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VOLUME 69 No1 2016

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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 114 S O U T H E R N G R E AT P L A I N S Payne 10 Sep (SL) and Cleveland 14 Sep (NR). Lesser Goldfnch continues to consolidate its Nebraska range, mostly in Scotts Bluff, where up to 6 were at Wildcat Hills Nature Center feed - ers through 22 Sep (JL, LE, m.ob.). Evidence for breeding in Scotts Bluff accumulates: 2 males and a hatchling (not capable of fight) were in Carter Canyon 23 Aug (JGJ). Single Evening Grosbeaks, now scarce in the Region, appeared in Lincoln, NE 1 (ph. VC) & 11 Nov (LD), and 2 were in Grant, KS 2 Nov (SG). Observers: NEBRASKA: Noah Arthur, Elliott Bedows, Jay & Ginger Belsan, Jeff Birek, James Boccia (JBo), Ed Brogie (EBr), Mark Brogie, John Carlini, Robert Chase, Virginia Clark, Jonathan Crews (JCr), Linda Deeds, Kathy DeLara, Lauren Deriaz (LDz), Roger Dietrich, Stephen J. Dinsmore, David Dowell, Jeff Dra - hota, Nancy Drilling, Ann Duey, Keith Dyche (KDy), Larry Einemann, William Flack, Tom & Meg Frantz, Andrew Furman, Holly Garr - rod, Robin Harding, Bill F. Huser, Jan Johnson, Joel G. Jorgensen, Alice Kenitz, Clem N. Kla - phake, Thomas E. Labedz, Josh Lefever, Gary Lingle, Sam Manning (SMa), Jim Ochsner, Lo - ren & Babs Padelford, Melissa Panella (MPa), Don & Jan Paseka, Alexander Patia, Susan Quinn, Lanny Randolph, Brandon Reo, Justin Rink, Gary Roberts, Paul Roisen, Les Roslund (LRo), Rick Schmid, Shari Schwartz (SSc), Ken Shuster (KSh), Ruben Siegfried (RSg), W. Ross Silcock, Ruth Stearns (RSt), Barbara Straus, Jerry Toll, Jackson Trappett (JTr), Da - vid True, Bruce & Donna Walgren, T. J. Walk- er, Michael Willison. KANSAS: Danny Akers (DAk), Tony Andresen, Aaron Austin, Patricia Ayres, Aaron Balogh (ABa), Andrew Burnett, Jeff Calhoun (JCa), Glenn Caspers, Judith Col - lins (JCo), Corey Entriken (CEn), Tom Ewert, Kat Farres, Elmer Finck, Matt Gearheart, Paul Griffn, Sam Guy, Mike Harding, Kent Hens - ley, Dan Hoobler, Jennifer Hummett (JHm), Pete Janzen, Barry Jones, Carla Kjellander, Jon King, Dave Klema, Mark Land, Larry Langstaff, Jonathan Lautenbach (JLa), Nancy Leo, Brandon Magette, John Mallery, Mick McHugh, Don Merz, Andrew Miller, Bry - ant Miller (BMi), Myron Miller (MMi), Sarah Ogden, Chuck Otte, Joanne Parker, Michael Pearce (MPe), Lewis Pond, Mike Rader, Jenn Rader (JRa), Ed Raynor, John Row (JRw), Nate Schirmacher (NSc), David Seibel, Scott Seltman, Tom & Sara Shane, Kylee Sharp, Nate Shipley, Mike Stewart, Greg Stuhlsatz, Mabel Thurmon, Dave Welfelt, David Wil - lard (DWi), Curtis Wolf, Chris Wood (CWd), Rodney Wright, Michael Zajic. OKLAHO - MA: Bill Adams, Dave Arbour, James W. Ar- terburn, John Ault, Kelly Bostian, Chris But- ler, Bill Carrell, Dan & Varick Cowell, Melinda at a Dodge, NE feeder 14-22 Nov (GR) and in Payne, OK 18 Nov (SL). Black-throated Sparrows in the Region away from nw. Ci - marron, OK are exceptional; one patronized a feeder in Lincoln, OK 26 Aug (VC). Easterly Lark Buntings in Nebraska were a fe - male in Phelps 31 Aug (LR, RH) and 4 in Kearney 3-4 Sep (WF). A Henslow's Sparrow in Lan - caster, NE 25 Oct (EB) was the second latest on record for the state. Nelson's Sparrows were nice fnds in Lancaster, NE 28 Sep–25 Oct (up to 5; MW, JC, SSc, EB et al.), Douglas, KS 8-11 Oct (up to 7; JK et al.), Sumner, KS 19 Oct (KG), and Wayne, NE 24 Oct (JJ). A White-throated Sparrow sum - mering in McCurtain, OK remained 9 Aug–26 Sep (FH). An ad. male Slate-colored Junco in Cedar, NE 30 Jul–1 Aug (DT) was unexpect - ed in midsummer. Far astray and early was a Pink-sided Junco photographed at Red Slough 15 Oct (DA). An ad. male Rose-breasted Grosbeak was