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V O L U M E 6 9 ( 2 0 1 5 ) • N U M B E R 1 99 T E N N E S S E E & K E N T U C K Y juv. Brown-headed Cowbird seen following a pair of House Finches at Scho choh, Logan, KY on the late date of 6 Sep (ST) suggested both very tardy egg-laying by the female cowbird and nesting by the hosts. Only a few scattered reports of Purple Finches were received, all during late Oct. Thirteen Pine Siskins at Sur - rey Hills Farm, ne. Jefferson, KY 8 Oct (BP) were the earliest to be reported; generally small numbers continued to be reported into and through Nov. Addenda: An ad. male Rufous Hummingbird was present at Greenville, Muhlenberg, KY for ca. a week during mid-Aug 2013 (ph. D&DV). The following were found near Elkton, Todd, KY 21 Dec 2013 during a C.B.C.: 2 Rough- legged Hawks, 3 Barn Owls, a House Wren, and a Lincoln's Sparrow (fde AT). Three Amer - ican White Pelicans were present on the Ohio River at Craig's Creek, Gallatin, KY 24 Mar 2014 (ph. KW; Gallatin County News). Observers: David Aborn (DA), Curtis & Jen- nie Adams (C&JA), Jim Anderson (JA), Audu- bon Society of Kentucky (ASK), Michael Au- tin (MA), Jamie Baker (JBa), Matthan Beachy (MBy), Andrew Berry (AB), Beckham Bird Club (BBC), Colleen Becker (CB), Tom Becker (TB), Jane Bell (JBe), Pat Bell (PB), Kevin Breault (KB), John Brunjes (JBr), Evan Buck (EB), Ger - ald Burnett (GB), Kevin Calhoon (KC; se. Ten- nessee), Phillip Casteel (PC), Hap Chambers (HC), Wallace Coffey (WC), Marge Constan (MCo), Charlie Crawford (CC), Mel Cunning - ham (MCu), Brian Davis (BD), John Denier (JDe), Roseanna Denton (RD), Jamie Donaldson (JDo), Marjorie Dunham (MD), Tom Durbin (TD), Melissa Easley (ME), Dean Edwards (DE), Mike Evans (MEv), Rand Falls (RF), Millie Farmer (MF), Frank Fekel (FF), Clayton Ferrell (CF), Preston & Shari Forsythe (P&SF), Lizzie Goodrich (LG), Steve Graham (SG), Teresa Graham (TG), Mark Greene (MG), Bill Haley (BH), Joseph Hall (JH), Drew Harvey (DHa), Jean & Neal Henson (J&NH), Kate Heyden (KHe), Rick Hill (RH), Ron Hoff (RHo), Karen Hogan (KHo), David Hollie (DHo), Don Holt (DHt), Tom Howe (TH), Eddie Huber (EH), Su - san Hubley (SH), Daniel Jacobson (DJ), Brian Johnson (BJ), Kentucky Ornithological Soci - ety (KOS), David Kirschke (DK), Rick Knight (RKt; ne. Tennessee), Roy Knispel (RKn), David Lang (DL), Bill Lisowsky (BL), Frank Lyne (FL), Leah McCune (LMcC), Lee McNeely (LMcN), Tom McNeil (TMc), Susan N. McWhirter (SM), Mark Monroe (MM), Nell Moore (NM), Cathy Myers (CM), Dollyann Myers (DM), Nashville Chapter Tennessee Ornithological Society (NTOS), Tina Nauman (TNa), Teresa Noel (TNo), Ronan O'Carra (RO), Brainard Palmer- Creek Park, e. Jefferson 25 Sep (PB, JBe) were the only ones reported in Kentucky. In Tennessee, single individuals were reported at Elizabeth - ton, Carter, TN 25 Sep (DW); in Rutherford 3 Oct (†CWa, NW); and at Craven's House, Ham - ilton 12 Oct (TR, LW). A Mourning Warbler banded at Shaker Village, Mercer, KY 6 Aug (b., ph. KHe) represented a new early arrival date for the state by more than two weeks; one to 2 were also reported on nine additional occasions in Kentucky and two occasions in Tennessee 24 Aug–2 Oct. Single Connecticut Warblers at Schochoh, Logan, TN 17 Sep (†ST) and at Mur - free Spring, Discovery Wetlands, Rutherford, TN 23 Sep (SZ) were the only ones reported. Three Lark Sparrows were still present along McDonald Landing Rd., w. Henderson, KY 10 Aug (BP, MSt); a presumed migrant at Land Be - tween the Lakes, Trigg 2 Sep (†BL) was excep- tional. A Clay-colored Sparrow was at Britton Ford, Tennessee N.W.R., Henry, TN 16 Oct (RS). A Grasshopper Sparrow n. of Dot, Logan, KY 24 Oct and 26 Nov (ph. FL) represented a new late departure date for the state (aside from a few winter records). A Henslow's Spar - row was observed singing at the Land Between the Lakes N.R.A., Trigg 2 Aug (BP, MM); single tardy breeders or migrants were at Bells Bend Park, Nashville, TN 24 Oct (FF) and at Morgan Conservation Park, Oldham, KY 25 Oct (ph. BD). Single Le Conte's Sparrows in Perry, TN 10 Oct (RS); at Sauerheber 26 Oct (BP, BBC); and at Britton Ford, Tennessee N.W.R., Henry, TN 4 Nov (RS) were the only ones reported. Single Nelson's Sparrows were found in Lake, TN 16 Sep (MG) and at Shady Valley, Johnson, TN 6 Oct (RKt), with 2 at Britton Ford, Ten - nessee N.W.R., Henry, TN 16 Oct (RS). Eleven Lincoln's Sparrows at Shady Valley, Johnson, TN 18 Oct (RKt et al.) represented only the second double-digit count for the state. A Dark-eyed Junco of the enigmatic taxon cismontanus was reported from Lewis, TN 19 Nov (WP). A group of 6 Rose-breasted Grosbeaks along Garrison Creek Rd., Boone, KY 30 Aug (LMcN) likely consist ed of local breeders. Tardy Indigo Buntings were present at Britton Ford, Tennes - see N.W.R., Henry, TN 4 Nov (RS); n. of Dot, Logan, KY 20 Nov (FL); and in Perry, TN 9-22 Nov (RS). An especially tardy Dickcissel was present n. of Dot, Lo gan, KY 26 Nov (ph. FL). A fock of 60 Bobolinks at Spin dletop Farm, Fayette, KY 13 Sep (DL) may have contained some local breeders. A Western Meadowlark in the Lower Hickman Bottoms, Fulton, KY 21 Nov (HC) was the only one reported. A male Yellow-headed Blackbird was seen with a fock of mostly Common Grackles near Bag - dad, Shelby, KY 25 Sep (†RH). Two female Brewer's Blackbirds in e. Union 24 Oct (BP, CC) were the only ones reported in Kentucky. A see locales 3 Aug–31 Oct and one to 4 Marsh Wrens were found on at least a dozen occasions in Kentucky and Tennessee 19 Sep–29 Oct. A recently fedged juv. Wood Thrush was seen in e. Jefferson, KY on the late date of 7 Sep (JBe, PB). A Gray Catbird at Camden W.M.A., Ben - ton, TN 14 Nov (RS) and another in Carter, TN 22 Nov (BS) were both late. The cold snap of mid-Nov resulted in a few Lapland Longspurs being repor ted at mostly traditional locales. An exceptionally early Snow Bunting was seen in e. Union, KY 24 Oct (†BP, CC). Early warblers included a Blackburnian at Mount Zion, Pu laski, KY 6 Aug (RD) that repre - sented a new early arrival date for the state away from breeding areas in the se. mountains; and 2 Cape Mays on Roan Mountain, Carter, TN 25 Aug (RKt). Relatively tardy warblers included a Northern Waterthrush at Brainerd Levee, Hamil - ton, TN 31 Oct (LG, JDe); a Nashville Warbler in Davidson, TN 1 Nov (SZ); a Tennessee Warbler at Lexington, Fayette, KY 14 Nov (BW); a Black- and-white Warbler at Radnor Lake State Natural Area, Nashville, TN 25 Nov (PC, MSm); and a Prairie Warbler at Cane Creek Park, Putnam, TN 29 Nov (SSt). In addition, a Worm-eating War - bler at Greenway Farms, Hamilton, TN 24 Oct (DA) and a Yellow Warbler in Montgomery, TN 29 Oct (JH) both represented the second latest fall records for those species in Tennessee. Two Prothonotary Warblers at Elizabethton, Carter, TN 13 Sep (DW) were rare fnds in the moun - tains, especially during fall. The status of Yel- low Palm Warbler is poorly documented in the Region, so one at Shady Valley, Johnson, TN 18 Oct (RKt) was noteworthy. Three Black-throated Blue Warblers, rare away from the mountains, were reported from middle Tennessee: a female at Radnor Lake State Natural Area 23-24 Sep (SRu, JSh; C&SRo et al.); a male at the same location 26 Sep and 1 Oct (FF; KB, NTOS); and a male at Clarksville, Montgomery, TN 24 Oct (SW). It was a rela tively good season for Orange-crowned Warblers, with more reports than usual from Kentucky and from middle and e. Tennessee. Two Blackpoll Warblers at Beckley Clay-colored Sparrow is a rare migrant in Tennessee. This bird at Britton Ford, Tennessee National Wildlife Refuge, Henry County 16 October 2014 established the ffteenth state record. Photograph by Ruben Stoll.

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