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V O L U M E 6 8 ( 2 0 1 5 ) • N U M B E R 4 527 Texas (LaB), David Brotherton (DBr), Luanne Broth- erton (LuB), Tim Brush, Kelly Bryan, Bryan Calk, Arturo Cantu, Eric Carpenter (Central Texas: 4710 Canyonwood Dr., Austin, Texas 78735. email:, Cameron Carver (CaC), Craig Carver (CrC), Jack Chiles, Sheridan Coffey (ShC), Scarlet Colley (SCo), Steve Collins (StC), Greg Cook, Dan Cowell, Varick Cowell, D. D. Currie (DDC) (North- Central Texas: 2703 Colleen Dr., Arlington, TX 76016. email:, Scott Cutler (SCu), Louis Debetaz, Marc Eastman, Maryann Eastman (MEa), Gil Eckrich, Mark Edmund (MEd), Mark Elliott (MEl), Dodge Engleman, Jerry Epner, Robert Ferrell, Susan Foster, Brush Freeman, Bert Frenz (BeF) (East Texas: 221 Rainbow Dr., #12190, Livingston, TX 77399-2021. email:, Caleb Frome, Steve Glover, John Hale, Nicole Harding, Dave Hawksworth, John Haynes (JHa), Susan Heath (SHe), Anthony Hewetson (AnH) (Northwest Texas: 4407 36th St., Lub- bock TX 79414. email: fattonybirds@gmail. com), Aveline Hewetson (AvH), Sylvia Hilbig (SHi), Brittany Hoch (BHo), Mary Hoch, Petra Hockey, Brian Hykle (BHy), Joe Kennedy (JoK), Judy Kestner (JuK), Peter Keyel (PKe), Flor- ence King, Richard Kinney, John Kiseda (JKi), Phillip Kite (PKi), Steven Knadle (SKn), Mi- chael Kuzio, Sarah Kuzio (SKu), Corey Lange, Tom Langschied, David Larson (DLa), Rick Laughlin, Sara Laughlin, Jason Leifester, Dell Little (DLi), Mark Lockwood (Trans-Pecos: 402 E. Harriet Avenue, Alpine, Texas 79830 (, Bill Lupar- dus, Steve Mayes, Mark McDermott, Darlene Moore, Vincent O'Brien, Kyle O'Haver, Dale Ohl, Dennis Palafox, Jim Paton (El Paso area: 4325 Boy Scout Lane, El Paso, TX 79922. email:, Kim Pierce, Randy (ph. BL) was out of range and unseasonable. Three Gray Catbirds at Sabine Woods, Jefferson 27 Jul (JHa, SM) appeared to indicate success- ful breeding. Out-of-place Gray Catbirds were noted at El Paso 5 (BZ) & 25 Jun (JKi) and at Lubbock, Lubbock 29 Jun (AvH, m.ob.). A Sage Thrasher at Ascarate Park, El Paso 18 Jul (BZ) was just the second area record for Jul. The bird of the season, a Lapland Longspur at Marathon, Brewster 8 Jun (ph. MY, HT) pro- vided a frst summer record for the state. A singing Hooded Warbler at Hagerman N.W.R., Grayson 3 Jun (JC) was well away from nesting areas. A late migrant American Redstart was at the Davis Mountains Preserve, Jeff Davis 3 Jun (ML). A late Magnolia Warbler was seen at the Lower Rio Grande Valley N.W.R., Hi- dalgo 11 Jun (TB). A little late and well out of range was a male Blackburnian Warbler at Rio Grande Village, Big Bend N.P., Brewster 9 Jun (TZ, SF, JuK). A slightly early Yellow Warbler was reported from Sea Center Texas, Brazoria 31 Jul (JE). A hatch-year warbler at South Pa- dre Island, Cameron 6 Jul (ph. MBS) may have been a Golden-cheeked Warbler, but Black- throated Green Warbler has not been conclu- sively ruled out. A wandering Prairie Warbler at Kleb Woods Nature Preserve, Harris 23 Jul (SKu, CR) may have been an early migrant. An outstanding count of 41 ad. Yellow-breasted Chats was made at White River Lake, Crosby 6 Jul (AnH), where this species has been nesting for at least a decade. An early Chipping Sparrow was at Lubbock, Lubbock 27 Jul (CaC, CrC, RSh). A Savannah Sparrow at Commons Ford Park, Travis 6 Jun (ph. VO) was unusually late for that species. Completely