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VOLUME 69 No1 2016

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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 102 A L A B A M A & M I S S I S S I P P I (AH). Three Pine Siskins at Wheeler 22 Oct (CDC) set an early record for Alabama, while another at Birmingham 23 Oct (RSD) tied the M.R. early date. The fall maximum for siskins in the I.C.P. was eclipsed by 34 birds in Bull - ock 25 Nov (ECS), and 20 in Madison 30 Nov (SRM) gave the T.V. a new fall high count. Cited observers (subregional editors in boldface): Jane C. Allen, Philip J. & Kath - erine Barbour, Fred Bassett, Tiffany Benson, Ned R. Boyajian, Dick Bruer, Linda Car - penter, Karen Chiasson, Elizabeth Conn, C. Dwight Cooley, Matthew Crunk, Todd De - vore, Robert A. & Lucy R. Duncan, R. Scot Duncan, Andrea Dunstan, Jared Feura, Keith Floyd, Alison Fox, Lawrence F. Gardella, Ben C. Garmon, Rob German, Olivia Graves, Charles H. Grisham, Andrew Haffenden, Steve Hambalek, Greg J. Harber, Jeffrey Har - ris, J. Milton Harris, Lynn Hathaway, Geoff E. Hill, Jason Hoeksema (JHk), James F. Holmes, Jim Holmes (JHo), Howard E. Horne, Greg D. Jackson (Alabama), Odis H. Johnson, Michael J. Jordan, Kevin Karlson, Riley Kil - patrick, Jon R. King, Gene C. Knight, Joseph & Beth Knoll, Herbert Lewis, Becca Lewison, Marybeth Lima, Zachary Loman, Rodney Mc - Collum, Don McKee, Debbie McKenzie, Ja- cob McNairy, Jimmy McNairy (JiM), Anne G. Miller, Greg Miller, Sue R. Moske, Janice Neit - zel, Wayne R. Patterson, Jack Paul, Ashley Pe- ters, Rick & Susan Remy, Thomas V. Ress, J. R. Rigby, Scott Rush, Patsy Russo, Marion H. Schiefer, Terence L. Schiefer (Mississippi), Don & Judy Self, Damien J. Simbeck, Eric C. Soehren, Jimmy Stephenson, Michelle Steber, John A. Trent, Renea Todd, Lorna West, Ran - dy White, T. J. Zenzal. n –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Greg D. Jackson, 2220 Baneberry Drive, Birmingham, Alabama 35244 ( edly high fall counts of North- ern Parula in Alabama were of 12 in Dale 23 Sep (RW), 11 in Colbert 25 Sep (DJS et al.), and 12 in Dallas 6 Oct (D&JS). Ear - liest for the I.C.P., a Magnolia Warbler was in Barbour 31 Aug (GEH). The Bay-breasted War - bler in Colbert 5 Sep (DJS) gave the T.V. a new early date. Rare but regular in the T.V., single Black-throated Blue Warblers were found in Madison 16 Sep (SRM) and Lauderdale 26 Sep (DJS). A count of 64 Yellow- rumped Warblers provided a T.V. fall maximum 14 Nov in Limestone (DJS), and 70 in Dallas 16 Nov (D&JS) were the most recorded in autumn for the I.C.P. A high count for Alabama in fall, 130 Chipping Sparrows were in Bullock 25 Nov (ECS). Occasional inland, a Clay-colored Sparrow was discovered in Lauderdale, AL 13 Oct (DJS, GM, MC, ph.); rare but expected in fall along the outer coast of Alabama, one was on Dauphin 15-19 Oct (PR et al.). Rarely detected in n. Alabama, a Henslow's Sparrow was at Wheeler 24 Nov (SRM). The Le Con - te's Sparrow at Noxubee 15 Oct (ZL, SR) was locally early by nearly a month. Only the sec - ond for the I.C.P., and the seventh for inland Alabama, 2 Nelson's Sparrows were a treat in Montgomery 19 Oct (LFG). Probably a rare summering bird, a