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V O L U M E 6 9 ( 2 0 1 5 ) • N U M B E R 1 107 N O R T H E R N C A N A D A & G R E E N L A N D Fournier, Cam Giles, Danica Hogan, Shan- non Harvey, Jim Hawkings, Brad Heath, Reid Hildebrandt, Jukka Jantunen, Ricky Joe, Clare Kines (Nunavut), Travis Kines, Wayne King, Cam Kos, Robbie Mackay, Bob McDon - ald, Sam McLeod, Wendy Nixon, Martyn Obbard, Rhiannon Pankratz, Dan Patterson, Adam Perrier, Linda Pilarski, Kathy Postill, Elkie Reinauer, Wayne Renaud, Pam Sinclair, Vicki St. Germaine (VSG), Josh Sullivan (JoS), Jason Straka (JaS), Douglas Tate (Northwest Territories), Emily Upham-Mills, Shyloh van Delft (SVD), Leslie Wakelyn, Kate Warrick (KWa), Keith Williams (KWi), Paul Woodard, Brian Zawadski. n –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Cameron D. Eckert, 1402 Elm Street, Whitehorse, Yukon, Y1A 4B6 ( included 100 at Whitehorse, s. Yukon 11 Sep (CE) and 70 there 2 Oct (CE); 65 at Fort Simpson, NWT 20 Sep (DB); and 24 at Caen Lake, NWT 17 Sep (DT). A male House Finch, casual in s. Yukon, was seen at different loca - tions in downtown Whitehorse 3-4 Oct (ph. KP; CE). An impressive tally of 9454 Common Redpolls was recorded at Teslin Lake, s. Yukon 12-24 Oct (JJ). It was looking a lot like winter 15 Oct at Fort Simpson, NWT, with fresh snow and a mixed fock of 24 Common and 16 Hoary Redpolls (DT). Observers (subregional editors in bold- face): Wayne Addis, Julie Bauer, David Brit- ton, Serge Brodeur, Ted Cheskey, Susan Drury, Boris Dobrowolsky, Cameron Eckert (Yukon), Lyn Elliot, Patches Flores, Bonnie relatively low numbers recorded at seasonal migration watches just 130 km to the e., at Teslin Lake (JJ), suggested otherwise. Snow Buntings were on the move in North- west Territories by Oct, with counts of 137 along the Yellowknife Hwy. 16 Oct (DB), 100 at Yellowknife 5 Oct (VSG), and 100 near Pre - lude Lake 20 Oct (BH, LW). Palm Warbler is near the edge of its range but still fairly com - mon in s. Northwest Territories; the season's high count was 4 at Fort Simpson 7 Aug (DT). Rare sparrows included a Clay-colored Sparrow, the only report of the season, at Fort Simpson, NWT 2 Sep (DT); a Nelson's Spar - row, rare and localized in Northwest Territor- ies, at Caen Lake 6 Aug (DT); and an ad. male Harris's Sparrow, casual in s. Yukon, at White - horse 12 Oct (ph. KWi). Rusty Blackbird focks Prairie Provinces Ruddy Turnstones at Weed Lake 18 Aug–4 Sep (m.ob.), 1000 Pectoral Sandpipers and 600+ Stilt Sandpipers at Whitewater Lake 6 Aug (CC), and a Western Sandpiper at Whitewater Lake 16 Aug (CA et al.). Late shorebird records included a very tardy Black-necked Stilt at Weed Lake, Langdon, AB 7 Oct–11 Nov (MP, KB, BT ph.), a Black-bellied Plover at Weed Lake 8-11 Nov (TK), a Killdeer at Estevan, SK 14 Nov (KH), and a Wilson's Snipe at Banff, AB 30 Nov (SK, GRo). GULLS THROUGH FALCONS Single Sabine's Gulls were near Manitou, MB 13 Sep (RP, LV) and at Oak Lake, MB 20 Sep (CC, G. Richards et al.), while Alberta reports came from Chestermere Lake 17 Sep (TK) and Lower Kananaskis Lake 27 Sep (J&MM). Much scan - ning of Herring Gull focks on s. Lake Winni- peg yielded 4 different Thayer's Gulls 1 Oct–1 Nov (GB, RK, RS, PT, CM). A Little Gull was seen at Muskiki Lake, SK 10 