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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 538 3 Jun (JCo), one at Watson Lake 5 Jun (S. Burk), up to 3 at G.R.P. 14-16 Jun (ph. T. Marquardt), one at Willow Lake 14 Jun (S. Burk, E. Moore), and one along the Colorado River above Lee's Ferry 28 Jun (ph. G. Nealon). Casual at any time in the state, an Elegant Tern was at Reid Park, Tucson 4-6 Jun (M. Pollock, ph. C. Filippone). A Flammulated Owl at Slate Creek Divide 5 Jun (TD) was notable, as there had been no recent reports of this species in nesting habitat in Mari- copa. Another found in the lowlands at Tempe in late Jun (K. Kriegel, fde J. Holloway) was the ninth brought to rehabilitators in greater Phoenix during the past six years, despite their apparent paucity in the county. A nest of Long-eared Owls with 2 young was found at Wahweap, Glen Can- yon N.R.A. 3 Jun (ph. L. Pilkington, fde JWl), and individuals were in Upper Hurricane Valley 20 Jun (ph. SL, fde DVP), at Valentine Tank 13 Jul (Z. Smith), and at Greer 24 Jul (TD). These owls are rare and unpredictable in summer in Ar- izona. Reports of Northern Saw-whet Owls in the state are sparse, so these were of interest: singles along Kendall Camp Trail, Bradshaw Mountains 7 Jun (R. Armstrong et al.), along Canyon Creek near Hwy. 260 on 9 Jun (Z. Smith), near North Canyon, Kaibab Plateau 14 Jun (EH et al.), near V.T. Lake, Kaibab Plateau 14 Jun (C. Rohrer et al.), and at Greer 31 Jul (TD). Up to 3 Buff-col- lared Nightjars continued all season along Proc- tor Rd. at the mouth of Madera Canyon (m.ob.). Magnifcent Hummingbirds beyond their expected range were up a bit, with singles n. to Flagstaff 10 Jun (D. Herron), Pinetop 25 Jun–1 Jul (C. Bittorf), Prescott 25 Jul–2 Aug (B. Indra), and Greer 30 Jul–4 Aug (TD). It was another banner summer for Plain-capped Starthroat. A returning bird continued all season at Green Val- ley (fde G. West), and another spent its fourth summer in lower Ash Canyon, Huachuca Moun- tains 1 Jun+ (R. Behrstock; ph. C. Melton). In the Santa Rita Mountains, one was in lower Florida Canyon 1-6 Jun (D. Burton et al.; ph. LH), up to 2 were in Madera Canyon (Santa Rita Lodge) 28 Jun+ (ph. S. Tracey; C. Benesh, ph. B. Walsh), one was at the Madera Kubo 8 Jul (B. Walsh, L. Norris), and 3 were in Pima near the lodge 31 Jul+ (ph. LH, AC; this most likely represents 3 total in the canyon, rather than 6). In the Chir- icahua Mountains, there were at least 2 star- throats visiting feeders in Portal 3 Jul+ (H. King, REW, M. Decker et al.; ph. M. Thornton). (Cred- ible second hand reports of up to 3 at a single feeder 29 Jul after one was found dead suggest the possibility of 4 or more in Portal.) Elsewhere, one was found away from feeders at California Gulch 11 Jul (LH). An apparent Blue-throated Hummingbird x Magnifcent Hummingbird hy- brid was at Madera Kubo 5 Jul (B. Pollock, DS). Lucifer Hummingbirds away from typical loca- tions on the e. fanks of the Huachuca Mountains state are in greater Phoenix. At Tucson, a Tricol- ored Heron present 11 Jul+ (B. Howard; ph. T. Loomis) was the only wayward wader of the sea- son. A new nesting location for White-faced Ibis was found at the Lewis State Prison ponds 9 Jun (TC); 60 breeding pairs with some young near fedging were present. A pair of Mississippi Kites was gathering nest- ing material in Chino Valley 21-28 Jun (ph. C. Thommen), and another kite was at Camp Verde 28 Jun–13 Jul (ph. H. Kliendienst), continuing a recent pattern of observations in the Verde River drainage. A Bald Eagle was unexpected near Sonoita 11 Jun (ph. K. Cudney). A nesting pair of Cooper's Hawks along the lower Bill Wil- liams River 11 Jun–14 Jul (DVP, EH, T. Hyde) was a rarity in the L.C.R.V. The only Short-tailed Hawks reported