White-throated Sparrow was in Madison, AL 30 Aug (ph. HL). Giving the M.R. a new fall daily maximum, 24 Blue Grosbeaks were recorded on the Birmingham area count 27 Sep. Rare but becoming regular along the outer coast of Alabama, single Western Meadow - larks were at separate sites on the Fort Mor- gan Peninsula, Baldwin 15 Oct (ph. JN) and 25 Oct (HEH, AH, DM, ph.); rare in Mississippi, and rep - resenting a frst local record, a Western was in Oktibbeha 11 Nov (TLS, OG, MHS, JH, GCK). Yellow-headed Blackbird is rare but has increased in recent years in the G.C.; one was at Fort Morgan 4-9 Oct (GDJ et al.). Only occasionally ob - served on the outer coast of Alabama, up to 3 Rusty Blackbirds were on Dauphin 25-28 Nov (AF et al.). Rare Bronzed Cowbirds were on the Mobile Causeway, Mo - bile, AL 26 Sep (RA&LRD, LC) and on Dauphin 8 Nov Only the eighth for Mississippi, a Say's Phoe - be added spice to the season on West Ship Island, Harrison 25-31 Oct (LG, NRB, m.ob., ph.). An Ash-throated Flycatcher, rare but be - coming regular in the G.C. in fall, was banded at Fort Morgan 15 Oct (TJZ et al., ph.). Scarce in Alabama, 4 Warbling Vireos were noted 21 Sep–5 Oct (RSD, EC, LFG, BH, GDJ). Rare in the I.C.P., especially so early, a Horned Lark was in Macon 31 Aug (JHo, JFH). Single Northern Rough-winged and Barn Swallows provided late I.C.P. records in Ge - neva 14 Nov (RW). A Cave Swallow 26 Oct in Limestone (SRM) was an excellent fnd, representing the fourth for inland Alabama, the fourth in autumn in the state, and only the second for the T.V. Bewick's Wren, for - merly an uncommon breeding and wintering species, has declined to only an occasional visitor in Alabama; one was at Birmingham 27-28 Sep (RSD et al.). Latest for the I.C.P., a Gray-cheeked Thrush was in Macon 25 Oct (ECS). Trumping even the Say's Phoebe, Mis - sissippi's frst Sage Thrasher joined the rar- ity party on West Ship Island, Harrison 26-31 Oct (LG, NRB, m.ob., ph.). A Sprague's Pipit, occasional in Mississippi, was spotted 24 Nov in Panola (JHk, TB, RG, BL, ph.). Rare in Ala - bama, 2 Sprague's were found at a regular site in s. Baldwin 28 Nov (ph. KC). For Alabama's twelfth record and the sixth for the G.C., a female Lawrence's Warbler was at Bayou Sara, Mobile 27 Sep (TJZ et al., b., ph.). A Prothonotary Warbler was locally late at Noxubee 9 Oct (TLS). Of several Nashville Warbler reports, most noteworthy was one on Dauphin 30 Aug (ML, LH) setting an early Al - abama record. Four Mourning Warblers, rare but regular in the G.C. in fall, were banded at Fort Morgan 26 Aug–30 Sep (TJZ et al.); more unusual in fall in the M.R., a male was at Bir - mingham 21 Sep (R&SR, TD). Rare in the Re- gion in autumn, single male Cape May War- blers were in Madison, AL 15 Sep (SRM) and Calhoun, AL 8 Oct (ph. DM). Unprecedent - A regular autumn rarity now on the Alabama coast, this Ash-throated Flycatcher was banded at Fort Morgan, Baldwin County 15 October 2015. Photograph by T. J. Zenzal. Rare in autumn in the Alabama and Mississippi region, a male Cape May Warbler visited Anniston, Calhoun County, Alabama 8 October 2014. Photograph by Debbie McKenzie.

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