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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 544 A l A s k A fnch noted 15 Jun, which was joined by 4 more the following day, and then 3 on 17 Jun (DS). Another made it to St. Paul Island 17-19 Jun (St. Paul Tour). Ketchikan again added to Alaska's few House Finch records, with another mid-summer male 20-22 Jun (ph. JHL, SCH, DWS, AWP). Six of the Region's 10 total reports come from Ketchikan, most in the late May to mid-Jul timeframe. A Pine Siskin near the Nome River mouth 14 Jun (DG, KC, MC) made the only report beyond their normal sum- mer range. Pine Siskins are rare and irreg- ular in summer beyond the Alaska Range and when present are most often noted in the Tanana lowlands. A single Hawfnch ap- peared at an odd date in the Pribilofs 29 Jun (St. Paul Tour), where it made only a second mid-summer report. What was likely the same lone male House Sparrow at Peters- burg from Dec 2012 was joined by a female 25 Jul (TO, BLH). The male was seen carry- ing nesting materials to a roof in downtown Petersburg 30 Jul. To date, House Sparrow nesting in Alaska has only been document- ed at Ketchikan, where nesting activity was again confrmed this year. Contributors: B. A. Agler, J. B. Allen, M. Al- len, R. H. Armstrong, G. S. Baluss, B. Benter, S. Berns, A. Bowman, L. K. & T. A. Burke, A. C. Courtney, M. Crewe, D. Crowson, D. Cushing, L. H. DeCicco (eBird), B. H. Demerjian, T. Dimarzio, R. Dittrick, W. E. Donaldson, T. J. Doyle, N. K. Drumheller, W. English, N. Erthal, S. Fety, K. Garner, D. D. Gibson, R. E. Gill, D. Gochfeld, M. R. Goff, S. Golodoff, C. Goodrich, C. A. Gris- wold, N. R. Hajdukovich (eBird), B. Ham- mond, K. Hart, S. C. Heinl (Southeast), C. Hagenlocher, D. Hodkinson, B. L. Hunter, T. Kallmeyer, C. Kalvert, W. Keys, A. Kiefer, E. Klaver, J. F. Koerner, L. A. Lamm, R. Lam- bert, A. J. Lang (South-coastal Alaska), P. E. Lehman, B. Legasse, J. D. Levison, J. H. Lew- is, S. Loredo, G. MacDonald, R. A. MacIn - tosh, D. K. MacPhail, C. Marchant, P. McLar- en, W. Moorhead, L. Moorehead, J. Mulero, B. K. Neumann, T. O'Leary, T. Owens, B. B. Paige, R. Parsons, G. Peebles, B. K. Percival, A. W. Piston (Southeast), J. Puschock, J. Randsell-Green, P. A. Rose, R. L. Scher, P. Scully, M. K, Schwan, D. Shirley, D. W. Son - neborn, J. Sund, St. Paul Tour (S. Schuette et al.), T. Tobish, C. & R. Trussell, B. Tweit, G. B. van Vliet, Victor Emanuel Nature Tours (VENT; B. Zimmer et al.), E. Weiser, A. C. Wertheimer, Wings (J. L. Dunn et al.) . n –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Thede Tobish, 2510 Foraker Drive, Anchorage, Alaska 99517, ( ative of spruce budworm outbreaks. Up to 8 were around Juneau 9-26 Jun (MKS, AK, GSB, GBV), while singles were at Yakutat 30 Jun (GSB), Gustavus 12 & 26 Jun (BBP), and at Juneau 6 Jul (GSB). Elsewhere, singles were at Tanana Lake 8-10 Jul (RL) and on the McCarthy Rd. 10 Jun (LHD). A celata Orange-crowned Warbler was reported near Barrow 3 Jun (TJD et al.), where this taiga breeder is occasional as a spring overshoot. Ju- neau birders discovered what is likely the Region's fourth American Redstart nest at the Mendenhall Forelands 28 Jun–10 Jul (ph. MWS, RHA, LM, GSB). The species is considered an uncom- mon local breeder on the Southeast Main- land river systems, where 33 (mostly sing- ing males) were counted in riparian habitats along Hyder's Fish Creek 15 Jun (SCH, RLS). Another interesting Southeast nest report in- volved a male Yellow-rumped Warbler with a yellow throat at a nest on Chichagof Island 29 Jun (ACC). Audubon's Warblers nest in s. Southeast, where they