in Dixon, NE 5 Oct (JJ), and a female was in Jack - son, KS 18 Oct (MH). A Blue Grosbeak was also in Dixon, NE 6 Oct (JJ). A Lazuli Bunting was late in Scotts Bluff, NE 23 Sep (LDz), and single Lazulis were easterly in Cleveland, OK 3-4 Aug (JAG) and 5 Sep (JTh, RWr). An Indigo Bun - ting was very late in Johnson, KS 9 Nov (PA), as was a Painted Bunting in Pottawatomie, KS 20 Sep (ABa). Late Dickcissels were in Douglas, KS 17 Oct (TA) and Phelps, NE 22 Oct (AF). A very early Bobolink was in Tulsa, OK 1 Aug (JWA). An Eastern Meadowlark in Morton, KS 26 Nov (CWd) was a rare fnd in that part of the state. Rusty Blackbird is rare westward in the Region; one was videotaped in Scotts Bluff, NE 25 Oct (KD), one was in Lincoln, NE 15 Nov (LD), and one was in Stevens, KS 16 Nov (MG). Late orioles were an Orchard in Reno, KS 1 Oct (AM) and a Baltimore in Lancaster, NE 25 Sep (LE). A male Purple Finch with House Finches was early in Ford, KS 22 Sep (DA), and 8 Purples in Dawes, NE 19 Oct (MB) made a rare west - erly fnd. Cassin's Finch is a rare fall and win- ter visitor in the extreme w. part of the Region; singles were banded in Scotts Bluff, NE 30 Aug (LDz) and 5 Sep (HG), a female was in Finney, KS 23 Nov (T&SS), and a single was in Cimar - ron, OK 17 Oct (LM, CE, BE). Red Crossbills away from the Nebraska Sandhills were singles in Dodge, NE 7-8 Nov (D&JP), Lancaster, NE 13 Nov (MW), Johnson, KS 15 Oct (CK), and Ellsworth, KS 21 Nov (MR). Pine Siskins arrived in Oklahoma somewhat early; singles were in (NS), as were Northern Parulas in Sarpy, NE 2 Oct (JCr) and Lancaster, NE 4 Oct (MW) and a Magnolia Warbler in Otoe, NE 20 Oct (SQ). Westerly were a Hooded Warbler in Sedgwick, KS 30 Aug (PJ), a Northern Parula in Dawson, NE 30 Sep (JGJ), and a Bay-breasted Warbler in Morton, KS 13 Sep (MR). A tardy Yellow War - bler was in Cleveland, OK 5 Oct (RWr). Black- poll Warbler is a less-than-annual fall migrant in the Region; an ad. female was banded and photographed in Dawes, NE 18 Sep (JL, LDz). Also scarce in fall, Palm Warblers were noted in Dixon, NE 18 Sep (JJ), Douglas, NE 1 Oct (RS), and rather late in Lancaster, NE 20 Oct (LE). There was one report of Pine Warbler wander - ing w. to McConaughy 21 Sep (SJD). An Audu- bon's Warbler in Wayne, NE 3 Nov (WF) was easterly and the latest on record for Nebraska by three days. A Myrtle Warbler in Sarpy, NE 21 Aug (AP) was record early for Nebraska by four days, whereas a Townsend's Warbler in Lincoln, NE 29 Sep (TJW) was easterly and rather late. An early Black-throated Green War - bler was in Oklahoma, OK 8 Aug (D&SW), and late singles were in Douglas, NE 19 Oct (SMa) and McCurtain, OK 12 Nov (DA). An early Wilson's Warbler appeared in Scotts Bluff, NE 4 Aug (RSg). Almost unexpected, as Kansas has two prior records, was a Painted Redstart in Ellsworth 16 Oct (ph. DK); there are no records of this species from Oklahoma or Nebraska. Summer Tanagers were still feeding fedged young in Cass, NE 1 Sep (JC, SSc). Singles lin - gered through 8 Oct in Sarpy, NE (JCr), 12 Oct in Pottawatomie, KS (ER, m.ob.), 25 Oct in Johnson, KS (CEn), and at a different loca - tion in Johnson 17 Nov (ML). A Scarlet Tana- ger was seen feeding a fedgling in Cass, NE 7 Sep (JC, SSc), a remarkably late date. Cas - sin's Sparrows migrate rather early; thus, one in Trego, KS 29 Sep (DWi) was surprisingly late. Also late were Chipping Sparrow singles Pink-sided Junco is seldom well photographed in the eastern portions of the Great Plains, where this subspecies of Dark-eyed Junco is apparently rare. This bird was photographed 15 October 2014 at Red Slough Wildlife Management Area, McCurtain County, Oklahoma. Photograph by Dave Arbour.

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