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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 526 speth 8 Jun (JP), with one there and one nearby at Fort Hancock Reservoir, Hudspeth 1 Jul (JP). A Caspian Tern was at McNary Reservoir, Hud- speth 2-8 Jun (ph. BZ), and farther e. one was at Mitchell Lake, Bexar 21 Jun (DE) and 2 at Temple, Bell 14 Jul (RP). A good early summer count of 183 Black Terns was reported from the Bolivar Peninsula, Galveston 5 Jun (MaW). Also of note were 4 Black Terns near Tahoka, Lynn 8 Jun (StC) and 46 at Lake Tawakoni, Rains 1-2 Jul (RR, RK). DOVES THROUGH SWALLOWS Three Common Ground-Doves were well n. of normal at Palo Pinto Mountains S.P., Palo Pinto 19 Jun (JaS), and one at Davis Mountains S.P., Jeff Davis 19-26 Jul (TP, ML) provided a rare record for the mountain range. Intriguing was a heard-only White-tipped Dove n. of the spe- cies' expected range near Luling, Caldwell 11 Jul (JJR). A Groove-billed Ani was observed on the Powderhorn Ranch, Calhoun 19 Jul (BF). A vocalizing Common Pauraque was near Lake Gonzales, Gonzales 15 Jul (FK). A Green Violetear was observed near La Vernia, Wilson 27 Jun–1 Jul (ph. RF, m.ob.). A male Ruby- throated Hummingbird at the Davis Moun- tains Resort, Jeff Davis 31 Jul (ME, MEa) was on the early side. An Anna's Hummingbird at the Davis Mountains Resort, Jeff Davis 14-15 Jul (ME, MEa) was consistent with an increase in summer records in recent years. An ad. male Allen's Hummingbird was at El Paso 29 Jul (ph. JP). Two ad. male White-eared Hummingbirds were infrequent visitors to feeders at the Davis Mountains Resort, Jeff Davis 7 Jun+ (†, ph. KB, ML). Two Belted Kingfshers were at Sea Cen- ter Texas, Brazoria 31 Jul (JE). An active Acorn Woodpecker nest was found in w. El Paso 2 Jun (SCu), with fedged young seen later in the period (ph. JKi) representing only the second confrmed nesting of the species for El Paso. American Kestrels are breeding in small num- bers on the e. edge of the Edwards Plateau. A pair successfully bred in n. Austin, Travis (VO, m.ob.), a pair nested again at Temple, Bell (RP), and two other pairs were seen during the sum- mer without confrmed nesting in the Austin area (KAn, EC). An ad. Peregrine Falcon spent much of the summer at Austin (m.ob.), mostly around the U.T. Tower; a juv. in n. Austin 28 Jun (ph. BSt) seemed a bit early. A Prairie Fal- con n. of Big Spring, Howard 3 Jul (DBo) was unexpected. Rarely identifed in summer in the cen. Brazos Valley, a Willow Flycatcher was heard calling at College Station, Brazos 7 Jul (KAr). A Gray Flycatcher at El Paso 1 Jul (BZ) was a surprise. A Pacifc-slope/Cordilleran Flycatcher at El Paso 21 Jul+ (ph. JP) was unexpected and several weeks early for a migrant. Three Hawk near Delhi, Caldwell 28 Jul (BF) was a nice fnd. A Golden Eagle was in n. Jeff Davis 13 Jul (TP), where they are becoming increas- ingly scarce in summer. Several Black Rails made an excellent sum- mer fnd at Anahuac N.W.R., Chambers 8 Jul (JoK). A King Rail was reported at Richland Chambers Reservoir, Navarro 14 Jun (RSt). Purple Gallinules nested at Richland Creek W.M.A., Navarro, with a peak count of 7, in- cluding juvs., 17 Jul (SG, DM); a pair again nested successfully at Kurth Lake, Angelina (LD). Although Common Gallinules have de- clined in East Texas during the past decade, up to 15 were at Richland Creek W.M.A., Navarro 9 Jun (CF), 13 were in the Freestone part of the W.M.A. 5 Jul (KP), and two pairs produced juvs. at Kurth Lake, Angelina (LD). A very im- pressive seasonal total of 445 American Coots at Fort Hancock Reservoir, Hudspeth 1 Jul (JP) had dropped to 78 by 27 Jul (JP). A high count of 37 Black-necked Stilts was made at Richland Creek W.M.A., Freestone 25 Jul (RQ). A breeding-plumaged American Avo- cet 38.6 km n. of Marfa, Presidio 10 Jul (ML) was well away from any nesting areas. A Lesser Yellowlegs at Richland Creek W.M.A., Freestone on the odd dates of 20-22 Jun (m.ob.) was ei - ther summering