 19 Oct (Sor). Single Cerulean Warblers appeared at Corpus Christi, Nueces 30 Aug (ph. WS) and 6-7 (MaH, Kba, ph. WS) & 9 Sep (RA), and Bay-breasted Warblers were at Sabine Woods, Jefferson 19 Sep (Jha) and South Padre Island, Cameron 8 Nov (CCo, ph. WS). A Blackbur - nian Warbler was near Miami, Roberts 1 Oct (ph. CCa). A Chestnut-sided Warbler was at Lubbock 27 Sep–2 Oct (ph. StC, CCa, AHe). Blackpoll Warblers found in the w. half of the state included single birds near Miami, Rob - erts 1 Oct (CCa) and Yoakum C.P., Yoakum 5 Oct (AHe). A Pine Warbler was at White River Lake, Crosby 8 Nov (AHe, PKi). An Audubon's Warbler was reported from Eldridge Reten - tion Basin, Harris 6 Nov (LSl). Black-throated Gray Warblers of interest included singles at Sabine Woods, Jefferson 11-12 Sep (JHa et al.) and Corpus Christi, Nueces 25 Oct–1 Nov (ph. WS, MeC). A Townsend's Warbler was well e. of normal at Sabine Woods, Jef - ferson 23 Sep (ph. JHa), and a Black-throated Green Warbler wandered in the opposite di - rection, to Davis Mountains S.P., Jeff Davis 27 Aug (KO). An outstanding fnd for the South Plains was a Canada Warbler at Lubbock 14 Sep (AHe, ph. PKe). A male Wilson's Warbler at El Paso 28 Nov (ph. JP) was late. Painted Redstarts made their way to South Texas, with one near Baffn Bay, Kleberg 27 Sep (ph. GP) and another returning to the Falfurrias Rest Stop, Brooks 20 Sep+ (TB). An American Tree Sparrow at Texas Point N.W.R., Jefferson 7 Nov (ph. RW et al.) pro - vided the second record for the Upper Texas Coast. Early was a Savannah Sparrow at Rich - land Creek W.M.A., Freestone 31 Aug (SH). An astounding concentration of 400 Lincoln's Sparrows was observed at Rio Grande Village, Brewster 4 Oct (ML). An early Harris's Spar - row was near College Station, Brazos 9 Nov (RL, SL). The White-crowned Sparrow found during the summer at Austin, Travis was again detected 10 Aug (ph. DPa). A Hepatic Tanager at Lost Maples S.N.A., Bandera 14 Sep (MHa, RRe) was farther e. than expected. Linger - ing migrant Summer Tanagers away from the coastal prairies included 2 at Yoakum C.P., Yoakum 5 Oct (ph. AHe) and one at El Paso 25 Oct (JP). A Scarlet Tanager lingered at the Fal - furrias Rest Stop, Brooks 1-14 Oct (PHe, SSt). Late migrant Western Tanagers were found near Tahoka, Lynn 4 Oct (StC), Austin, Travis 6 Oct (RoS), and Lubbock 20 Oct (WW). A count of 4526 Blue-gray Gnatcatchers was made at the Smith Point Hawkwatch, Cham - bers 7 Sep (JB et al.). A highlight of the season was an American Dipper in McKittrick Can - yon, Guadalupe Mountains N.P., Culberson 29 Nov (DM; ph., †WS). A Golden-crowned Kinglet was observed on South Padre Island, Cameron 17 Nov (AH). A very early Ruby- crowned Kinglet was at Mount Livermore, Jeff Davis 16 Aug (ph. ML). A Mountain Bluebird wandered e. to near China, Jefferson 22 Nov+ (ph. JHa et al.). A Clay-colored Thrush was at Corpus Christi, Nueces 1 Aug (CL). An in - jured Rufous-backed Robin was picked up at El Paso 3 Nov (EE) and taken to a rehabilita - tor. It was released 20 Nov, only to be killed by a Cooper's Hawk (*University of Texas/El Paso). Gray Catbirds on the w. edge of their range included singles at El Paso 4-13 Oct (JKi), at Palo Duro Canyon S.P., Randall 1 (BP) & 19 Nov (DBr, LBr), and near Fort Davis, Jeff Davis 6-7 Nov (LH). Two Brown Thrash - ers were at Rio Grande Village, Brewster 4 Oct (ph. ML), and one was at El Paso 30 Nov (JGr, JKi). Sage Thrashers wandering