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VOLUME 69 No1 2016

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V O L U M E 6 9 ( 2 0 1 5 ) • N U M B E R 1 117 TEXAS in e. Austin, Travis 9-15 Sep (ph. CaR, m.ob.). Early for South Texas, an Eastern Phoebe was at Lake Findley, Alice, Jim Wells 28 Sep (LJ). A Say's Phoebe was a nice fnd at the Baytown Nature Center, Harris 28 Sep (MaK et al.). A male Vermilion Flycatcher was unusually far e. at Wolf Springs, Ellis 3 Aug (LBu). Com - pletely unexpected and a frst for the Edwards Plateau was a Dusky-capped Flycatcher at Pedernales Falls S.P., Blanco 25 Oct–10 Nov (ph. VO, m.ob.). Although the range of Great Kiskadee is clearly shifting northward, one at Georgetown, Williamson 6 Oct+ (GSt, m.ob.) was pushing the ne. limits. Single Couch's Kingbirds were notable at Temple, Bell 21 Aug (RPi) and Abilene, Taylor 22 Sep (CSm). Six Western Kingbirds in and around Dell City, Hudspeth 26 Oct (JP, ph.) made an ex - cellent total for so late. Late migrant Western Kingbirds were also noted near Brownsville, Cameron 10 Nov (DG) and at Anzalduas C.P., Hidalgo 5 Nov (BC, RV). Large numbers of migrant Scissor-tailed Flycatchers were noted at several locations in the e. half of the state, the largest being 500+ in Crockett, Houston 12 Oct (CSh). Fork-tailed Flycatchers were doc - umented at Sabine Woods, Jefferson 22 Sep (†JHa) and Laguna Atascosa N.W.R., Cameron 27-28 Nov (ph. SP). The frst Northern Shrike of the season was at Palo Duro Canyon S.P., Randall 1 Nov (BP). Two rather late Bell's Vireos were reported from Choke Canyon S.P., Calliham Unit, Mc - Mullen 31 Oct (TiF, AA). A Gray Vireo that was probably wintering was noted at Seminole Canyon S.P., Val Verde 29 Nov (RoS). A Yel - low-throated Vireo was seen at Yoakum C.P., Yoakum 5 Oct (ph. AHe). A Plumbeous Vireo at El Paso 16 Nov (JP) was late, while one near Jonestown, Travis 27 Nov (BrF) was an out - standing fnd. The status of Blue-headed Vireo male Broad-billed Hum - mingbird was at El Paso 26 Oct+ and was joined by a female 16 Nov+ (JKi, ph.). More unexpected was one at Lubbock 6 Oct (KD). An early Buff- bellied Hummingbird was reported from Gulf Coast B.O., Brazoria 29 Aug+ (SH et al.). The White- eared Hummingbird in the Davis Mountains, Jeff Davis from the summer was last seen 4 Sep (KBr). A Green Kingfsher was an excellent fnd along the Buffalo Bayou Pad - dling Trail, Harris 5 Oct (RB), and another was w. to Lajitas, Brewster 3 Nov (KBr). No fewer than 4 Lewis's Woodpeckers were around El Paso between 6 Oct and 29 Nov+ (ph. BZ, JP, JGr et al.). Elsewhere, singles were at Guada - lupe Mountains N.P., Culberson 29 Oct (BD), in Pinto Canyon, Presidio 1 Nov (ph. LH), near Shallowater, Lubbock 26-30 Nov (DPi, m.ob.), and at San Angelo S.P., Tom Green 29 Nov+ (TV). Rare on the Edwards Plateau, a Red-headed Woodpecker was near Lometa, Lampasas 9 Nov (ph. AMo). An Acorn Wood - pecker was a shocking fnd at Port Bolivar, Galveston 9 Nov (ph. WB), the second record for the Upper Texas Coast. Another in nw. Hudspeth 5 Oct (JP, ph.) made a frst county record. A Golden-fronted Woodpecker was at a very unusual location and elevation in Big Bend's Basin, Brewster 8 Nov (MF). A single Ladder-backed Woodpecker was of