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VOLUME 68 NO4 2015

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V O L U M E 6 8 ( 2 0 1 5 ) • N U M B E R 4 541 G r e at b a s i n turned up at Lytle 6 Jun (S&CS) and Corn Creek 18 Jun (MM). A male Lark Bunting was a nice surprise at Antelope Island 20 Jul (ph. NJ). A second for Ne- vada, a male Hepatic Tanager was observed sporadically in Fletcher Canyon, Clark 4-24 Jul (ph. BM, ph. MM, ph. MS). Unexpected Common Grackle sightings included individuals at Miller's R.A. 10 Jun (ph. MM, GS) and Croydon, Morgan, UT 24-26 Jul (ph. WS). A male Or- chard Oriole visited Corn Creek 15-16 Jul (ph. MS et al.), and a Hooded Oriole at Fallon, Churchill, NV 12 Jul was n. of expected range (ph. CA). A singing Baltimore Oriole was found along the Weber River, Ogden, Weber, UT 1 Jun (†KP). Contributors and cited observers: Car- ol Amos, Peter Anderson, Cullen Clark, Christan Edwards, Billy Fenimore, Rick Fridell, Dennis Ghiglieri, Brittany Griner, Mike Hearall (MHe), Dave Henderson, Paul Higgins, Nancy Hoffman, Mark Holmgren (MHo), Jim Hooks, Eric Hough, Theresa Hyde, Carl Ingwell, Gail Jenson, Norm Jenson, Rob & Ricki Lowry, Brian Maxfeld (BMa), Martin Meyers, Randy Michal, Berna- dine Murray (BMu), Christina Nycek, Ryan O'Donnell, Anne Pellegrini, Matthew Pen- delton, Diane Penttila, Fred Petersen, Eric Peterson, Dan Popelka (DPo), Kristin Purdy, Rita Schlageter (RSc), Greg Scyphers, Weston Smith, Steve & Cindy Sommerfeld, Susan & Bob Steele, Justin Streit, Rose Strickland (RSt), Mike Swink, Josh Taylor (JTa), Brent Thomas, Jeanne Tinsman (JTi), Larry Tripp, Bruce Van Dyke, Rich Young. n –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Rick Fridell, 3505 West 290 north, Hurricane, Utah 84737, ( on the Paunsagunt Plateau, Garfeld, UT 6 Jun (CI, BG). Singing Least Flycatchers were found at Little Dell Reservoir, Salt Lake, UT 4-15 Jun (MP, JTa), and 3 were observed at Newton Reservoir, Cache, UT 5-22 Jun (CC, RO). Nevada's frst record of Tropical Kingbird was established by a bird photographed at Miller's R.A. 17 Jun (ph. GS, ph. MM). Two Eastern Kingbirds were out of range at Mo- gul, Reno, Washoe, NV 26-30 Jun (BT et al.). A White-eyed Vireo was reported from Trop- ic, Garfeld, UT 8 Jul (LT), and a cooperative Red-eyed Vireo visited Red Butte Garden, Salt Lake, UT 8 Jul–3 Aug (MP, ph. EP et al.). Gray Catbirds turned up out of expected range at Miller's R.A. 27 Jun–6 Jul (ph. S&BS et al.) and at Kolob Meadows, Washington, UT 8-14 Jul (RF). A Brown Thrasher visited a Reno backyard, Washoe, NV 15-17 Jun (FP). The Curve-billed Thrashers continued at Search- light, Clark, NV through the season (DHe, DPo). A male Phainopepla was a nice surprise at Bluff, San Juan, UT 18-24 Jul (JH et al.). An Ovenbird was found at Porter Springs, Pershing, NV 7 Jun (R&RL, BV), and an unex- pected Louisiana Waterthrush was banded at Pahranagat 19 Jul (AP). Northern Parulas (ph. CN, RM), Floyd Lamb 1 Jun–13 Jul (JTi), and Duck Creek 25 Jul (ph. TH, EH). A Least Bittern was reported 24 Jun at Leota Bottoms, Ouray N.W.R., Uintah, UT (DP). Surprisingly, Little Blue Herons were found in both Nevada and Utah this summer; the Nevada heron lingered at Floyd Lamb 28 May–21 Jun (GS, RSc et al.), and the Utah heron was at Farmington Bay 23-28 Jul (ph. NJ, ph. PH, ph. RY). A Reddish Egret was at Lake Mead 27 Jul–11 Aug (ph. TH, EH et al.). A pair of Green Herons was n. of ex- pected breeding range at East Bay G.C., Utah, UT 1-3 Jul (PA). A Zone-tailed Hawk was ob- served near Vernal, Uintah, UT 12 Jun (BMa). It was a slow summer for rare and vagrant shorebird sightings: a Whimbrel at Sheldon N.W.R., Humboldt, NV 14 Jun (NH), a Semi- palmated Sandpiper at South Fork Reservoir, Elko, NV 29 Jul (MHo), and a Stilt Sandpip- er at Lee Kay Ponds, Salt Lake, UT 17 Jul (ph. NJ, GJ) were highlights. A Red Phalarope was nice sur- prise at Silver Peak, Esmer- alda, NV 31 Jul (ph. GS). An imm. Least Tern was photographed at Willard Bay S.P., Box Elder, UT 31 Jul (MHe). Yellow-billed Cuckoos were reported from the Virgin River, St. George, Washington, UT 23 Jun (CE), Lytle 25 Jun (BF), and Pahranagat 11 Jul (RSt, DG). A Mexican Whip-poor-will was heard Utah's seventh documented Little Blue Heron was found 23 July 2014 at Farmington Bay, Wildlife Management Area, Davis County and lingered through 28 (here 24) July. Photograph by Paul Higgins. This molting Red Phalarope was a nice surprise at Silver Peak, Esmeralda County, Nevada 31 July 2014. Photograph by Greg Scyphers. The highlight of the summer 2014 season in the Great Basin was Nevada's frst Tropical Kingbird discovered 17 June at Miller's Rest Area, Esmeralda County. Photograph by Greg Scyphers. A male Hepatic Tanager spent 4-24 (here 16) July 2014 at Fletcher Canyon, Spring Mountain National Recreation Area, Clark County, Nevada, providing the second endorsed record for the state. Photograph by Mike Swink.

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