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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 546 O r e g O n & wa s h i n g tO n mer, with 65+ noted 1 Jun–13 Jul, including a maximum of 31 at Vantage 1 Jun (BW, D. Swayne). Four Franklin's along the Columbia River near Boardman 2 Jun (WDR) and 5 at the Bend's Hatfeld Lake the same day (C. Jett) were away from breeding sites, thus presumably tran- sients. Three Franklin's Gulls at Yaquina Head, Lincoln plus singles at Nisqually 18 Jun (ST), Long Beach, Pacifc 23 Jul (ph. D. Swanson), and Fort Stevens S.P., Clatsop 28 Jul (MP) were on the westside, where not annual during sum- mer. Herring Gulls are rare across much of the Region in summer, and particularly so e. of the Cascades; thus one still at W.W.R.D. 1 Jun (AS, S. Giles) was most unexpected. Single Black Terns at Fir Island, Skagit 2 Jun (RM) and Nisqually 18 Jun (ST) were in the P.T., where they are rare at any season. Two Black Terns inhabited Ridgefeld 1 Jun–18 Jul (E. Knight, T. DeFalco), though nesting could not be confrmed. Ridgefeld has produced w. Washington's only known breeding records, with nesting occur- ring in 2001, 2002, 2008, and 2013. Three pre- sumed northbound Common Terns at Vantage 1 Jun (BW) and another at West Medical Lake, Spokane 5 Jun (TL) were merely two weeks late, while one at Beebe Springs, Chelan 29 Jun (ph. S. Easley) was considerably more surpris- ing; this species is extremely rare in the Region during midsummer. Forster's Tern became the most recent "eastside" species to colonize the expansive marshes at F.R.R. when a nest was found there 27 Jun (JS); this represents the frst breeding record w. of the Cascades. Two tran- sient Forster's at Roseburg 5 Jun (RMa) were in the Umpqua Valley, where this species is not de- were presumed northbound; Oregon's modest spring knot passage occurs almost exclusively in late Apr/early May. A southbound ad. Sanderling was at Vantage, Kittitas 28 Jul (RM); the eastside averages about one ad. every other Jul. A pre- sumed northbound Semipalmated Sandpiper at Reardan, Lincoln 2 Jun (ph. JI) was about two weeks after the normal window for spring mi- grants. A Baird's Sandpiper at Tenmile Creek mouth 23 Jun (JM) was likely a nonbreeder, as it was about two weeks earlier than the frst south- bound adults. Nine more migrant ad. Baird's Sandpiper were noted 2-22 Jul; the bulk of the Region's southbound Baird's are Aug–Sep juvs. Southbound ad. Pectoral Sandpipers showed well 5 Jul+, with 50 tallied (44 westside and 6 eastside). Four ad. Stilt Sandpipers were note- worthy, as this age class is not recorded annually in the Regon. One was at Clarkston, Asotin 12 Jul (ph. J. Hanna), and 3 more were in the W.V. 23- 27 Jul. Migration dates for Wilson's Phalaropes in the Region are poorly understood, so one at Maury Island, King 14 Jun (ph. M. Scandero) and another at Bainbridge Island, Kitsap 17 Jun (ph. BW) were ambiguous; it is uncertain as to whether these were nonbreeders or early dis- persants from breeding colonies. A highly un- expected Red Phalarope was onshore at Tenmile Creek mouth 31 Jul (JM); nearshore reports of this species are extremely rare Jun–Aug. Single coastal Black-legged Kittiwakes at Westport, Grays Harbor 8 Jun (J. Gunn) and at O.S. 13 Jun (K. Hemberry), along with an- other in the P.T. at Dungeness, Clallam 6 Jul (A. Martin) were Washington's frst summer reports since 2007; this species was formerly considered more regular in summer. Franklin's Gulls showed well in e. Washington this sum- Willet visited Bandon 23 Jul (TR); aside from a small group of wintering birds on Coos Bay, this species is increasingly rare as a migrant along Oregon's coast. Another Willet at Nisqually 30 Jul (N. Swecker) provided just the seventh summer record for the P.T., where most sum- mer records have come during Jul. Two Lesser Yellowlegs near Stanwood, Snohomish 14 Jun (D. Rosie) were slightly early for frst southbound migrants. A Whimbrel at Sprague Lake, Lincoln 1 Jun (J. Anderson) was rare for e. Washington, where they are not annual during northbound migration. Up to 5 Whimbrels were at Turner, Marion 1-6 Jun (RG); northbound birds are still moving along the outer coast in early Jun, but Jun inland records are virtually unknown. A Long-billed Curlew at the same Turner site 8 Jun (G. Lindeman) was equally surprising. On 28 Jul, 2 curlews visited Baskett Slough N.W.R. (S. Nord), and 4 more were at Turner (RG); south- bound birds have become increasingly expected in the W.V. over the past decade or so. The best of many unusual shorebirds at the Hunsaker Rd. ponds at Turner was a Hudsonian Godwit found there 1 Jun (RG). Three Marbled Godwits, not quite annual during summer in e. Washington, were at W.W.R.D. 13 Jul (M&MLD). Additional eastside Marbleds included one at Wickiup Reservoir, Deschutes 20 Jul (RN) and 4 at Ladd Marsh W.M.A., Union (T. Bray). Continuing from spring, a Ruddy Turnstone at Potholes Reservoir, Grant through 5 Jun (ph. M. Baran) provided the third summer record for e. Washington; the previous records occurred in late Jul. A Surfbird at O.S. 13 Jun (R. Niese) was over three weeks tardy for a northbound migrant. Single Red Knots at Tenmile Creek, mouth Coos (DF) and Clatsop Beach 9 Jun (MP) This adult Forster's Tern waited impatiently as its nearby nest, the frst ever west of the Cascades, was photographed on 20 June 2014 at Fern Ridge Reservoir, Lane County. Photograph by John Sullivan. Prior to the discovery of this nest at Fern Ridge Reservoir, Lane County on 20 June 2014, Forster's Tern had never been recorded nesting west of the Cascades. Over the past three decades, this site has yielded a number of frst-time westside nesting records, with several species now well established here and elsewhere in Oregon's Willamette Valley. Photograph by John Sullivan. Although Washington has just shy of thirty records of Thick- billed Murre, this individual, found on Hobuck Beach, Clallam County on 20 June 2014, was that state's frst during the summer season. Photograph by Heather Voboril.

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