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V O L U M E 6 9 ( 2 0 1 5 ) • N U M B E R 1 113 S O U T H E R N G R E AT P L A I N S KS 5 Oct (CEn, details). Two Cave Swallows in Kiowa, OK 4 Aug (JAG) were part of the establishing breeding population in sw. Okla - homa present since Apr, but 1-4 at Red Slough 12 Aug–30 Sep (DA) were probably migrants from Texas populations wandering northward. Four Mountain Chickadees were detected, all in the extreme w. part of the Region: singles in Scotts Bluff, NE 29 Oct–13 Nov (AD), Finney, KS 6 Nov (MPe), and Cimarron, OK 17 Oct (LM, CE, BE) and 4 Nov (DWg). Red-breasted Nuthatches arrive in Nebraska in late Aug, but southerly for the date were 2 in Cimarron, OK 22 Aug (JAG). Pygmy Nuthatch rarely leaves its preferred Lodgepole Pine habitat, but one was located in Kimball, NE 25 Aug (MW). Rock Wrens are known to wander eastward in fall, with singles in Phelps, NE 20 Sep (KD, MW), in Pottawatomie, KS 8 Oct (BM), in Kay, OK 20 Oct (EY), and at Red Slough 18 Nov (DA). Most unexpected was a Canyon Wren in Gotte Park, Kimball 31 Aug (KDy), potentially the fourth documented for Nebraska. Westerly Winter Wrens were in Dawes, NE 9 Sep (MW) and in Texas, OK 18 Oct (LM). Two Western Bluebirds in Cimarron, OK 3 Nov (DWg) were rare there. A Gray-cheeked Thrush in Sarpy, NE 10 Oct (CNK) was rather late; few were reported in fall. Swainson's Thrushes are rare in fall; singles were in Cimarron, OK 30 Aug (J&BP), at McConaughy 31 Aug (fde WRS), and in Payne, OK 10 Sep (SL). There was a good showing of Sage Thrashers in the Ne - braska Panhandle, where 22 were reported 10 Aug–22 Sep (fde WRS). At the edge of the species' range was a Curve-billed Thrasher in Stanton, KS 7 Oct (LL). A species of concern, 30+ Sprague's Pipits in a Barton, KS feld 25 Oct (SS) was a noteworthy total. The only Bo - hemian Waxwing reported was one in a rural Lincoln, NE yard 20 Nov (VC). Snow Buntings arrived rather early in Nebraska, with 2 in Knox 1 Nov (MB); a few reached Kansas, where rare, with singles at Quivira 9-14 Nov (DS) and in Kiowa 10 Nov (JLa) and several in Atchison 11 Nov (NSc). Warblers normally make for a longer section in fall. A hatch-year Louisiana Waterthrush with a drooping wing remained in its natal area in Cass, NE as late as 13 Sep (JC, SSc). The only Golden-winged Warbler reported was in Sedg - wick, KS 26 Sep (PG); this is a very rare species in fall, especially so far west. A late Prothono - tary Warbler was in Grady, OK 13 Sep (BA). A Swainson's Warbler breeding area in McCur - tain, OK held 1-3 birds through 8 Sep (FH). Single Tennessee Warblers in Scotts Bluff, NE 2 Sep (RSg) and 2 Oct (b., ph. JL) were west - erly. An easterly MacGillivray's Warbler was photographed in Payne, OK 12 Sep (TO). A Kentucky Warbler was tardy in Riley, KS 1 Oct only reports were of singles in Scotts Bluff, NE 3 Sep (b. HG, LDz), Dawes, NE 10 Sep (b., ph. JL), and Morton, KS 7 Sep (DAk). Cordil - leran Flycatcher is rarely reported in fall; in Nebraska, one was banded in Dawes 30 Aug and recaptured there 5 Sep (JL, KD), 2 were in Kimball 6 Sep (MW), and one was rather late in Scotts Bluff 13 Sep (KD, RSg). Say's Phoebe wandered e. to Reno, KS 4 Oct (JM), Quivira 7 Oct (BJ), and Jackson, OK 8 Oct (JA). Vermilion Flycatcher occurs regularly in the w. Panhandle of Oklahoma, where singles were reported 2 Aug–11 Sep (BC, J&BP); an easterly bird was in Jackson, OK 20 Oct (L&MT). A Cassin's King - bird in Gove, KS 20 Sep (JCa) was a extralim- ital. A Western Kingbird in Osage, OK 27 Sep (B&LN) and an Eastern Kingbird in Lancaster, NE 6 Oct (LE) were late. An imm. Northern Shrike was early as far s. as Sedgwick, KS 18 Oct (MT). Two Plumbeous Vireos banded in Scotts Bluff, NE 17 Sep (JL, HG) were rather late; no others were reported. The only reports of Cas - sin's Vireo were 6 in the Nebraska Panhandle 24 Aug–23 Sep (fde WRS). Blue-headed Vir - eos lingered in Riley, KS 3 Nov (JRw) and Reno, KS 21 Nov (AM). The previous