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VOLUME 69 No1 2016

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V O L U M E 6 9 ( 2 0 1 5 ) • N U M B E R 1 109 Northern Great Plains corded in Custer 13 Aug (JF). A Yellow-bellied Flycatcher was far w. in Bowman, ND 30 Aug (CDE, JPL). A Black-bellied Magpie was far ne. in South Dakota in Roberts 25 Oct (MO). Common Ravens appear to be moving into sw. North Dakota, with several sightings in that area this season. The third record for South Dakota, a Steller's Jay was in Custer 19 Sep (POR). Well away from its Black Hills range, a Clark's Nutcracker was in Yankton, SD 25-28 Nov (DJM). Very rare w. of the Missouri River in North Dakota, a Winter Wren was in Grant 4 Oct (REM). The frst nesting record for North was late 22-26 Nov in Charles Mix, SD (KP, RM). American Bitterns were late 30 Oct at Minot, ND (REM) and 2 Nov in Roberts, SD (CV). The lat - est Snowy Egrets reported were in- dividuals 25 Oct in Kingsbury, SD (JSP) and 9 Nov in Burleigh, ND (HCT). Glossy Ibis reports continued in North Dakota, with singles 5 Aug in Nelson (DEH), 4-9 Aug in Barnes (BJA), and 13 Aug in Foster (CS). A late Turkey Vulture was noted in Yankton, SD 25 Nov (RND). A Broad-winged Hawk was also late 1 Nov in Stanley, SD (DB). A strong peak of 190 Broad-winged Hawks was noted 17 Sep in Grand Forks, ND (DOL). Casual in fall in North Dakota, a Red-shouldered Hawk was in Benson 28 Sep (REM, DOL). Sandhill Cranes peaked late, with 6600 in McHenry and Sheridan, ND 9 Nov (REM). Late shorebirds in South Dakota included a Piping Plover 12 Sep in Minnehaha (CA, JC) and a Wil - let in Roberts 22 Oct (CV). An unusually high count for fall, 79 Hudsonian Godwits were at Des Lacs N.W.R., ND 9 Aug (REM). Always very rare in fall in the Dakotas, a Red Knot was in Grand Forks, ND 19 Aug (DOL, BJA); South Dakota reports were of 8 in Clark 3 Aug (BM) and 2 in Kingsbury 6 Sep (JSP). Not reported regularly in recent years in the Dakotas, a Black-legged Kittiwake was in Lyman, SD 3 Oct (RDO). Three Sabine's Gull reports from North Dakota spanned 20 Sep–11 Oct; 5 were in South Dakota 12 Sep–5 Oct. Three Little Gull sightings included a single 11 Nov at Garrison Dam, ND (REM), one in Yankton, SD 1-4 Sep (DS, KP), and another in Charles Mix, SD 6 Oct (RM). The only Mew Gull reported was from Garrison Dam, ND 25 Oct–16 Nov (REM). Now regular at Garrison Dam, 2 Iceland Gulls were seen 29 Nov (REM). A Glaucous Gull was early 8 Nov at Garrison Dam, ND, and the spe - cies peaked there at 8 on 28 Nov (REM). A White-winged Dove at Horace, Cass, ND 14-16 Sep (LLG, JMG) provided the twelfth re - cord for the state; three of the 12 state records have been recorded at this feeder. Rare in North Dakota, a red-morph Eastern Screech-Owl was banded at the South Unit, Theodore Roosevelt N.P. 1 Oct (ND). Late hummingbirds in South Dakota included a Broad- tailed Hummingbird 19 Sep in Pen - nington (ND) and a Rufous Hum- mingbird in Pennington 19 Sep (RSL). A Black-backed Woodpecker was a surprise in e. South Dakota in Roberts 5-12 Sep (CV). PASSERINES Accidental in w. South Dakota, an Eastern Wood-Pewee was audio-re - Ron Martin –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– T emperatures were a little above aver- age during the frst three months of the season, and rainfall was typical, with only August precipitation being above aver - age. Winter hit abruptly 9 November, and by month's end, temperatures were well below zero. The season was uneventful, with few rari - ties noted. Twelve gull species were tallied in North Dakota in November, perhaps related to the sudden weather change. The frst nesting of Blue-gray Gnatcatcher was documented in North Dakota. South Dakota hosted third state records for Yellow-billed Loon and Steller's Jay. WATERFOWL THROUGH WOODPECKERS Snow Goose counts peaked at 1,100,000 in McIntosh, ND 9 Nov (DLY, WY). Six Ameri - can Black Duck reports from North Dakota spanned 5 Aug–30 Oct. Casual in North Da - kota, a Harlequin Duck was on Devils Lake, Benson 15 Nov (REM). Surf Scoters made a strong showing in North Dakota 4-29 Oct, with reports from four counties and a peak of 7 in Grand Forks 18 Oct (DOL, MS). South Da - kota had four reports of Surf Scoters 13 Oct– 11 Nov. Three White-winged Scoter sightings for North Dakota spanned 1-18 Nov, and three reports from South Dakota covered 16 Oct–11 Nov. Up to 4 Black Scoters were in North Da - kota at Grand Forks 3-11 Nov (DOL). In South Dakota, Black Scoters were in Stanley 6 Nov (SS) and Yankton 23-25 Nov (RND, DS). A nice peak of 4000 Buffeheads was noted for Bur - leigh and Kidder, ND 6 Nov (HCT). Making the third record for South Dakota, a Yellow-billed Loon was in Bon Homme 28-29 Nov (ND, RND, KP). A Neotropic Cormorant Making the third record for South Dakota, this Yellow-billed Loon was in Bon Homme County 28-29 (here 28) November 2014. Photograph by Roger Dietrich. This Steller's Jay in Custer County, South Dakota 19 September 2014 provided the third record for the state. Photograph by Paul Roisen. SA After good success the last few seasons banding owls at the South Unit, Theodore Roosevelt N.P., ND, the operation continued this year. Running 32 nights, covering all of Oct, the band- ers caught 17 Long-eared Owls. Only one had been banded the previous three years. The crew banded 168 North- ern Saw-whet Owls. One of the banded individuals was caught fve nights later at Custer S.P., SD, some 320 km to the south (and 6 ounces heavier). Another recapture had been banded the previ- ous fall at Edmonton, AB (ND).

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