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VOLUME 68 NO4 2015

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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 522 Ripma, Rick Shaw, H. Clark Talkington, Jerry Taylor, Eric Thompson, Chris Zinke. SOUTH DAKOTA: Jocelyn L. Baker, Stephen J. Din- smore, Nancy Drilling, Richard S. Latuchie, Brad McDonald, Ricky D. Olson, Mark Otnes, Jeffrey S. Palmer, D. George Prisbe, Scott Stoltz, Scott Weins. n –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Ron Martin, 16900 125th Street SE, Sawyer, North Dakota 58781-9284, ( Dakota, 8 Bullock's Orioles were at Theodore Roosevelt N.P., South Unit 1 Jun (CDE). Contributors (state editors in boldface): MONTANA: Stephen J. Dinsmore. NORTH DAKOTA: Bob J. Anderson, Jennifer Avison, Keith R. Corliss, Corey D. Ellingson, Terry L. Gwilliams, Deb Hanson, Chris A. Hiatt, Larry D. Igl, Dave O. Lambeth, Deb B. Lancaster, Ron E. Martin, Ken J. Miller, Michael O'Brien, Eric rying nesting material 16 Jul in Pennington (fde JLB). Out-of-range Rose-breasted Grosbeaks were in Golden Valley, ND 6 Jul (CAH) and at Malta, MT 8 Jun (SJD). The most ever re- ported in North Dakota for a season, 15 Blue Grosbeaks in total were noted from four s.-cen. counties. Rare in North Dakota, an Eastern Meadowlark was in Kidder 14-15 Jun (KRC, REM). Rare in Montana, a Dickcissel was in McCone 6 Jun (SJD). A strong count for North N o r t h E r N g r E at p l a i N S Southern Great Plains Joseph A. Grzybowski W. Ross Silcock –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– T his summer season was lackluster, its paucity of exception partly due to the ex- tended effects of the 2011-2012 drought that has not so much intensifed as stagnated. Nesting birds in Oklahoma received some re- lief from cooler-than-average temperatures and early season rains in June, but these did not be- gin to restore conditions for wetland species. The absence to paucity of waterfowl and marsh birds continued over much of the Region: few rails were reported, fewer herons, and most ar- eas lacked reports Least Bitterns, Glossy Ibis, King Rails, Common Gallinules, and Black- necked Stilts. Even fewer vagrant warblers than normal were reported this summer. Cassin's Sparrow, a barometer of drought over much of its range, pushed northward and eastward in search of suitable nesting areas. The season's exceptional fnds were mostly in Nebraska, al- though hummingbirds provided headlines in all three states. Abbreviations: Cheyenne Bottoms (Cheyenne Bottoms W.M.A., Stafford, KS); McConaughy other was at Marais Des Cygnes Wildlife Area, Linn, KS 23-29 Jun (CM, SN). Nebraska's frst Brown Booby was found at a private lake in Sarpy 28 Jun–1 Jul (JB, fde DC); it was an ad. of the Atlantic subspecies leucogaster. Five Neotropic Cormorants were at three Oklahoma locations away from Red Slough (PJ, CVB, MJ, KG), and 4 singles were found in Kan- sas (BMa, MMh, PJ, JnL); this species is slowly re-establishing itself at Cheyenne Bottoms, where nesting was confrmed this season (fde JK, m.ob.). The only Anhinga report away from Red Slough was of one in Sequoyah, OK 18 Jun (DM). Single Brown Pelicans appeared in Okla- homa, OK 8-15 Jun (CR, CE, LM), at Cheyenne Bottoms 19 Jun (RP), and at Quivira 3 Jul (JC, PJ). Unusual in midsummer were 3 American Bitterns at Red Slough 26 Jul (EH). Although Least Bitterns have generally been retreating with the drought condition of recent years, there were four Nebraska reports, including one of 1-3 birds in Saunders 2-16 Jul (JCa, SSc). Sin- gle Great Egrets wandered westerly to Lincoln, NE 20 Jun (TJW) and McConaughy 19-30 Jul (J&MW, AL). Vagrant Snowy Egrets and Little Blue Herons were absent this season in Nebras- ka, possibly also related to the drought cycle. A Tricolored Heron was in Oklahoma, OK, where rare, 14-15 Jun (SL, JW). Exceptional was an imm. Roseate Spoonbill in Sumner, KS 20-21 Aug (ND, m.ob.), the eighth Kansas record. (McConaughy Reservoir, Keith, NE); Quivira (Quivira N.W.R., Barton, KS); Rainwater Ba- sin (area of playa wetlands in s.-cen. NE); Red Slough (Red Slough W.M.A., McCurtain, OK). DUCKS THROUGH BUTEOS Black-bellied Whistling-Duck is now regular in McCurtain, OK (DA) and virtually annual n. to Nebraska, where 2 were present in Harlan 25 Jul (fde JGJ); others were at Cheyenne Bottoms 7 Jun (fde JK) and in Love, OK 6 Jun–2 Jul (2-4 birds; BA, JT). Summer Greater White-fronted Geese were noted in York, NE 22 Jun (JGJ) and at Cheyenne Bottoms 17 Jul (DS), while there were eight reports for Nebraska and three for Kansas of Snow Geese (fde WRS, JK), with 5 in Johnson, KS 19 Jun (fde JK) the highest count. Two scarce Ross's Goose were found in Lancaster 10 Jul (LE). Unexpected in the s. part of the Region during summer, 1-2 Gad- walls were at Red Slough 10 Jun–15 Jul (DA), and a male American Wigeon was in Okla- homa, OK 7 Jun (RH). A male Cinnamon Teal was easterly in Neosho, KS 1 Jun (AB). At least one, possibly 2, Mottled Ducks using fooded crop felds in Sarpy 7-14 Jul (JRi, L&BP, CNK, m.ob.) provided a second record for Nebraska. Scarce summer Canvasbacks were singles in York, NE 21-22 Jun (LE, JGJ), Neosho, KS 8 Jun (AB), and Pottawatomie, KS 11 Jun–6 Jul (BMa). Tardy Ring-necked Ducks were in Neosho, KS 6 Jun (AB), and Crescent Lake N.W.R., NE 18 Jun (JV). A Pacifc Loon in Jefferson 17 Jul–28 Aug (CM, SN) was only the second summer record for Kansas. At least 7 lingering to summering Common Loons were reported from Nebraska and Kansas, including breeding-plumaged birds in Cedar, NE 1 Jun (DT) and at McCo- naughy 2 Jun (TJW); all others were imms. (fde WRS, JK). Four Clark's Grebes were at McCo- naughy during the period (D&MM, LE, GD); this species breeds there in small numbers. A Wood Stork at Boyer Chute N.W.R., Washing- ton 4 Jun (MD) was Nebraska's third, while an- Quite far from usual northern haunts was this Pacifc Loon 17-28 (here 18) July 2014 at Perry Lake, Kansas. Photograph by Carol Morgan and Sue Newland.

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