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VOLUME 69 No1 2016

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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 108 P R A I R I E P R O V I N C E S Observers (provincial compilers in boldface): T. Allison, C. Artuso, G. Budyk, K. Burton, J. Clarke, R. Clarke, M. Conboy, C. Cuthbert, B. Di Labio, D. Dodgson, M. Dudragne, R. Du - dragne, P. Friesen, P. Goossen, S. Green, C. Giesbrecht (CGi), C. Gruchy, D. Gruchy, R. Gruchy, D. Hatch, K. Hedegard, R. Jensen, S. Knight, R. Koes, T. Korolyk, G. Krätzig, R. Kube (RKu), B. Luterbach, D. Martin, J. & M. McDonald, C. McPherson, A. Mickey, E. Ne - meth, R. Ostrander, R. Painter (RPt), R. Par- sons, M. Potter, J. Priebe, C. Prins, G. Richards, G. Romanchuk (GRo), C. Salisbury, S. Samson, N. Saunders, D. Sawatzky, S. Shadick (SSh), B. Shettler, J. Smith, R. Staniforth, P. Taylor, B. Tremblay, L. Veelma, P. Wally, D. Weidl, J. Weier, K. Wetten, L. Wilson, R. Zach; N. M. = Nature Manitoba. n ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Rudolf F. Koes, 135 Rossmere Crescent, Winnipeg, Manitoba R2K 0G1 ( Peter Taylor, P. O. Box 597, Pinawa, Manitoba R0E 1L0 ( photographed at Elkwater 28 Sep (CP, KW, ph.). An unusually large murder of American Crows at Lacadena, SK 5 Oct contained 2500 birds (fde MD). Very late for Alberta, and a sign of the mild Oct conditions, was a Barn Swallow e. of High River 14 Oct (TA). The Red-breasted Nuthatch fight was poor in s. Manitoba, ex - cept in the extreme east. Blue-gray Gnatcatch- ers were good fnds at Morse, SK 8-10 Nov (LW, JP ph.) and at Grand Beach, MB 2 Nov (GB, DD). Bohemian Waxwing numbers were low across the Region. Warbler migration was fair in Alberta and strong in Manitoba in early fall, with good numbers of Black-throated Greens in Alberta and higher-than-usual American Redstart and Bay-breasted Warbler numbers in s. Manito - ba. Single Black-throated Blue Warblers were found at Hecla Island 3 Sep (RS), Pinawa, MB 25 Sep (RZ), and Carseland, AB 7-10 Oct (ph. SS). An obliging Yellow-throated Warbler, Manitoba's ffth, was hopelessly off-course at Fisher Branch 29 Oct–11 Nov (JS, m.ob., ph.). Lingering warblers included a Magnolia at Headingley, MB 26 Oct (BS) and a Wilson's at Saskatoon 4 Nov (NS). A Summer Tanager was nicely photographed at Melfort 7 Nov (SG), and a Western Tanager was a fall rarity near Elma 27 Sep (GB). The observed sparrow migration was poor to fair and drew few comments. An albino sparrow at Fish Creek P.P., AB 19-26 Aug (RO, ph. RPt) was tentatively identifed as a small Spizella, possibly Clay-colored (TK). A Golden- crowned Sparrow at Broadview, SK 16-20 Nov attracted a lot of attention (DW, m.ob., ph.). A fne fock of 85 Bobolinks was noted at Cy - press Lake, SK 8 Aug (RD). The only reports of sizeable Rusty Blackbird focks came 15-22 Oct, with tallies of 200+ at Winnipeg (DH), 275+ near Elma (JW), and 1000 at Whytewold (CM). A leucistic Gray-crowned Rosy-Finch was an oddity at Moose Mountain, AB 25 Oct (EN). Winter fnches were scarce, except for a moderate movement of Common Redpolls in se. Manitoba. ern Pygmy-Owl highlighted a family (Cana - dian) Thanksgiving dinner gathering 14 km s. of La Ronge 12 Oct and provided a frst record for Saskatchewan (RG, DG; ph. CGi, CG). The mid-Aug Common Nighthawk fight in Mani - toba yielded tallies of 100+ at Lorette 18 Aug (PW) and 267 at Matlock 19 Aug (CM). Chim - ney Swifts are rare in Saskatchewan, so a report of up to 5 birds, including a nesting pair, 100 km ne. of Melfort was noteworthy (fde SSh, RJ). A late Ruby-throated Hummingbird was at Saskatoon 11 Oct (CS). A Red-headed Woodpecker was a one-day wonder at Regina 29 Oct (DS). Red-bellied Woodpeckers appeared in s. Manitoba in un - precedented numbers: at least 15 were found between 15 Oct and late Dec, more than triple the usual fall total. Despite regular fall disper - sal into the province, and some overwinter- ing success at feeders, conclusive evidence of breeding is still lacking. Tardy Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers were at Winnipeg 4 (GB) & 20-25 Nov (PF). A Black-backed Woodpecker was s. of normal range near Edenwold, SK 9 Nov (JC). Six different Prairie Falcons were noted in s. Manitoba, well above average for the season. PASSERINES Alberta's third (second documented) Yellow- throated Vireo was captured, banded, and Like many other records of the species in the Prairie Provinces region, this Summer Tanager at a Melfort, Saskatchewan feeder appeared late in the fall (here 7 November 2014). Photograph by Scott Green. This Blue-gray Gnatcatcher was present at Morse, Saskatchewan 8-10 (here 8) 10 November, one of two noted in Prairie Provinces region in autumn 2014. Photograph by Lori Wilson. This Sabine's Gull at Oak Lake, Manitoba 20 September 2014 was one of two found during the annual fall hawkwatch. Photograph by Gillian Richards. Manitoba's ffth documented Yellow-throated Warbler delighted many birders at Fisher Branch from 29 October 2014 until it was last seen at the start of a severe cold snap on 11 (here 5) November 2014. Photograph by Donna Martin. This albino Spizella sparrow at Shannon Terrace, Alberta 19-26 (here 26) August 2014 was believed to be a Clay-colored Spar - row. Whatever its identity, it made for an interesting feeder visitor. Photograph by Rose Painter.

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