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V O L U M E 6 9 ( 2 0 1 5 ) • N U M B E R 1 111 S O U T H E R N G R E AT P L A I N S ad. over Omaha, NE 27 Oct (JR), with singles at Red Slough 12-18 Nov (DA), in Adair, OK 26 Nov (JE), and in Payne, OK 30 Nov (J&BP). The secretive Yellow Rail, now known to be a regular migrant, was still tough to fnd; one was fushed in Douglas, KS 11 Oct (JK), and at possibly the most reliable site in the Region, Red Slough, only 1-2 were found 1 Oct–9 Nov (DA, CB et al.). Red Slough is the only site in the Region where Purple Gallinule can be expected; 1-6 were there 7 Aug–23 Sep (DA); rather late singles were seen 8 & 28 Oct (DA). Common Gallinule can be more gener - ally distributed in the Region in wetter cycles; recently still mostly restricted to Red Slough, 2 were northerly in Jackson, KS 7 Oct (DM). Red Slough hosted as many as 33 Common Gal - linules during the period, 2 lingering through 9 Nov (DA). Ten Sandhill Cranes were about three weeks early over Valley, NE 18 Aug (LRo), and a large easterly fock of 100 was over Dakota, NE 9 Nov (BFH). Central Kan - sas wetlands are a regular site for Whooping Cranes, with groups of 2-13 noted 27 Oct–12 Nov at Quivira (fde CO) and 3 (2 ads., one juv.) in Trego 23 Nov (KH). SHOREBIRDS THROUGH FALCONS Snowy Plover remained over a month late at Quivira, where 2 were found 14 Nov (MR); an - other was in Lincoln, NE 21 Sep (LE). Snowy Plovers on the fringe of their range included 1-2 juvs. at Swanson Reservoir, Hitchcock, NE 25 Aug (JGJ), suggestive of breeding there. A Semipalmated Plover in Seward, NE 25 Oct orange bill. The odd vagrant Brown Pelicans wandered to Johnston, OK in late Jul (JRo) and Oklahoma, OK 31 Oct (LM, CE). A Neotropic Cormorant in Linn, KS 22 Nov (ML, m.ob.) was tardy and the northernmost for the season; others in Oklahoma away from Red Slough were 1-3 in Oklahoma 7 Aug–29 Sep (JAG, LM) and one in Cherokee 28 Aug (JWA, KW). A few Anhingas spread beyond Red Slough to Sequoyah, OK 2-8 Aug (D&VC, RHo), Pitts - burgh, OK 26 Sep (DG), and Pushmataha, OK 14-16 Oct (RM). An American Bittern at Red Slough 8 Aug (JAG) may have summered there. Good wa - ter conditions in the w. Sandhills of Nebraska drew a Least Bittern to Grant 8 Aug (WF), where quite rare. A Great Egret and a Snowy Egret in Sedgwick, KS 15 Nov (PJ) were rather late; 3 Snowy Egrets were tardy in Oklahoma, OK 26 Oct (TK), as were an imm. Little Blue Heron in Lancaster, NE 29 Sep–1 Oct (LE) and a Green Heron in Cleveland, OK 30 Oct (CF). A vagrant Tricolored Heron in Johnston, OK in mid-Aug (JRo) was the only one reported away from Red Slough. A Green Heron in Scotts Bluff, NE 29 Aug (JBo) made only the ninth Panhan - dle summer record. White Ibis occurs in num- bers at Red Slough, with a peak count of 337 on 7 Aug (DA); last noted were 7 there 8 Nov (CB et al.). Away from Red Slough, a single imm. White Ibis was far afeld in Pratt, KS 11- 16 Sep (MR, m.ob.). White-faced Ibis lingered late in Nebraska, with 8 in Fillmore 18 Oct and singles exceptionally so in Clay 4 Nov (fde JGJ) and Saunders 11 Nov (JGJ). The only Roseate Spoonbill reported away from Red Slough was in Johnston, OK mid-Aug through 30 Aug (JRo, ZP). Johnston, OK