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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 532 C o lo r a d o & W yo m i n g Jun at Lamar (ph. PH); Tennessee Warbler at Agate, Elbert 1 Jun (SGM); Nashville Warbler at Lyons, Boulder 1 Jun (CS); Northern Parula at White Ranch Park, Jefferson 8 Jun (S. Blan- sett); Magnolia Warbler at Hale, Yuma 17 Jun (SGM, SW); and Black-throated Blue Warbler near Loveland, Larimer 1 Jun (SW); the frst two and the last one were singing. A Black- and-white Warbler at the Wind River Lower Campground, Fremont 26 Jul (S. Hansen) pro- vided not only a very rare Wyoming Jul record but also a frst for that latilong. As for Red-eyed Vireo, American Redstarts were scattered hith- er and yon, with 1-3 noted at numerous sites in 12 counties, including an ad. male in the mountains 5 Jun at Rabbit Ears Pass (D. Segal) that provided a frst for lightly birded Grand. A male Grace's Warbler set up shop well outside typical Colorado range at Eldorado Mountain Open Space 2-25 Jun (C. Nunes) and provided well-birded Boulder with just its fourth record. One at Pueblo Mountain Park, Pueblo 4 Jun–31 Jul (VR, A. Shutt) was in the Wet Mountains, where rare but regular. A Black-throated Gray Warbler at Gross Reservoir, Boulder 1 Jun (M. Avery) was misplaced both latitudinally and elevationally for e. Colorado, while one in Box- elder Canyon, Converse 1 Jun (ZH, AH, MPa) was easterly and just the second found in that Wyoming latilong. After last summer's single in Yuma, 3 apparent Eastern Yellow-breasted Chats were noted this summer, singles 12 Jun at Tamarack (SGM) and 17 Jun at Simmons S.W.A. and Stalker Lake (both SGM, SW). As noted in an S.A. in last summer's report, the location and width of the boundary/overlap zone between the breeding ranges of Eastern Yellow-breasted Chat (I. v. virens) and Western Yellow-breasted Chat (I. v. auricollis) are un- clear, though most Plains-breeding birds may well be referable to auricollis. Two Cassin's Sparrows e. of Wheatland Res- ervoir #2, Albany 2 Jun (M. Arp) provided a 4-5 individuals all season in w. Arapahoe and at Greeley (m.ob.) was odd. Once again, both Regional taxa of White- breasted Nuthatch were noted at Barr, a site at which neither bred just a few years ago: Eastern 17 Jun (CS), Western 2 Jul (TF). Pygmy Nuthatches are considered very rare in the Black Hills N.F., Crook, so reports of up to 4 there 18- 22 Jun (KC) were of interest. Blue-gray Gnatcatchers were well reported this season on the Plains, where the species was absent as a breeder until just recently, with 10 noted in Adams and Arapahoe and with the one in Lo- gan 12 Jun being identifed by voice as of the w. subspecies obscura (SGM, SW). Vacationing birders got quite the surprise while hiking near Telluride, San Miguel 13 Jul when they detected a singing Pacifc Wren (v.r., †D. & J. Lovitch), which was photographed 19 Jul (ph. B. Wright, CD). There are just eight accepted antecedent Colorado records, none from summer (see S.A. in the previous summer's report). Of the 40 accepted Colorado records of Wood Thrush (recently removed from review list), just fve are from Jun (none from Jul), with, most in- terestingly, two collected from the same locale in Yuma 24 Jun 1915. This Jun saw three, the frst two singing, singles 4 Jun at Colorado City, Pueblo (VR), 12 Jun at Tamarack (SW, SGM), and Crow Valley (DD). A tally of 36 Gray Cat- birds at Carpenter Ranch 23 Jun (SGM) pro- vides an indication of how common this spe- cies is, even at one of the nw. Colorado out- posts for the species, while 16 along the North Platte River, Converse 2 Jun (DN) made for a record-high Wyoming eBird count. A Northern Mockingbird was northwesterly in Wyoming at Boulder 6 Jun (S. Patla) and