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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 106 N O R T H E R N C A N A D A & G R E E N L A N D Island, n. Yukon this season; 29 ads. and seven nests with just 7 live chicks were re - corded at the colony in Aug (CE, SH, RJ, SM). In Nuna - vut, Black Guillemots were recorded in higher numbers, with 200 at Navy Board Inlet 17 Sep (WR), 125 at Repulse Bay 6 Sep (WR), and 50 at Alungiqtarvik 2 Aug (SB). A Horned Puffn at Herschel Island, n. Yukon 11 & 15 Aug (CE) established the frst rec - ord for the Territory. A lone Mourning Dove, rare but regular in Northwest Territories, was seen at Yellowknife 8 Aug (ph. BF, RH). Single Northern Saw-whet Owls, ca - sual in fall in s. Yukon, were at Teslin Lake 22 & 23 Sep (ph. JJ). Concentrations of Common Nighthawks included 70 at the Yellowknife River, NWT 2 Aug (DB) and 50 at Frame Lake, NWT 16 Aug (RP). Two new hummingbird species for the Yukon were a Ruby-throated Hummingbird at a remote location 50 km n. of Beaver Creek 24-26 Aug (ph. KWa) and an Anna's Hummingbird at Whitehorse 21 Sep– 10 Oct (ph. CE, PS; ph. CK; m.ob.). American Kestrel migration peaked at Teslin Lake, s. Yu - kon with a tally of 75 on 11-12 Sep (JJ). Four Peregrine Falcons were at Marcil Lake, Arctic Bay, Nunavut 13 Sep (CK). PASSERINES A Steller's Jay at Watson Lake 27 Oct+ (ph. WA, SD) established the frst record for se. Yukon and the frst record of the interior sub - species C. s. annectens. American Crows con- tinue to increase in the Region; 38 were at Fort Simpson, NWT 30 Aug (DT), and 33 were at Watson Lake, se. Yukon 4 Sep (SD). Horned Lark does not usually make a big showing in fall migration, so 125 at Akimiski Island, Nunavut 29 Sep (MO) was a notable tally. American Dipper is rare in Northwest Territo - ries; singles, both in Nahanni N.P., were seen at Lonely Lake 15 Aug (LE) and Prairie Creek 21 Nov (DT). A family group of 7 Northern Wheatears (ad. female with 6 juvs.) estab - lished the frst confrmed breeding record for Herschel Island, n. Yukon 7 Aug (ph. CE, SH). A Mountain Bluebird was at Repulse Bay, Nun - avut 22 Aug (SB), the same location where one had been seen in Jun. A late Townsend's Solitaire was at Carcross, s. Yukon 11 Nov (ph. CE, DP). American Robin migration produced an interesting paradox this season wherein a fallout in downtown Whitehorse in late Sep and early Oct (e.g., 200 on 3 Oct) suggested a strong migratory movement (CE); however, son's high count at Teslin Lake, s. Yukon was 4 on 31 Aug (JB, JJ). Long-tailed Jaegers depart early in fall; migration watches at Pond Inlet, Nunavut produced 16 along with 11 Parasitics and 115 Pomarines 15 Aug (WR). In Nunavut, 14,000 Black-legged Kittiwakes were record - ed from three locations at Bylot Island 17 Sep (WR), while 3000 were at Prince Leopold Is - land 12 Sep (CG) and 2600 at Pond Inlet 31 Aug (WR). Casual in s. Yukon, one was seen on Teslin Lake 9-10 Oct (ph. JJ). Ivory Gull is al - ways a highlight, and the season's high counts included 12 along the ice edge at the Salmon River, Nunavut 23 Oct (WR) and 11 at the gla - cier calving area of Navy Board Inlet, Nunavut 29 Sep (WR). Single Sabine's Gulls, casual in fall, were seen at Watson Lake, se. Yukon 26 Sep (ph. SD) and Teslin Lake 4 Sep (JB, JJ). A Black-headed Gull , a frst for Northwest