Oct (BDL), while 2 were at Chestermere Lake 18-19 Oct (MC, RC). An Iceland Gull was a good fnd at Ed - monton, AB 21 Oct (GRo). Up to 2 Glaucous Gulls were at Gimli, MB 9 Oct–11 Nov (PT, DM), and another was at Hecla Island 15 Nov (DM). This species and other rare, large gulls are probably underreported in s. Manitoba be - cause of the dilution effect and inaccessibility of many large lakes, plus diffcult observation conditions at Winnipeg's principal landfll site. A fyby White-winged Dove at Winnipeg 18 Sep was about the seventh for Manitoba (RP). Snowy Owls appeared in good numbers in s. Manitoba, but Northern Hawk Owls and espe - cially Great Gray Owls were scarce. A North- of inland scoters, with 68 Surfs 13 Sep–6 Nov and 27 White-wingeds 10 Aug–18 Oct. Black Scoter reports totaled 4 in Alberta 12-28 Oct, 2 singles in Saskatchewan 26 Oct and 11 Nov, and 5 in s. Manitoba 13 Oct–1 Nov. Rarest ducks were a Cinnamon Teal at Oak Hammock Marsh, MB 26 Aug (GB, JW) and lone Barrow's Goldeneyes at Hecla Island, MB 20 Oct (PT, RK, RS) and Buffalo Pound, SK 26 Oct–3 Nov (BL). Three Red-throated Loons and 8 Pacifc Loons were in s. Alberta; neither was report - ed in Saskatchewan or inland Manitoba. Two Eared Grebes at Pine Coulee Reservoir, AB 25 Nov were tardy (TK). Twelve Great Egrets were counted 7 Sep near Lampman, SK (KH), where a nesting colony was found in 2012. Two Snowy Egrets were at Pakowki Lake, AB 8 Aug (R. Dudragne), one was near Nanton, AB 30 Aug (fde TK), one was at Last Mountain Lake, SK 23 Sep (BL), and up to 3 were at Whitewa - ter Lake, MB until at least 4 Oct (N.M. group, m.ob.). White-faced Ibis peaked at 90+ at Whitewater Lake 16 Aug (RK, PT et al.), while 15 were near Assiniboia, SK 17 Sep (LW). A Black Vulture near Whitemouth, MB 18 Aug was well described (AM). A Swainson's Hawk at Black Diamond, AB 13 Oct was late (RKu). Manitoba concentrations of Sandhill Cranes included 1000+ near Hodgson 1 Sep (JS) and "thousands" of migrating birds between Grand Beach and Patricia Beach 7 Sep (DM). Shore - bird numbers appeared to be high from Alberta to sw. Manitoba (notably Whitewater Lake). Highlights include 22 Black-necked Stilts at Reed Lake, SK 15 Aug (MD), 70 Hudsonian Godwits at Quill Lake, SK 12 Aug (RJ), up to 3 Rudolf F. Koes Peter Taylor –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– T he weather was highly variable through- out the Region during the fall. Some cool periods in August were followed by a cold spell with heavy snow in Alberta in mid-September. Damage to trees, still in full foliage, was substantial. October was balmy but often windy and was followed by a rapid freeze-up in early November over much of the Region. The migration was generally unevent - ful, although a few outstanding rarities were reported. Numerous duck broods and calling Soras were noted in southwestern Manitoba in mid-August, no doubt due to re-nesting after widespread fooding in June. WATERFOWL THROUGH SHOREBIRDS A digiscoped blue-morph Ross's Goose was a rarity at Buck Lake, SK 18 Oct (BL). A late movement of Canada Geese at Morden, MB 29 Nov consisted of eight focks (PG). Two Bewick's Swans were reported at Tyrrell Lake, AB 31 Oct (RC). Alberta hosted the lion's share

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