unseasonable and unexpected was an ad. White-crowned Sparrow in sw. Austin, Travis 5 Jul (ph. DP). A Summer Tanager at Jay- ton, Kent 19 Jul (AnH) provided an ex- cellent summer record. A male Northern Cardinal at Rio Bosque Wetlands Park, El Paso 20 Jun+ was joined by a female 3 Aug (JSp). A male Indigo Bunting at the Basin, Big Bend N.P., Brewster 18 Jul (JL) was in an odd location. Breeding of Great-tailed Grackles is now confrmed at three Nacogdoches loca- tions (fde DW). Two Bronzed Cowbirds at Farwell, Parmer 16 Jun (DH) were n. of the normal areas of occurrence on the South Plains. Single Baltimore Orioles were tabulated on the B.B.S. route in Pa- nola 8 Jun (LGP) and in Lamar at Lake Crook 20 Jun (BB). Cited observers (subregional editors in boldface): Kenny Anderson (KAn), Keith Arnold (KAr), Barb Bassett, Aaron Bax- ter, Devin Bosler (DBo), Larry Brennan Eastern Phoebes were counted 1 Jun (DV) in Washington, where this species is scarce in sum- mer. Two recently fedged Vermilion Flycatch- ers near Millers Creek Reservoir, Throckmorton 26 Jul (GC et al.) provided a rare nesting con- frmation for that area. Surprising and well n. of expected areas, a Great Kiskadee lingered at West, McLennan 22 Jun–13 Jul (BHy, ph. ShC). Continued nesting of Tropical Kingbirds was reported on Pelican Island, Galveston (JoK et al.) and at Rockport, Aransas 23 Jul. A Western Kingbird was noted in Mount Pleasant, Titus 1-13 Jun (DC, VC, ph. DBr, LuB). A Bell's Vireo was observed in Wheeler 15 Jun (DH) for a rare Panhandle record. Territorial and/or nest- ing Bell's Vireos were observed at White River Lake, Crosby 6 Jul (AnH), at Clairemont, Kent 19 Jul (AnH), and just w. of Jayton, Kent 19 Jul (AnH). Other Bell's Vireos were at Lake Tahoka Draw, Lynn 23 Jul (StC) and at the Rains Coun- ty Beach, Rains 6 Jun (RK). Two singing Black- capped Vireos were noteworthy in Parker 12 Jul (ph. GC, SG). A singing Warbling Vireo was at Boot Spring, Big Bend N.P., Brewster 22 Jun (DLa, AC). Also unexpected were Warbling Vir- eos at Longview, Gregg 1 Jun (DC, VC) and in Harrison 16 Jun (LGP). A Red-eyed Vireo was at Lake Marvin, Hemphill 26 Jul (CaC). A Yellow- green Vireo frst detected at Blucher Park in Corpus Christi, Nueces in the spring was joined by a second bird 13 Jun, and a nest with 3 nest- lings was observed 9 Jul (PH), but the nest was empty two days later. A Yellow-green Vireo was found on the King Ranch, Kleberg 6 Jun (TL). Purple Martins gathered at dusk in College Sta- tion, Brazos in increasing numbers from 19 Jun (MM) until an estimated 10,000 were observed 27 Jul (RL, SL). CHICKADEES THROUGH ORIOLES A Carolina Chickadee at Kingsville, Kleberg 20 Jun (JiS) provided a very rare South Texas record. A Blue-gray Gnatcatcher at La Sal del Rey, Hidalgo 1 Jun (MBS) was away from nor- mal nesting areas. Totally inexplicable was a Veery at San Juan, Hidalgo 14-18 Jul (ph. BW). A Wood Thrush at Midland, Midland 15 Jun A Lapland Longspur at Marathon, Brewster County 8 June 2014 provided a frst summer record for Texas. Photograph by Matt York. This adult White-crowned Sparrow at Austin, Travis County 5 July 2014 was most unexpected. Previous summer records in Texas have all come from the Panhandle or Trans-Pecos, reasonably close to breeding areas in New Mexico. Photograph by Dennis Palafox.

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