eastward in - cluded singles at Padre Island N.S., Kleberg 23 Nov (ph. SSh) and near Port Isabel, Cameron 27 Nov (JGa). Sprague's Pipits are rarely de - tected in the w. Panhandle and South Plains, but this season one was at Muleshoe N.W.R., Bailey 18-20 Oct (MBS) and another at Buf - falo Lake N.W.R., Randall 21 Oct (MBS). Eight Sprague's Pipits at Nacogdoches 13 Nov (CDF, LSt) made a notable number for the Piney - woods. Early arriving Cedar Waxwings in- cluded 5 at Bedford, Tarrant 15 Aug (CW), 10 at Addicks Reservoir, Harris 10 Sep (MaK), and one at Austin, Travis 25 Sep (ph. AF, EF). A late Worm-eating Warbler was at South Padre Island, Cameron 27 Oct (SW). Excep - tionally late was a Louisiana Waterthrush at Colorado Bend S.P., San Saba 8 Nov (AMo). A late Northern Waterthrush was near Mule - shoe, Bailey 14 Nov (MDL). A Prothonotary Warbler was at Lubbock 10 Sep (PKi). A very late Swainson's Warbler visited South Padre Is - land, Cameron 26-30 Oct (ph. CL). An amaz- ing discovery was a Lucy's Warbler at Port Aransas, Nueces 11-12 Oct (BR, ph. MR). A very late Kentucky Warbler was at Galveston Island S.P., Galveston 9 Nov (RPe). Hooded Warblers of note included singles at Edinburg, in the Trans-Pecos is very poorly understood; this season, 2 were at Rio Grande Village, Brewster 8 Nov (ph. ML). A Warbling Vireo at Sabine Woods, Jefferson 7 Aug (JHa) was early, while another at South Padre Island, Cameron 17 Nov (CL) was late. A Red-eyed Vireo at Cochran C.P., Cochran 6 Sep (StC, RyS) pro - vided an overdue frst county record. A Red- eyed Vireo reported from the McAllen Nature Center, Hidalgo 16 Nov (TK) was late. A Blue Jay in w. El Paso 31 Oct+ (ph. JP) provided one of fewer than 10 records for the county. Western Scrub-Jay made a decent push into El Paso starting in mid-Sep, with birds found at up to a dozen locations through the period (JP, m.ob.); one at Rio Grande Village, Brewster 4 Oct (ph. ML) was at an unusual lowland loca - tion. A late Purple Martin was at Buffalo Run Park, Fort Bend 16 Nov (ph. MS). A Red-breasted Nuthatch at Lubbock 30 Aug (RRi) was early. Out-of-place White- breasted Nuthatches included 2 at Memo - rial Park, El Paso 27 Sep (JGr, ph.), one at Seguin, Guadalupe 1-2 Nov (DM, ShC), and one at another El Paso location 30 Nov (JGr, JKi). A Rock Wren at Cedar Hill S.P., Dallas 13 Oct (CA) provided a rare county record. A Bewick's Wren at Ellen Trout Park, Angelina 18 Nov (DBe) was the frst reported in the county in a decade. An astonishing one-day TEXAS SA A non-ad.-male Red-legged Honeycreeper was at Estero Llano Grande S.P., Hi- dalgo 27-29 Nov (ph. RRa, m.ob.). Because of its bright color, the species is oc- casionally kept in captivity in Mexico, but the because this individual was a hatch-year bird, a wild vagrant seems plausible in this case. The n. populations of the species are short-distance migrants and occur as close n. Veracruz and have been found in s. Tam- aulipas (BM). Florida has had at least six winter/spring records of the species since 2003, some of which could involve escapees or perhaps dispersing birds from Cuba. This Dusky-capped Flycatcher was a stunning fnd at Pederna- les Falls State Park, Blanco County 25 October (here) through 10 November 2014. It was a frst for the Texas Hill Country, and the bright plumage suggests the subspecies lawrenceii of northeastern Mexico. Photograph by Vincent O'Brien.

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