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VOLUME 69 No1 2016

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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 104 A R K A N S A S & LO U I S I A N A grant in Arkansas, with singles noted this season near Fayetteville, Washington at Kessler Mountain 5 Sep (MP) and Chesney Prairie 13 Sep (JP). Two Least Flycatchers closely studied at Callies Prairie, Lake Fayetteville Park, Wash - ington, AR 13 Oct (JN) were record late. Say's Phoebe reports for Louisiana during the season were too numerous to list; the explosion of re - cords over the past few years has led to the re- moval of the species from the state Review List. A Bell's Vireo at Cameron Prairie N.W.R. 16 Nov (PEC, SGM) ft into an established trend of members of this species late in autumn and/ or overwintering, while a Yellow-green Vireo at Peveto Woods Sanctuary, Cameron, LA 11 Oct (PEC) bucked a developing trend of spring re - cords. Rare, annual, increasing, and possibly even breeding in sw. Arkansas, 4 Cave Swal - lows (one ad. and 3 juvs.) were found at Beard's Lake Campground, Millwood Lake, Hempstead 7 Sep (CM). Unprecedented, at least one Red- breasted Nuthatch spent the entire spring and summer near Mansfeld, Sebastian, AR (KM, GS). Louisiana's fourth record and frst since 1989, a Lucy's Warbler was an excellent fnd on Grand Isle, Jefferson 5 Nov (JVR); the bird stayed through the season and was re-located by many birders. Unusually late for Arkansas, a Nashville Warbler was at Two Rivers Park, Pulaski 16 Nov (JD). Nashville, Hooded, and Cape May War - blers made for part of a nice list of late migrants at Peveto Woods Sanctuary, Cameron, LA 15 Nov (SGM). Late by two weeks for Arkansas, a Yellow-breasted Chat was at Little Rock, Pulaski 13 Oct (DS), and 2 were at White River N.W.R., Arkansas 17 Oct (ph. TT). Rare and very early, GULLS THROUGH FINCHES Sabine's Gull is rare and nearly an- nual in Arkansas, with all records on fle coming from Millwood Lake or from Lake Dardanelle, where a juv was noted 15 Sep (K&LN); but a juv. photographed at Bald Knob N.W.R. 16 Sep (GN) was unexpected. Laughing Gull reports from Arkansas included an ad. at Bald Knob N.W.R. 20 Sep (MP), an imm. the same day at Lake Dardanelle, Yell (K&LN), and a single at Frog Bayou W.M.A., Crawford 4 Oct (JD). The count of 73 Franklin's Gulls from Crowley, Acadia, LA 15 Oct (JVR) was ex - cellent. Rare and early by almost a month, an ad. Lesser Black-backed Gull was at Lake Dardanelle, Yell, AR 12 Sep (KN). Uncommon and often overlooked, 16 Com - mon Terns were discovered on Lake Dardanelle, Pope, AR 11 Sep (RR). Although there are certainly caveats surrounding extralimital reports of the species, what was apparently Louisiana's frst Elegant Tern was discovered at Grand Isle State Park, Jefferson 4 Oct (DB). Rare anywhere in Arkansas out - side of Fort Smith, single White- winged Doves were found at Jonesboro, Craig - head 6 Aug (DR) and near Des Arc, Prairie 10 Sep (K&LN). Black-billed Cuckoo is a rare fall migrant in Arkansas; singles were reported from Cook's Landing, Pulaski 19 Aug (DH) and Mount Magazine S.P., Logan 6 Oct (DSi). Formerly an annual visitor to Louisiana but now becoming rarer, a Groove-billed Ani was reported 25 Sep near Honey Island Swamp, Pearl River W.M.A., St. Tammany (MMe, JR). Determined to get a better understanding of the poorly known status of Northern Saw-whet Owl in Arkansas, researchers at the University of Arkansas set out mist-nets and a calling de - vice in an attempt to attract the owls. Their hard work was rewarded with a calling bird, another that was netted and banded 20 Nov, and an - other captured 7 Dec at Ozark Natural Science Center, Madison (KS, MP, AD). A late migrant or perhaps wintering Lesser Nighthawk was at Peveto Woods Sanctuary, Cameron, LA 16 Nov (DP). A Rufous Hummingbird visiting a feeder at Van Buren 4 Aug (MLo, DL) was a frst for Crawford, AR. Discovered by a photographer 30 Oct (BB) but not reported until it was inde - pendently rediscovered by a birder over three months later, Louisiana's second Ringed King - sher was at Lake Martin, St. Martin. Yellow-bellied Flycatcher is a rare fall mi - dia, LA 15 Oct (JVR). The state's latest ever by almost three weeks, a Wilson's Phalarope was at the Alma W.T.F., Crawford, AR 14 Nov (AS). Nearly annual, especially in fall, an imm. Red- necked Phalarope was discovered at Bald Knob N.W.R. 19 Sep (KN, TB). Louisiana also host - ed a Red-necked Phalarope, rare in the state but especially so away from the coastal tier of parishes, near Denham Springs, Livingston 8-9 Oct (JVR). Very rare in Arkansas, and just the fourth occurrence since 1987, a Red Phalarope was photographed at the Boyd Point W.T.F., Pine Bluff, Jefferson 1 Aug (DMc); remarkably, 2 more were photographed near Lake Village, Chicot , AR 6 Sep (ML, BH). This Northern Saw-whet Owl was one of two was captured at a banding opera- tion in rural Madison County, Arkansas 20 November 2014; there are just thir- teen previous records of the species in the state. Photograph by Mitchell Pruitt. Louisiana's fourth Lucy's Warbler was found 5 November 2014 at Grand Isle, Jeferson Parish; it was enjoyed by many observers through the end of the season. Photograph by J. Van Remsen. Just the third recorded in Arkansas in the past 14 years, this Black-headed Grosbeak was present at a feeding station in Centerton, Benton County 26-29 (here 26) September 2014. Photograph by Jacque Brown.

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