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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 112 S O U T H E R N G R E AT P L A I N S Nov (ph. JAG; m.ob.) was an exceptional sur- prise, only the third for Oklahoma. A count of 124 White-winged Doves in a Finney, KS yard 3 Nov (T&SS) depicts the steady increase of this species in the n. and w. reaches of the Region; still rare in e. portions, singles were in Montgomery, KS 4 Oct (LP) and Tulsa, OK 7 Aug (KB). A Common Ground- Dove in Comanche, OK 15 Aug (SH) was a Re - gional rarity. Invading, then withdrawing, Inca Doves were reported only from Love, OK 6 Sep (2 birds; BA). Only 2 Black-billed Cuckoos were reported, those in Wagoner, OK 24 Aug (TM) and Sarpy, NE 1 Oct (RS). Three Snowy Owls were reported rather far s. for the dates, from Butler, NE 12 Nov (fde CNK), Washing - ton, OK 15 Nov (RVZ, fde DR; found dead the next day, fde PS), and Greenwood, KS 25 Nov (DW). Northern Saw-whet Owl continues to make news in w. Nebraska; one banded 3 Oct (JT, HG) in Scotts Bluff was possibly from a breeding group there. One calling in Lin - coln, NE 9 Oct provided the earliest record for there since 1978 (LD). A very late Common Nighthawk was in Johnson, KS 24 Oct (ML). An Eastern Whip-poor-will heard singing 8 Sep in Lincoln, NE (LD) provided the westernmost fall record for the state. A Ruby-throated Hummingbird in Johnson, KS 20 Oct (JP) and another in Tulsa, OK un - til 8 Nov (B&LN) were tardy, while reports of westerly Ruby-throateds continue to increase; one was in Lincoln, NE 30 Aug (TJW), and an imm. female was in Finney, KS 5 Oct (T&SS). Black-chinned Hummingbird continues to be reported northward in the w. part of the Re - gion; an imm. male was in Finney, KS 4-22 Sep (T&SS), and a single was in Ellis, KS 21 Sep (EF). Both Anna's and Costa's Hummingbirds have occurred in the Region, but any Calypte hummingbird is rare here. An atypical Calypte in Pawnee, OK (RHa, m.ob.) was not identifed to species; the Oklahoma B.R.C. felt that an aberrant Costa's or perhaps a hybrid with An - na's Hummingbird was involved. Broad-tailed Hummingbirds, quite rare in the Region, were reported in Scotts Bluff , NE 9-10 Aug (KD), at McConaughy 17 Aug (J&GB), and in Haskell, KS 14 Sep (MR). Rufous Hummingbird is rare but regular, largely in the w. part of the Re - gion; about 15 were reported from all states through 16 Sep (fde WRS, CO, JAG), with rare easterly birds in Tulsa, OK 1-2 (SSt) & 12- 17 Aug (SR). A hummingbird identifed as a Selasphorus was in Rogers, OK 13 Oct (MLu). Calliope Hummingbird is a regular migrant in small numbers through the w. portion of the Region; singles were in Scotts Bluff, NE 3 & 13 Aug (KD), and the last of the season in Finney 23 Sep was an imm. (T&SS). There were more reports of Lewis's Wood- Buff-breasted Sandpipers this season was 125 in Tulsa, OK 2 Sep (TM); westerly were 4-5 in Hitchcock, NE 25 Aug–3 Sep (JGJ). Late Buff- breasteds were at Lake Hefner, Oklahoma, OK 4 Oct (TK) and 7 Nov, the latter possibly injured (KG). The uncommon Short-billed Dowitcher was reported at two sites in Oklahoma: 9 were in Oklahoma 29 Aug (DMc) and 8 & 1 were in Alfalfa 15 & 26 Sep, respectively (SM, GH et al.). Somewhat tardy was a Wilson's Phalarope in Washington, OK 8 Oct (MD). Red-necked Phalarope is uncommon in e. Nebraska, where three reports of 1-5 spanned 10 Aug–1 Oct (MW, NA, LE); a single was in Finney, KS 28 Sep (T&SS), 5 were at Quivira 11 Oct (MS), and 2 & 4 were at the Salt Plains 5 & 15 Sep, respectively (GH, SM et al.). Red Phalarope is detected less than annually in the Region; one was in Pawnee, OK 21 Sep (SM). A Parasitic Jaeger, a species also not