provided a poten- tial frst for Sublette. WARBLERS THROUGH CROSSBILLS Summer Ovenbirds outside the known Wyo- ming breeding range (three disparate montane areas in the east; Faulkner 2010) were noted in Boxelder Canyon, Converse 1 Jun (3; ZH, A. Hines, MPa), s. of Casper, Natrona 7 Jun (sing- ing male; ZH), and in the Happy Jack Area, Al- bany 1-24 Jun (four separate reports involving possibly 6 individuals; DJ, SB, LM, VS, DL). A number of late migrants enabled a 21-warbler Jun in Colorado. Northern Waterthrush only rarely sneaks into Jun in Colorado, so the in- dividual tarrying in a Prowers yard through 1 Jun (ph. JS) was of interest. Other stragglers included singles of Golden-winged Warbler 6 and singles were noted twice in s. Jackson Hole (Jun 4, B. Graham; 27 Jul, F. Kooyman), where considered occasional. One-day-wonder Scissor-tailed Flycatchers were of interest 3 Jun at Boyd Lake (J. Allen) and 4 Jun at Welchester Tree Grant Park, Jefferson (G. Mayfeld), but a male found 13 Jul s. of Florence (RM) provided a frst for Fremont. A pair was noted at the site 20 Jul, with 2 birds being noted through 27 Jul and with one staying through at least 10 Aug (m.ob.); no defnitive evidence of nesting was obtained during this time, but one does won- der what the birds were doing in Jun. A Log- gerhead Shrike carrying a mouse was noted at Yellowstone, Park 20 Jul (L. Langstaff), where very rare. A White-eyed Vireo at Navajo S.P. 7 Jun (SGM) provided the frst record for Ar- chuleta and just the second for the West Slope; the frst was in Gunnison 2 Jun 1991. A sing- ing Bell's Vireo was a bit w. of normal at Flagler S.W.A., Kit Carson 28 Jul (SGM), while a sing- ing Western Warbling Vireo was e. of normal at Simmons S.W.A., Yuma 17 Jul (SW, SGM). Gray Vireo is a rare and very local breeder in the foothill country of e. Las Animas, with most of the Regional breeding population occupying low-elevation juniper woodland on the West Slope. If correct, the report of a singing individ- ual at Pryor 15 Jun (DD) would provide a frst record for the w. portion of Colorado's largest county. A Philadelphia Vireo beautifully photo- graphed at Table Mountain 10 Jun (ph. SB, LM) would provide Wyoming's fourteenth record, fourth in summer. In a spectacular summer for Red-eyed Vireo, some 51 birds were scattered across 13 e. Colorado counties, with 13 each in Boulder (at ten sites) and Larimer, with 12 (11 singing, one apparently paired with one of the singers) of those at Parrish Ranch 2 Jun (SGM). Two Gray Jays at the Happy Jack Area, Albany 15 Jun (JM) provided the frst report from the Laramie Range in three years. Wyoming's frst Purple Martin sighting in several years was of a female near the "tradi- tional" location in the Medicine Bows, Carbon 21 Jun (CJG). The 2000 Cliff Swallows lined up on fence lines at Jumbo Reservoir, Sedgwick 12 Jul (BK, GM) provided the seasonal high count and quite the spectacle. A Bushtit pair with at least 2 young at Greeley 11 Jun–12 Jul (SGM) may well have provided a frst Weld nesting record. The species has recently colo- nized the plains in w. Arapahoe, but that was after colonizing nearly the entire Front Range after the frst Colorado Breeding Bird Atlas (Kingery 1998), in which the species was re- corded no farther n. than El Paso! Can Kansas or Nebraska be far behind? Red-breasted Nut- hatches often stick around into summer on the Plains after high winter counts. However, last winter's showing was poor, so the count of This Philadelphia Vireo was quite a surprise at Table Mountain Wildlife Habitat Manage- ment Area, Goshen County 10 June 2014, as it was just Wyoming's fourth in summer, fourteenth overall. Photograph by Shawn Billerman.

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