also hosted 34 Wood Storks 22 Aug (PL); a high count of 60 came from Red Slough 26 Aug, falling off to a single tardy bird 1 Oct (DA). Black Vultures on the slowly expanding fringe of their range were in Cherokee, KS until 8 Nov (2 birds; JRa), in Washington, OK 7 Nov (2; MD, MP), and in Payne, OK 11 Nov (4; SL). Two Ospreys showed up early in Wagoner, OK 5 Aug (JSi). A Swallow-tailed Kite in John - ston, OK 28-31 Aug (JRo, LM, CE, TM) was a Regional rarity. Mississippi Kites continued at their two current Nebraska breeding locations: Ogallala, a longtime site, where 10 were count - ed 14 Aug (JO), and North Platte, where up to 7 were present 9-28 Aug (TJW, SSc); tardy Kansas singles were in Finney 3 Oct (T&SS), Reno 24 Oct (KF), and Sedgwick 9 Nov (GS). Only one Northern Goshawk was reported, that in Reno, KS 30 Nov (JM). Westerly Broad- winged Hawks this season included a juv. and ad. 16 Aug in Scotts Bluff, NE, where possibly breeding (WRS), and a single late bird in Gray, KS 27 Oct (SS). Golden Eagles easterly were an Red-breasted Mergansers in Linn, KS 27 Sep (RW) and 4 at Quivira 13 Oct (MH). A female Ruddy Duck with 9 downy chicks at Cheyenne Bottoms 3 Oct (CW) provided a record-late Kansas date for breeding. An excellent count of Scaled Quail was the fock of 50 in Hamilton, KS 19 Nov (SS). Northern Bobwhite appears to be expanding northward and westward away from the Platte River Valley in Nebraska; sin - gles in Garden 3 Aug (DD) and Cheyenne 10 Aug (WF) were unexpected. Loon reports were few. The only reports of Red-throated Loon were from Lancaster, NE 5 (LE) & 13 Nov (JGJ, MW). Five Pacifc Loons were noted in Nebraska and Kansas in a nar - row window 3-7 Nov (fde WRS, CO); another Pacifc summering in Jefferson, KS was noted through 24 Aug (m.ob.). Cheyenne Bottoms still had multiple Pied-billed Grebe nests with eggs and nestlings as late as 25 Sep (MR), about a month later than usual. Three Horned Grebes in basic plumage were photographed in Gar - den 3 Aug (DD), an exceptional date for that plumage. Three Horned Grebes in Blaine, OK 4 Oct (JAG) were a little early, as were 4 Eared Grebes in Woodward, OK 28 Aug (JAG). Up to 2 imm. Red-necked Grebes were at McCo - naughy 17 Oct–15 Nov (RC, WF, NA), and 2 frst-winter birds were in Lancaster, NE 12 Nov (LE), a typical showing in recent years. East - erly Western Grebes were singles in Tulsa, OK 14-22 Nov (BC, JS), Neosho, KS 1 Nov (AB), and Greenwood, KS 22 Nov (TE); this species stages in huge numbers at McConaughy in fall, where 21,000 were present 24 Sep (JD, fde JGJ). Four Clark's Grebes were found: one in Russell, KS 2 Nov (MR), 2 at McConaughy 15- 21 Sep (L&BP, LE), and another there 19 Oct (WF). An apparent Clark's x Western hybrid in Dodge, NE 27 Nov (ph. KSh, D&JP, GR) had black feathering extending below its eye but an The third ever documented in Oklahoma, this Arctic Tern was also very late, tarrying at Lake Thunderbird, Cleveland County 23 (here) and 24 November 2014. Photograph by Cameron Carver. This vagrant Swallow-tailed Kite was at Tishomingo National Wildlife Refuge, Johnston County, Oklahoma 28 August 2014. Photograph by Justin Roach.

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