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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 524 S o u t h e r n g r e at p l a i n S adds a data point for Kansas. Cassin's Sparrow's vagile range pushed northward and eastward to Quivira 5 Jun (PV), Cheyenne Bottoms 20 Jun (RP), and Kingman, KS 4 Jul (JC), with 1-2 in Lincoln, NE 11-21 Jun (TJW, MW) and several n. to Valentine N.W.R., Cherry, NE 5 Jun and McKelvie N.F., Cherry, NE 15 Jun (MS, fde JGJ). A Vesper Sparrow in Texas, OK 21 Jun (JW) was s. of the expected summer range, and one was in Jackson, KS 26 Jun (MH), where the species is only a local breeder. A Savannah Sparrow was singing in Scotts Bluff, NE 25 Jun (CRu), where rare in summer. Patchily distributed, 6 Henslow's Sparrow were found westerly in Ells- worth, KS 21 Jun (MR). A White-throated Spar- row in McCurtain, OK 11-15 Jul (FH) provided a frst documented Oklahoma summer record. A tardy Gambel's White-crowned Sparrow was in Morton, KS 4 Jun (CH; LT), and a female Slate-colored Junco present for a "few weeks" at a feeder in Cedar, NE through 30 Jul (DT) pro- vided Nebraska's frst Jul record. A female Sum- mer Tanager in Lincoln, NE 30 Jun (TJW), and one in Ellsworth, KS 15 Jul (DK) was westerly. A Scarlet Tanager in Holt, NE 25 Jun (RSt) was near the w. edge of its summer range along the Niobrara River. Unusual during summer in Kansas, a male Rose-breasted Grosbeak was in Kiowa 2 Jun (JnL, JsL), with a pair in Rice 3 Jul (JC, PJ), one heard in Kingman 4 Jul (JC), and one in Reno 14 Jul (AM). Easterly Black-headed Grosbeaks were in Valley, NE 14 Jun (WF) and Keya Paha, NE 13 Jun (WF), with one in Rooks, KS 12 Jun (JVK). A Lazuli Buntings was found in Comanche, OK 10 Jun (ST). Two Lazulis, a male and female, were in Kiowa, OK 10 Jun, the latter mated with a male Indigo Bunting (JAG). Another easterly male Lazuli was in Rooks, KS 22-24 Jul (JVK). Painted Buntings edging northward included 2 in Thayer, NE 19 Jun (DAk) and an ad. male in Russell, KS (MHb, RH). A patchy breeder in Kansas, Bobolinks are expected at Quivira; oth- ers were in Jackson, KS 27 Jun (ph. JH) and in Reno 9 Jun (BM, AM). Two westerly Eastern Meadowlarks in Hitch- cock, NE 2 Jul (TJW) may have been taking ad - vantage of a wetter season. Unexpected was a Yellow-headed Blackbird in Cimarron, OK 20 Jun (JW); 4 in Riley, KS 13 Jul (JRw) were rare summer visitors there. A Bullock's Oriole was easterly in Dickinson, KS 4 Jul (CO). Bullock's Oriole x Baltimore Oriole hybrids are normally found in a very narrow corridor in the Region; one in Texas, OK 10 Jun (JeR) was w. of this zone. Red Crossbills, always unpredictable, were found in Thomas, NE, where 11 were noted 18 Jun, including a juv. being fed by an ad. (MRo). A Red Crossbill in Dixon, NE 13 Jul (JJ) was likely a post-breeding wanderer. All re- ports identifed to Type were of Type 2. Lesser were considered outliers from the Wichita Mountains population in Comanche, OK; how- ever, the discovery of a cluster of 18 males at previously unvisited properties in adjacent sw. Kiowa, OK 10-13 Jun (JAG) suggest a possible long-term enclave persisting in that area. A northerly Fish Crow was in Johnson, KS 6 Jun (NV). Cave Swallow is establishing itself in sw. Oklahoma, now being recorded at French Lake on the Wichita Mountains W.R. and at three culverts in Comanche and Kiowa, OK, which are occupied by at least 17 pairs (JAG, JeR); pre- sumed fall dispersers were noted at Red Slough 2-29 Jul (DA). A family group of titmice located in the Navaro Mountains, Jackson, OK 13 Jun (JAG) appeared to be hybrid Black-crested x Tufted. A Red-breasted Nuthatch in conifers in Lincoln, NE 5 Jul (LR, RHa) was out of place for that date; the earliest fall migrants appear in late Jul. Pygmy Nuthatch extended its nw. Nebraska breeding range easterly to Thomas, where a