come into contact with hooveri Myrtle Warblers. Two different Wilson's Warblers moved offshore to St. Paul Island 5 & 19 Jun (St. Paul Tour), where they represented the sixth and seventh Pribi- lof records. Local birders were surprised to fnd a singing Song Sparrow near Talkeetna 23 Jun (CM); there is only one other Interior report, and the closest known nesting sites are 150 km to the se. near Palmer. At least 4 puge- tensis White-crowned Sparrows were again detected on territory near the Ketchikan air- port 1 Jun (SCH), where this subspecies was only recently discovered nesting. A Golden- crowned Sparrow at a Ketchikan feeder 30 Jun–2 Jul (JFK) provided a rare offshore Southeast record and only the second in summer from Ketchikan. This season's only Black-headed Grosbeak was at Ketchikan 18 Jun (JFK); this species has gradually become a rare, almost annual migrant and summer visitor to Southeast. Signifcant Rusty Black- bird reports included one at Barrow 4 Jun (WE, TJD) and one along Plunge Creek on the lower Canning River 20 Jun (Wilderness Birding Adventures). Out of season was a lone Brewer's Blackbird at Gustavus 27 Jul (BBP), a new report for Jul. There are now roughly 25 Alaska reports for the Region, all but one from Southeast and most from fall and early winter. The lone Brambling near Barrow 2 Jun (TJD, MA) was the summer's only signif- cant fnd and a rare North Slope record. The spring passage ended in mid-Jun in the w. Aleutians with one Common Rose- late was a female Siberian Rubythroat from St. Paul 18 Jun (St. Paul Tour). Chief among the summer's thrush high- lights was a singing, skulking Veery near Ju- neau 15-19 Jun (v.r. LAL, BAA, MWS, GBV, AK, DKM et al.), a bird that never actually showed out of the alder thickets. The Re- gion's two prior reports came from Hyder in the early 1990s. Veery is known from s.-cen. British Columbia and is locally rare w. of there into the lower Skeena River and Nass River valleys. A Swainson's Thrush was at Gambell 6 Jun (Wings), where there are few spring records. The spring passage ended with only one report of Eyebrowed Thrush, a single at St. Paul Island 10 Jun (St. Paul Tour). Varied Thrushes made a strong push out of the taiga onto the North Slope in Jun. Singles and pairs were consistent around Barrow 2-21 Jun (TJD, m.ob.), and 2 were noted to the e. at Prudhoe Bay 1 Jun (BH). Singles are occasional and possibly annual on the coastal plain of the North Slope near- ly in Jun. A single Eastern Yellow Wagtail that lingered at St. Paul Island 29 Jun–1 Jul (St. Paul Tour) was only the Pribilofs third in summer; there are few spring reports af- ter mid-Jun and few reports of southbound birds earlier than mid-Aug. An Eastern Yel- low Wagtail on the w. shore of Cook Inlet near Beluga 25 Jun and 13 Jul (BL, GM) was most unexpected; there are perhaps two prior records from the Cook Inlet basin. Set- tled weather did not deter 2 different Gray Wagtails from moving through St. Paul, a male 7-13 Jun and a female 24 Jun (St. Paul Tour); there are just two prior mid-summer records for Alaska. Westerly winds may have contributed to many of the Pribilofs' rare fnds this season, but it was unclear what brought the North- ern Waterthrush to St. Paul 12 Jun (St. Paul Tour), that island's sixth ever and second in spring. Above-average Tennessee Warbler reports from Southeast may have been indic- This male House Finch at Ketchikan 20-22 (here 20) June 2014 provided the sixth local record and Alaska's tenth overall. It was also the state's frst since 2005. Photograph by Steve Heinl.

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