high fall count for Warbling Vireo in Nebraska was 14, so two major concentrations—67 in Colfax 7 Sep (JGJ) and 50 in Dakota 6 Sep (BFH), both involv - ing mixed focks with Red-eyed Vireos—were unexpected. The only Panhandle report of Warbling Vireo was of the expected w. subspe - cies swainsonii (= brewsteri): one was banded in Scotts Bluff 3 Sep (JL). A Warbling Vireo in Cleveland, OK 5 Oct (RWr) was very tardy. A Philadelphia Vireo was record late in Lancaster, NE 27 Oct (RSt), and others were westerly in Pratt , KS 10 Sep (MR) and Cleveland, OK 7-8 Sep (JTh, RWr). Some 15 Philadelphias were reported in Nebraska, far more than usual. As with Warbling Vireo, record counts of Red-eyed Vireo were set by the 50 in Dakota, NE 6 Sep (BFH) and 29 at Colfax, NE 7 Sep (JGJ). As many as 80 Pinyon Jays attended a feed- er in Morrill, NE 1 Nov (KD); the only other report was of one in Scotts Bluff , NE 19 Aug (BR). Black-billed Magpie is a species of con - cern in Nebraska, as local, isolated populations continue to disappear in cen. and e. Nebraska (WRS); the same appears to be true in the Oklahoma Panhandle (JAG). Fish Crow is well established in se. Kansas, but we continue to learn more about its movements. The late dates in Kansas this season were 17 Oct in Cherokee (JRa) and 24 Oct in Allen (AB). The Omaha, Nebraska fall Purple Martin roost peaked at 50,000 on 24 Aug (JR). Violet-green Swallow is a rare migrant in w. Kansas; the only report was from Morton 13 Sep (MR). Late swallows were 35 Northern Rough-wingeds in Neosho, KS 25 Oct (AB) and a single Bank in J ohnson, pecker than usual in nw. Nebraska, where the species is regular but scarce in summer. Five, likely a family group, were at a regular site in Sioux 23 Aug (B&DW); one was in Kimble 16 Sep (L&BP); and one was in Grant 17 Sep (GL). Elsewhere, one in Payne, OK 18-30 Nov (SL, m.ob.) was far e. of its usual Cimarron, OK range. A bit on the early side were single Yel - low-bellied Sapsuckers in Cleveland, OK 23 Sep (fde JWA) and Tulsa, OK 24 Sep (JLo, PS). Red- naped Sapsucker is a rare migrant along the w. edge of the Region; the only one reported was in Morton, KS 15 Nov (KG et al.). The long- staying female Rocky Mountains Hairy Wood - pecker was in the DeLara yard, Scotts Bluff, NE 15 Nov (KD). An exciting discovery was a male American Three-Toed Woodpecker in a burned pinewoods in Dawes, NE 4 Jun; likely the same male was located nearby 13 & 22 Sep (JB, ND; SJD; ph.); and a female was found and photographed about 0.3 km away 18-19 (MB, EBr, BFH) & 24-25 Oct (JGJ, MPa; vt.). The state has just two previous records. Pileated Woodpecker continues to march westward in the n. part of the Region; notable reports were of one in Stafford, KS at a location where nest - ing occurred this summer (AA, fde CO) and one in Ottawa in cen. Kansas 5 Oct (fde CO). Crested Caracara is increasing in s.-cen. Okla - homa; 2 were photographed in that part of the state this fall (LH). The frst Merlins to arrive in Nebraska in late Aug are usually of the prairie subspecies richardsonii, but a female columbari - us was record early for that subspecies in Buffalo 24 Aug (LR, RH). A Peregrine Falcon in Scotts Bluff 26 Nov (AK) was quite late. PASSERINES The frst Olive-sided Flycatchers were in Ne- braska by 8 Aug (L&BP) and in Oklahoma at Red Slough by 12 Aug (DA, JA). A pair of Eastern Wood-Pewees provided a late Nebraska date for feeding fedged young 13 Sep in Cass (L&BP, CNK). Hammond's Flycatcher is a regu - lar low-density fall migrant in the extreme w. part of the Region; the only report was of one in Kimball, NE 5 Sep (MW, ph.). Dusky Flycatcher has similar Regional status as Hammond's; the Like jaegers, Little Gulls have been detected with increasing frequency in the Great Plains in recent decades. This bird was at Gavin's Point Dam, Cedar County, Nebraska 31 August through 14 (here 2) September 2014. Photograph by Sheri Schwartz.

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