were continuing: one at Barfoot Park, Chiricahua Mountains 9 Jun (JY) and 2 at Summerhaven, Santa Catalina Mountains 31 Jul+ (M. O'Brien et al.). Historically, Swainson's Hawks have been absent from the L.C.R.V. be- tween Jun and the end of Jul. There were mul- tiple observations this summer, with singles at Cibola Valley C.A. 2 Jul (D. Lumpkin), 'Ahakhav 5-22 Jul (EH, LHa), and Havasu N.W.R. 7 Jul (DVP), plus 2 at Cibola N.W.R. 9 Jul (D. Lump- kin). Zone-tailed Hawk is rare and irregular in the L.C.R.V. in summer, so these were of note: singles at 'Ahakhav 3-4 Jun (DVP et al.), Bill Williams River N.W.R. 10 Jun–3 Jul (LHa), and Cibola Valley Conservation Area 3 Jul (J. Lefe- ver). On the Arizona Strip, where they were not confrmed nesting during the Atlas, a nest of Zone-tailed with young was found at Mount Dellenbaugh 13 Jun (SL), and another nest was at Mount Logan 25 Jun–11 Jul (SL). A territorial Black Rail at Mineral Wash, Bill Williams River N.W.R. 15 Jun (DVP et al.) was rare that far up the river. The only Snowy Plo- ver reported was at Lake Cochise, Willcox 3-5 Jun (JY). A Willet was casual at G.R.P. 18 Jun (ph. T. Marquardt). A Whimbrel was early in the L.C.R.V. in the Parker Valley 29 Jun (ph. LHa), and one was early and casual in the Avra Val- ley w. of Tucson 28-29 Jul (ph. J. Medina). A Baird's Sandpiper was late at Lake Cochise 3-4 Jun (JCo). Two Pectoral Sandpipers at G.R.P. 31 Jul (ph. T. Marquardt) were early migrants. Very casual in summer, a Sabine's Gull was at Cibola Valley C.A. 5 Jul (J. Lefever). Up to 6 Califor- nia Gulls were at Lake Havasu City in Jun (DVP, LHa), where they had been considered acciden- tal in summer, with other singles scattered in the L.C.R.V. during the season. A Least Tern con- tinued at Lake Cochise through 3 Jun (m.ob.), and one was at Gilbert Water Ranch 2 Jul (ph. B. Witzeman), but much more unusual was one n. to Nelson Reservoir 6 Jun (ph. B. Buck). Caspian Tern is casual in much of the state in summer. Unseasonable birds included one at Roper Lake Mark M. Stevenson Gary H. Rosenberg –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– A lthough the period January through July in Arizona was the sixth driest year-to- date on record, summer rains brought 47 mm (1.8 in.) in June and July, thus only a slight departure from long-term average of 53 mm (2 in.) for the season. There was some local fooding during heavier rains. The average tem- perature for the two months was 79.6° F, fully 2.5° F above the twentieth-century average but not as warm as 2006. Abbreviations: 'Ahakhav ('Ahakhav Tribal Preserve, Parker), B.W.D. (Bill Williams Del- ta, Lake Havasu), G.R.P. (Glendale recharge ponds), L.C.R.V. (lower Colorado River valley). WATERFOWL THROUGH WOODPECKERS A Black-bellied Whistling-Duck was n. to Wil- low Lake 14 Jun–9 Jul (S. Drown, ph. S. Burk) for the second consecutive summer. A Greater White-fronted Goose was unseasonable at Gil- bert Water Ranch 28 Jun–25 Jul (P. Deviche). A few Mexican Ducks were w. to the Colorado River, with one at B.W.D. 18 Jun–26 Jul (DVP) and 2 on the fnal date. Northern Shoveler very rarely nests in the state, so a female with 6 young at Telephone Lake, Show Low 30 Jun (EH) was remarkable. A pair of Canvasbacks summered at Gila Bend S.T.P. (TC). Very rare in summer, a female Greater Scaup was at San Carlos S.T.P. 9 Jun+ (ph. E. Dunn). Single Hooded Mergansers were unseasonable in the s. at Yuma 17 Jun (ph. L. Hamilton) and the n. at Flagstaff 23 Jul (ph. C. Szydlo). At Peña Blanca Lake, 2 Least Grebes continued through 8 Jun (m.ob.). Six Neotropic Cormorants nest (along with three of Double- crested) were found in a Gila Bend heronry 11 Jul (TC); their only regular nesting areas in the Arizona

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