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VOLUME 69 No1 2016

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V O L U M E 6 9 ( 2 0 1 5 ) • N U M B E R 1 101 A L A B A M A & M I S S I S S I P P I Hummingbird was recaptured at a return site in Geneva, AL 22 Nov (FB, DM). Remarkably recorded by the same party 175 km apart so early in the season, single Peregrine Falcons were in s. Hale and n. Mobile 9 Aug (BCG, PR). PASSERINES Olive-sided Flycatcher is rare but regular in early fall in the Region. One found in Limestone 2 Aug (SRM, JCA, JMH) provided a new Ala - bama early record; 6 additional Olive-sideds were located in the T.V., G.C., and n. Missis - sippi 26 Aug–27 Sep (M&AS, AH, GJH, TLS, JHk et al.). Of many Yellow-bellied Flycatcher reports, most notable were up to 5 in cen. Baldwin 23-27 Sep (KC et al., ph.), tying the Alabama high count. The Acadian Flycatcher 12 Oct in Oktibbeha (TLS, MHS) was unusu - ally late for that area. Both rare-but-regular species in fall, 2 Alder Flycatchers were heard vocalizing in Hale, AL 23 Aug (JAT, AP), and a calling Willow Flycatcher was on Dauphin 4 Oct (AH). The 15 Eastern Phoebes in Barbour 30 Nov (GEH) set a high autumn I.C.P. count. 15 Nov (D&JS). Only occasional away from the coast, 10 Marbled Godwits in Sunfower, MS 1 Sep (PJ&KB) set a new inland Regional high count. Two Ruddy Turnstones, rare away from the coast, were in Sunfower, MS 19 Sep (ph. JHk). Up to 5 Baird's Sandpipers, rare but regular in nw. Alabama, were unusually plentiful 11 Aug–2 Sep in Colbert, AL (DJS et al.); rare in the I.C.P., a Baird's was spotted in Macon 31 Aug (JHo, JFH). Of several Wilson's Phalarope reports, most notable were of the individual 29 Aug in Clay, MS (TLS) and up to 6 birds at Blakeley Island 1 Oct–15 Nov (JAT, RA&LRD, m.ob.), the last date the latest for the G.C. Rare in the Region, 3 Red-necked Phalaropes were located in Lefore, MS 19 Sep (JHk, JRR, KK, ph.). A Bonaparte's Gull was a surprise on the Mobile Causeway, Baldwin 8 Aug (JRK), rep - resenting either the frst summering record for Alabama or an early migration date for the state. Rare but continuing to increase in the Region, Lesser Black-backed Gull is now ex - pected in small numbers at several sites. Three Lessers at Wheeler Dam, Lauderdale 14 Aug (DJS) provided an early T.V. record, and 8 at Wilson Dam, Lauderdale/Colbert 13 Oct (DJS, MC, GM) set a maximum count for Alabama. Great Black-backed Gull is occasional in Mis - sissippi; an ad. was discovered in Harrison 17 Aug (TLS, MHS, ph.). Rare but regular in the Dauphin area, single ads. were spotted 1 Sep (AH) and 23 Nov (ML, LH). A lone Caspian Tern in Oktibbeha 31 Oct (TLS) accorded a lo - cal late date. The tally of 631 Rock Pigeons on the Wheeler area count 27 Sep established a fall T.V. maximum. White-winged Dove is rare in - land but is increasing in the I.C.P.; 2 at a feeder in Houston 1 Nov (RT et al., ph.) were at a new site. Though there is a small breeding focus now for Inca Dove just inland in s. Baldwin, up to 2 found on the Fort Morgan Peninsula 12 Oct–11 Nov (ph. JN) represented only the sixth independent record for Alabama. High fall I.C.P. tallies, 8 Common Ground-Doves were noted in Covington 1 Sep (LW) and in Bullock 1 Oct (GEH). Rare in autumn, espe - cially inland, single Black-billed Cuckoos were in Lafayette, MS 14 Sep (GCK) and in Franklin, AL 9 Oct (DJS). Groove-billed Ani is rare and erratic on the Alabama coast; one appeared on the Fort Morgan Peninsula, Baldwin 17 Oct (ph. KC), and 2 were farther e. in Orange Beach, Baldwin 22 Oct (ph. GW). A Burrow - ing Owl in Tunica 11-13 Nov (JRR et al.) was an exciting fnd; this comical species is casual in Mississippi and previously unrecorded in - land in the Region. Rare and unpredictable in the G.C., a Short-eared Owl was spotted 2 Nov at Dauphin (ML, LH). A rare Allen's Five Ospreys in Barbour (JAT et al.) begin - ning 3 Aug set a new I.C.P. high. A Swallow- tailed Kite was well n. of the usual range in DeKalb, AL 18 Aug (CHG). Mississippi Kite, scarce but increasing slowly in the M.R., is now known to stage in s. Chambers in late summer; counts this year included 49 birds 13 Aug (LW). The 11 Mississippis seen in Baldwin 24 Aug (MJJ) made a new G.C. fall maximum. Ten Cooper's Hawks on the Wheeler area count 27 Sep provided a T.V. record high. Swainson's Hawk is rare in the G.C. but is seen most years in late fall; an imm. was at Fort Morgan 23 Oct (BCG, PR, MS). Only occasional in the Region in recent years, a dark morph Rough-legged Hawk was in Tunica, MS 15-24 Nov (WRP et al., ph.). Rare but now known to be regular in n. and cen. Alabama, single Golden Eagles were treats 24 Nov at Wheeler (SRM) and 27 Nov in Marshall (GEH). Rarely seen, a Black Rail was discovered 29 Nov in Hancock, MS (JF). Two reports of Common Gallinule, rare in n. Alabama, came from Wheeler this fall. One was spotted in Morgan 27 Sep (JCA, DB et al.). Four imms. were noted in Madison 8 Oct (SRM, ph. JCA) at a site where a single bird was found in Jul, suggesting local breeding. The Common Gal - linule in Lowndes, MS 3 Nov (TLS) was locally rare. Continuing to increase at Wheeler, a count of 4000 Sandhill Cranes 22 Nov (AGM, CDC, m.ob.) established a new fall maximum for Alabama; up to 60 farther e. in Jackson, AL 3-20 Nov (SRM, J&BK) were rare for that area. SHOREBIRDS THROUGH FALCONS Counts of 152 Black-necked Stilts and 241 American Avocets in Lefore, MS 10 Aug (GCK, WRP), were impressive for this inland locale. Providing an autumn maximum for the I.C.P., 28 Lesser Yellowlegs were in Hale Franklin's Gull is a rare but expected fall visitor to the Tennessee Valley of Alabama. This frst-cycle bird was at Guntersville, Marshall County 22-27 (here 24) October 2014. Photograph by Charles H. Grisham. Mississippi's eighth, a Say's Phoebe was on West Ship Island, Harrison County 25-31 (here 26) October 2014. Photograph by Sharon Milligan. A frst for Mississippi, a Sage Thrasher was a thrill 26-31 (here 28) October 2014 on West Ship Island, Harrison County. Photograph by Libby Graves.

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