locally or a very early fall mi- grant. Summer Whimbrels included singles at Drum Bay, Brazoria 19 Jun (SHe), Mustang Is- land , Nueces 11-22 Jun (m.ob., ph. BSm, RSm), and near Indianola, Calhoun 23 Jun (BF). Nota- bly early Buff-breasted Sandpipers were found near Utley, Bastrop 8 Jul (BF) and near Port O'Connor, Calhoun 11 Jul (PH). Very rarely noted on the Edwards Plateau, 2 Short-billed Dowitchers were studied at the Junction Sew- age Ponds, Kimble 19 Jul (ShC, MR). A Wilson's Snipe at Paul Rushing Park, Harris 19 Jul (MK, SKu) was an excellent fnd and only the second summer record for the U.T.C. A Red-necked Phalarope at Lake Wichita, Wichita 26 Jul (GC, CF) was an outstanding fnd. A stunning breeding-plumaged Red Phalarope was at Marathon, Brewster 14-16 Jun (DO, ph., †MY, HT et al.). A Ring-billed Gull was unexpected at Lubbock, Lubbock 21 Jun (PKe), while 5-7 Ring-billeds at Lake Meredith, Hutchinson 23- 31 Jul (MEl) were likely fall migrants. Two Sooty Terns were observed at the East Flats Co- lonial Island rookery, Kenedy 4 Jun (CL). Two Least Terns were at McNary Reservoir, Hud- ally large concentration of 110+ Magnifcent Frigatebirds was noted at Espiritu Santo Bay, Calhoun 7 Jul (PH). A Neotropic Cormorant was at Lubbock, Lubbock 14 Jun (AnH). A fock of American White Pelicans at White River Lake, Crosby 1-22 Jun (AOS, AnH) reached a peak count of 12 on 18 Jun, a large number for the area. An unseasonably large count of 138 American White Pelicans was made at Lake Tawakoni, Hunt/Rain/Van Zandt 6 Jun (RK). A Brown Peli- can hung out at McNary Reservoir, Hudspeth 8 Jun–10 Jul (ph. JP) and was joined by an American White Pelican 15 Jun–1 Jul (JP). An imm. Least Bittern was observed at Lubbock, Lubbock 31 Jul (AnH), where the species ap- pears to be increasing. A juv. Little Blue Heron wandered to Midland, Midland 31 Jul (BL). West of usual range, a juv. Yellow-crowned Night-Heron was at w. El Paso 26 Jul (ph. JP). Large numbers of White Ibis congregated at Richland Creek W.M.A. throughout the period, with a peak of 350 on 5 Jul (BSt) in Freestone and 300-500 the same day (BSt, DLi) in Navar- ro. Wandering farther westward into the Hill Country than expected, 2 juv. Roseate Spoon- bills visited a private ranch in sw. Bandera 11 Jul (ph. SHi). Two Black Vultures were at McNary Reser- voir, Hudspeth 10 & 22 Jul (ph. JP), where the species has become regular in summer and fall since 2013. There are only two documented records w. of this site in Texas. An Osprey near Canyon, Randall 5 Jul (SKn) may have been a very early migrant. Swallow-tailed Kites were seen this period in areas well away from known nesting locations. One was upstream of Caddo Lake, Marion 19 Jun (MWe), and up to 3 were at Bastrop, Bastrop 9 Jun–1 Jul (MH, BHo, BF). Up to 2 White-tailed Kites were at Rio Bosque Wetlands Park, El Paso 21 Jun+ (JSp), where several attempts at nesting were made but no young were noted. Equally of note was a pair of White-tailed Kites in w. Kent 19 Jul (AnH). A Bald Eagle at Lake Palo Duro, Hansford 26 Jun (MEl) was unseasonable. A Northern Har- rier at McNary Reservoir, Hudspeth 22 Jul (JP) was unexpected for summer. Cooper's Hawks successfully nested in w. El Paso (JP), where they are casual in summer. Cooper's Hawks of note in the Panhandle included singles at Lake Palo Duro, Hansford 26 Jun (MEl) and Lake Marvin, Hemphill 26 Jul (CaC). A Harris's Texas sa The occurrence of Brown Boobies on the Texas coast has changed dramatically in re- cent years, and that trend continues. A total of 5 ads. were near the JFK Bridge at Corpus Christi, Nueces 30 Jul (ph. AB), and 8 were at the same location the following day. Per- haps one of these birds accounts for the ad. at the Corpus Christi T-Heads 7-13 Jun (m.ob.). Elsewhere, a near ad. was in Matagorda Bay, Calhoun 17 Jul (PH), and an ad. was around the s. tip of South Padre Island, Cameron 28 Jun–13 Jul (ph. SCo, m.ob.).

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