Territories, was at Willow Flats, Yellowknife 7 Oct–6 Nov, enjoyed by many (ph. RP, DH, EUM, PW et al.). A high count of 150 Califor - nia Gulls came from Yellowknife, NWT 6 Sep (RH). Thayer's Gull is not well known as a fall migrant in s. Northwest Territories; reports this season included 3 at Root River 4 Oct (DT) and one at Willow Flats, Yellowknife 16 Oct (DB). Glaucous Gull reports included 150 along with 4 Great Black-backed Gulls at Sisimiut, Green - land 21 Sep (BM); 122 at Rankin Inlet, Nuna- vut 21 Oct (BZ); 100 at Ilulissat, Greenland 20 Sep (CG); and 53 at Arctic Bay, Nunavut 30 Aug (CK, TK). An impressive concentration of 750 Arctic Terns was noted at Navy Board In - let, Nunavut 17 Sep (WR). High counts for Thick-billed Murre from Nunavut were 2500 at Cape Graham Moore seabird colony 4 Aug, 2000 at Button Point, Bylot Island 2 Aug, and 1800 at Navy Board Inlet, Bylot Island 14 Aug (WR). High counts for Dovekie were 500 at Navy Board Inlet 17 Sep (WR) and 83 at Baffn Bay 17 Sep (CG). Black Guillemot showed poor productivity and further population declines at Herschel A Fork-tailed Storm-Petrel at Whitehorse 22 Sep (CE) established a totally unex - pected Yukon frst. American White Pelicans were observed at Fort Smith, NWT, with 21 on 16 Sep (DB) and 19 on 19 Sep (JaS). A Great Blue Her - on, casual in s. Yukon, was at Carcross 16 Aug (WN). A Turkey Vulture, casual in s. Yukon, was seen over Teslin Lake 24 Sep (JJ). A Bald Eagle, n. of its range, was at Brown Lake, Nunavut 10 Aug (SB), while a White- tailed Eagle was at Karrat Is - land, Greenland 18 Sep (BM). Golden Eagle migration peaked at Teslin Lake, s. Yukon with a count of 94 on 1 Oct (JJ). Black-bellied Plover is a rare fall migrant in s. parts of the Region; on 21 Sep, focks of 30 and 28 were seen at Whitehorse (CE) and Teslin (JJ), re - spectively. A juv. Pacifc Golden-Plover, casual in fall, was at Whitehorse, s. Yukon 22-26 Oct (ph. CE, BD; JH); a juv. Lesser Yellowlegs there 20 Sep (ph. CE, BD) was record late. A single Wandering Tattler, rare in Northwest Territor - ies, was at Lonely Lake, Nahanni N.P. 15 Oct (LE). A seasonal high count of 109 Hudsoni - an Godwits was reported from Jacob Island, Nunavut 3 Aug (TC). Sharp-tailed Sandpiper is a rare but regular fall migrant in the Yukon Southern Lakes region; this season, 1-2 juvs. were at Whitehorse 20-23 Sep (ph. CE, BD, SVD). An exceptionally late fock of 140 juv. White-rumped Sandpipers, along with a very late Northern Wheatear, were at Iqaluit, Nun - avut 14 Oct (ph. WK, WR). Buff-breasted Sandpiper is scarce on fall migration; 4 were at Cambridge Bay 5 Aug (JoS), and one was at Queen Maud Gulf Bird Sanctuary, Nunavut 16 Aug (PF). An obliging juv. Red Phalarope, cas - ual in fall in s. Yukon, provided close viewing on the Yukon River at Whitehorse 15-16 Nov (ph. RM; ph. CE, SVD). Two Parasitic Jaegers were seen on East Arm, Great Slave Lake, NWT 4 Aug (VSG); the sea - The frst Black-headed Gull (center, in fight) for Northwest Territories was found at Yellowknife 7 October 2014 (here) and stayed for about a month, to the delight of many observers. Photograph by Rhiannon Pankratz. This subadult male Anna's Hummingbird at Whitehorse 5-10 (here 5) October 2014 established the Yukon's frst record. Photograph by Cameron Eckert.

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