detected annually in the Region, was found in Pawnee, OK 21 Sep (SM). Rarer still, an obliging juv. Long-tailed Jaeger was in Lancaster, NE 28 Aug–15 Sep (ph. MW, m.ob.), and an ad. was noted at McConaughy 31 Aug (ph. JTr, m.ob.). An unidentifed jaeger was in Riley, KS 12 Oct (ER). At least 31 reports of imm. Sabine's Gulls, involving 1-4 birds, came from 13 loca - tions (fde WRS, CO, JAG); a rare ad. Sabine's was in Cedar, NE 14 Sep (MB, DT). Little Gulls were found at Quivira 16-24 Aug (imm.; AM, BMi, MMi, m.ob.), in Cedar, NE 31 Aug–14 Sep (DT, m.ob.; SSc), and in Tulsa, OK 7-8 Nov (BC). Four Laughing Gulls were reported 29 Aug–22 Sep (fde WRS, CO, JAG); 5 California Gulls were located in the s. part of the Region 28 Aug–26 Nov (fde WRS, CO, JAG), some - what below recent averages. Early ad. Herring Gulls were in Lancaster, NE 28 Aug (MW) and at McConaughy 6 Sep (MW). Six Thayer's Gulls were reported from Nebraska and Kan - sas (fde WRS, CO), beginning with one in Jef- ferson, KS 29 Oct (MM). A gull intermediate between Thayer's and Iceland was in Cedar, NE 28-29 Nov (ph. MW; BFH, MW). At least 12 reports were received of Lesser Black- backed Gull (fde WRS, CO, JAG), begin - ning with a summer holdover in Cherry, NE 23 Jul-11 Aug (SMa, L&BP). Only 2 Glaucous Gulls arrived early enough to make the fall report: singles in Cedar, NE 16 Nov+ (DT) and in Russell, KS 2-10 Nov (ER, DK). A lingering Black Tern was in Lancaster, NE 1 Oct (MW), and 2 Com - mon Terns in the same county 13 Oct (MW) were also late. Common Tern is uncommon in the Region; reports from Oklahoma included singles in Alfalfa 5 & 15 Sep (GH, SM et al.), Cleveland 10 Oct (JTh, RWr), and Oklahoma 10 Oct (JAG). An Arctic Tern in Cleveland, OK 23-24 (T&MF) was the third latest on record for the state. Piping Plovers at Salt Plains 5 Aug (GH) and Neosho, KS 28 Aug–1 Sep (JHm, AB) were surprisingly the only ones reported this season. Lingering Black-necked Stilts were as far n. as Sheridan, NE 24 Aug (5; JGJ), and one was at Cheyenne Bottoms 28 Oct (JRw). Also linger - ing were 2 Spotted Sandpipers in Logan, OK 15 Nov (JW) and one in Ellsworth, KS 16 Oct (JCo). A Solitary Sandpiper held on in Cleveland, OK 18-25 Oct (TK). Two Willets at Quivira 7 Oct (BJ), one still there 9 Nov (BJ), one in Osage, KS 25 Oct (GC), and one in Comanche, OK 11 Oct (JA) were tardy, as were 2 Upland Sand - pipers over Reno, KS 2 Oct (AM) and a Long- billed Curlew in Finney, KS 21 Sep (T&SS). An easterly Long-billed Curlew in Washington, OK was late 8 Oct (MD). A Regional rarity during fall was a Hudsonian Godwit at Quivira 11 Sep (DM). The 2 Marbled Godwits in Phelps, NE (TEL, BS) were easterly, while one in Comanche, OK 11 Oct (JA) was late. Ruddy Turnstones, generally a scarce migrant in the Region, were found in Fillmore, NE 25 Aug (JGJ), at Red Slough 26 Aug (DA), in Douglas, NE 30-31 Aug (juv.; MW, m.ob.), and at Salt Plains 26 Sep (2; GH et al.). Two Red Knots at Quivira 3-19 Oct (ML, PJ, NL, m.ob.), one remaining until the very late date 9 Nov (DS), were the only ones reported this season. Tardy was a Stilt Sandpip - er at Salt Plains 1 Nov (LM, JH); 4 were still in Finney, KS 19 Oct (T&SS). The high count of This Long-tailed Jaeger lingered 28 (here 30) August through 15 September 2014 at Capital Beach Lake, Lancaster County, Nebraska, an unusually lengthy stay for this species in the Great Plains. Photograph by Michael Willison. Parasitic Jaeger is a rare migrant anywhere in the North American inte - rior away from the Great Lakes; this bird was at Keystone Lake, Pawnee County, Oklahoma 21 September 2014. Photograph by Steve Metz.

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