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VOLUME 69 No1 2016

A Quarterly Journal of Ornithological Record Published by the American Birding Association. The mission of the journal is to provide a complete overview of the changing panorama of our continent’s birdlife.

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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 100 T E N N E S S E E & K E N T U C K Y (TW), Libby Wolfe (LW), Stefan Woltmann (SW), Mike Wright (MW), Brian Wulker (BW), Ben Yandell (BY), Mary Yandell (MY), Stanley York (SY), Stephen Zipperer (SZ). n –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Chris Sloan, 2036 Priest Road, Nashville, Tennessee 37215, ( Brainard Palmer-Ball, Jr., 8207 Old Westport Road, Louisville, KY, 40222, ( vens (BS), Matt Stickel (MSt), Lisa Stinnett (LS), Ruben Stoll (RS), Joe Stone (JSt), Del Striegel (DS), Louise Tilson (LT), Mike Todd (MT; w. Tennessee), Alan Troyer (AT), Steve Tyson (ST), Debra & Dicky Vincent (D&DV), Chloe Walker (CWa), Nolan Walker (NW), Jay Walko (JWa), Kelley Warnick (KW), Chris Welsh (CWe), James Wheat (JWh), Darrel Wilder (DW), Cyn - thia & Jimmy Wilkerson (C&JW), Terry Witt Ball, Jr. (BP), Dick Preston (DP), William Pul - liam (WP), Gerald Robe (GR), Tommie Rogers (TR), Cyndi & Steve Routledge (C&SRo), Su - sie Russenberger (SRu), Jan Shaw (JSh), Tan- ner Shepard (TSh), Michael B. Sledjeski (MSl), Mike Smith (MSm), Tim Smith (TSm), Phil & Carolyn Snow (P&CSn), Carol Sole (CS), Jeff Sole (JSo), Scott Somershoe (SSo; middle Ten - nessee), Stephen J. Stedman (SSt), Bryan Ste- MS 9 Nov (TLS, MHS, JH). Rare in the I.C.P., and only the third for autumn, a Long-tailed Duck was in Montgomery 9 Nov (LFG). Both scarce and setting a local area arrival record, 2 Common Mergansers were in Oktibbeha, MS beginning 19 Nov (TLS, MHS, JH). Rare summering in the Region, but oddly becom - ing more frequent in recent years in Hale, AL, several Ruddy Ducks were at multiple sites in that county beginning 2 Aug (GJH, m.ob.). The tally of 250 Ruddies in Montgomery 22 Nov (LFG) provided a maximum for the I.C.P. Rare but locally regular, a Red-throated Loon was at Guntersville, Marshall, AL 11 Nov (SRM), and a Pacifc Loon was there 8-26 Nov (GDJ et al., ph.). Rare and erratic in the G.C., single Eared Grebes were at Blakeley Island 15 Nov (RA&LRD, m.ob.) and n. of Grand Bay, Mobile 20-21 Nov (HEH et al., ph.). Ameri - can White Pelican continues to expand in the Region, even summering now in many areas; of multiple reports, most unusual was a count of 350 at Noxubee as early as 31 Aug (TLS, m.ob.). An American Bittern in Limestone 27 Nov (ph. SRM) was the latest recorded in fall for the T.V., though the species is casual there in winter. Counts of 1500 Cattle Egrets and 128 Yellow-crowned Night-Herons in Baldwin 8 Aug (both JRK) provided new G.C. maxima. Rare but becoming regular in the G.C., a White-faced Ibis was at Blakeley Island 15-16 Nov (RA&LRD, m.ob., ph.). Any Ple - gadis is rare inland in Alabama, so a probable Glossy Ibis beginning 16 Sep at Wheeler (TVR, m.ob.) was notable. Roseate Spoonbill is rare but regular outside the Delta (where sometimes numerous). Noteworthy records were of 6 juvs. at two sites in Noxubee, MS 13 Aug–10 Sep (AD, JH et al.), 2 in Limestone, AL 7 Sep (RK, KF, JM, JiM, ph.), and a lone spoon - bill at Blakeley 21 Sep+ (SH, m.ob., ph.). Oktibbeha/Winston, MS); T.V. (Tennessee Val - ley Region of n. Alabama); Wheeler (Wheeler N.W.R., Limestone/Morgan/Madison, AL). WATERFOWL THROUGH CRANES Black-bellied Whistling-Duck, not long ago a rarity, continues to consolidate and expand as a breeder in the Region, especially in the Delta and G.C. Of several reports, most no - table were 2 that set a frst fall I.C.P. record 8 Sep in Geneva (OHJ) and 12 at the regular breeding site at Blakeley Island 29 Nov (JS) that established a late autumn record for Ala - bama. Tundra Swan is a rare and erratic visitor to Alabama; in an echo of the previous year, 7 were in Jackson 18-20 Nov (J&BK et al.) and 5 appeared in Lauderdale 26 Nov (ph. AP). A Gadwall in Colbert 6 Aug (SRM, JMH) was ei - ther a rare summering bird or the earliest in fall for the T.V.; a count of 500 Gadwalls in Hale 15 Nov (D&JS) set a maximum for the I.C.P. Representing a new high T.V. count, 500 Canvasbacks were in Lauderdale 25 Nov (DJS). Another toss-up between rare summering and record-early arrival, a male Redhead was at Opelika, Lee, AL 8-29 Sep (RM et al., ph.). The Lesser Scaup in Marshall, AL 28 Aug (SRM) was likely a rare summering bird. A Surf Sco - ter, unusual inland, was spotted in Oktibbeha, Greg D. Jackson –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– D reams of a thrilling fall migration gave way to the realities of a rather ordinary season, a bit below average for regular transients, though as usual with a few rarities to spice the mix. Mississippi was bestowed the most unusual prizes this autumn, includ - ing a frst state record. Temperatures this fall tended to be warm until the advent of cooler- than-usual conditions in November; precipita - tion was generally low to normal. No tropical storms assaulted the Region. The most signifcant fronts for birding were 22-23 September, 3 Octo - ber, and 18 October. Abbreviations: Blakeley Island (Mobile, AL); Dauphin (Dauphin Island, Mobile, AL); Delta (Mis - sissippi Delta of nw. and w.-cen. Mississippi); Fort Morgan (Fort Morgan State Historical Park, Baldwin, AL); G.C. (Gulf Coast Region, Mobile/Baldwin, AL); I.C.P. (Inland Coastal Plain Region of s.-cen. Alabama); M.R. (Moun - tain Region of n. Alabama); Nox- ubee (Noxubee N.W.R., Noxubee/ Alabama & Mississippi Though recorded with some regularity in the Mississippi River delta, Red-necked Phalaropes are always a special fnd in the Alabama and Mississippi region. These two (of three) were discovered 19 Septem- ber 2014 in Lefore County, Mississippi. Photograph by Jason Hoeksema.

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