pair was found nesting 18 Jun (MRo). Marsh Wrens of eastern and western song types split Nebraska; 2 of the former were in Stan- ton 1 Jul (WF), while westerns were reported from Rock and Loup 14 Jun (WF). Marsh Wrens in some areas in Nebraska seem to appear in Jul and may breed; such birds were noted in Clay 13 Jul (MW) and in the e. Rainwater Basin 19 & 26 Jul (JGJ). The westernmost Carolina Wren for the season in Nebraska was in Cherry 6 Jul (CWi), and a pair nesting in Dawson, NE (MP, fde JGJ) also was westerly. Blue-gray Gnat- catchers continue the march northward; this season, separate sightings came from Cherry 21 & 22 Jun (MRo). A tardy Swainson's Thrush was in Cleveland, OK 5 Jun (JAG). Curve-billed Thrasher continued its long-term presence at the Hugoton Cemetery, Stevens, KS, with 2 noted 17 Jun (MHu, NW). A Sage Thrasher in Kimball, NE 24 Jul (CW) was unexpected. WARBLERS THROUGH FINCHES Ovenbirds somewhat s. of their expected breeding range were noted in Lincoln, NE 1 Jul (TJW); 7 were also in Thomas 18 Jun (MRo). Westerly was a Louisiana Waterthrush in Jeffer- son, NE 22 Jun (JCa, SSc). Late spring migrants included a Mourning Warbler in Douglas, NE 1 Jun (MRo) and a Blackpoll Warbler in Sioux, NE 7 Jun (RSg). Westerly Northern Parulas were in Sioux, NE 3 Jun (CNK), Hayes, NE 2 Jun (WF), and Woodward, OK 20 Jul (JHa). Odd summer vagrants were single Myrtle War- blers in Lancaster, NE 15 Jun (male; JCa, SSc) and Sedgwick, KS 6 Jun (PJ). An Eastern Towhee at Red Slough 1-3 Jul (DA) was away from its usual summer range. Although various levels of genotypic mixing of Eastern and Spotted Towhees occur over most of Nebraska, a male hybrid in Rooks 22 Jul (JVK) ka, the fourth being recorded at McConaughy this season 29 Jun (ph. J&GB). Five Calliope Hummingbirds were reported in Kansas and Nebraska 25 Jul–2 Aug (fde WRS, JK), a nor- mal showing; reports were e. to McConaughy (J&GB). A regular fall migrant in the Nebras- ka Panhandle, 3 Broad-tailed Hummingbirds were reported, all from Scotts Bluff 18-25 Jul (KD, MAR). An unusual male hummingbird in Dawes, NE 6 May–9 Jul (JWh), and possibly later, appeared to be a Broad-tailed but with some Ruby-throated features: the ruby gorget tones, all-black tail, and short wings suggested a possible Broad-tailed x Archilochus hybrid to Sheri Williamson. Rufous Hummingbirds passed through the w. part of the Region as ex- pected, but one was easterly in Riley, KS 23 Jul (IH). Pileated Woodpecker continues to move westward, with one in Thayer, NE 23 Jun (LR, RHa) found this season. FLYCATCHERS THROUGH THRASHERS A Yellow-bellied Flycatcher in Nemaha, NE 1 Jun was heard giving its distinctive che-bunk song (WRS). A Least Flycatcher, an early fall migrant, arrived in Reno, KS 17 Jul (JM). Cor- dilleran Flycatchers were found in the expect- ed w. Nebraska Panhandle locations (RSg, LE, MRo); of interest was one heard singing in s. Scotts Bluff 27 Jul (MW), where only sporadi- cally reported since 2003 (fde WRS). Say's Phoebes were easterly in Nance, NE 26 Jun (RSt) and also in Antelope, NE 24 Jun, where a pair with 4 nestlings was noted (RSt, MRo). Vermilion Flycatchers continue at their Cimar- ron, OK outpost, where an ad. and 2 imms. were found 4 Jul (M&MP). Ash-throated Fly- catcher is established in Morton, KS, but singles were a little farther afeld in Clark, KS 13 Jul (JC) and Seward, KS 19 Jul (MGo, NV). A Cas- sin's Kingbird wandered e. to Texas, OK 10 Jun (JeR). A bit westerly during breeding sea- son was a White-eyed Vireo in Riley, KS 9 Jun (DMe). Black-capped Vireos in Greer, OK in summer 2012 and this summer on 6 Jun (JAG) Only the fourth documented for Nebraska, this Black-chinned Hummingbird was photographed at McConaughy Reservoir, Keith County 29 June 2014. Photograph by Jay Belsan.

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