interest at Xeriscape Park, Brazoria 23 Aug (ph. JF). Prai - rie Falcons e. of the normal range included singles near Lexington, Lee 26 Oct (†CaR) and near Palacios, Matagorda 28 Nov (RW). PASSERINES A Greater Pewee returned for the third con- secutive fall/winter to Bear Creek Park, Harris 31 Aug+ (DM, RT et al.). A Western Wood- Pewee was reported from w. Galveston Is - land, Galveston 6 Oct (BLi, JSt, RW). A late migrant Eastern Wood-Pewee was heard call - ing at Central Heights, Nacogdoches 11 Oct (DW) but was overshadowed by one from Bentsen S.P., Hidalgo 24 Nov (RWe). A Ham - mond's Flycatcher at Fort Clark Springs, Kin- ney 8 Nov (ph. MR, ShC) was both late and on the e. edge of the normal migration route. A Dusky Flycatcher at Utopia, Uvalde 21 Sep (MiH) was on the far e. edge of where the species might be expected. A bit ne. of usual range was a Black Phoebe along Onion Creek were detected at Santa Margarita Ranch, Starr 5 Nov (GN et al.), Sabine Woods, Jefferson 8 Nov (JHa et al.), and South Padre Island, Cam - eron 8 Nov (WS). Black-billed Cuckoos found away from coastal migrant traps included sin - gles at Hornsby Bend, Travis 6 Sep (RKo) and Lake Houston S.P., Montgomery 2 Oct (†JaK). A Burrowing Owl was near Calvert, Robertson 13 Nov (AMa); one had been in this same area in Feb, providing a frst county record. An astounding concentration of 200 Common Nighthawks were observed capturing insects over a football stadium in Nacogdoches 13 Sep (CSh, JSh). A Common Pauraque visited Utopia, Uvalde 24-26 Aug (MiH). A lingering Chuck-will's-widow was at Sea Rim S.P., Jeffer - son 7 Nov (RW), and 2 were at Port Aransas, Nueces 15 Nov (WS, SSh). Two Eastern Whip- poor-wills were at San Juan, Hidalgo 4 Oct (ph. BWe). A lingering group of 10 Chimney Swifts was at the Riverpark Nature Trails, Fort Bend 29 Oct (MS). A silent Chaetura swift that looked notably short-tailed was at Balmorhea S.P., Reeves 13 Sep (ML). Magnifcent Hummingbirds in El Paso in - cluded an imm. male at El Paso 28 Sep (ph. BZ) and a female there 29 Sep (BZ). A Blue- throated Hummingbird in far w. El Paso 25 Oct+ (JoB, ph., m.ob.) provided a frst El Paso record. A lingering Lucifer Hummingbird was in the Christmas Mountains, Brewster on the late date of 2 Nov (KBr). The fall migration of Ruby-throated Hummingbirds through the cen. Trans-Pecos was above average, with a notable peak in early Sep, when 37 were banded in the Christmas Mountains, Brewster 9 Sep (KBr). An Anna's Hummingbird was at Lubbock 18 Sep (AHe). Broad-tailed Hum - mingbirds on the Upper Texas Coast included singles at Mason Creek, Harris 30 Aug–20 Oct (AS et al.) and at Nederland, Jefferson 6 Oct+ (ph. HS et al.). Both Rufous and Calliope Hummingbirds were in numbers well below average throughout the migration period in the mountains of the Trans-Pecos (KBr). A Blue Jays very rarely wander into the Trans-Pecos region of Texas. This adult was at El Paso, El Paso County from 31 October (here 1 November) 2014 through the end of the fall season. Photograph by Jim Paton. The long-expected frst Texas record of Gray-crowned Rosy- Finch was found near Dalhart, Dallam County 20 (here) and 21 November 2014. Photograph by David Brotherton.

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