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V O L U M E 6 8 ( 2 0 1 5 ) • N U M B E R 4 521 Northern Great Plains Hettinger (REM). Very rare in Montana, 1-2 Sedge Wrens were at Bowdoin N.W.R. 6-14 Jun (SJD). Pacifc Wren was present again in the Black Hills, SD, with an individual 14 Jun–31 Jul in Lawrence (SW, ND). Accidental in sum- mer in cen. North Dakota, a Wood Thrush was in Mercer 6 Jun (ER). Rare in the Black Hills, SD, a Chestnut-sided Warbler was in Meade 2 Jul (DGP). Two Chestnut-sided Warblers in Cass, ND 18 Jun were well s. of their usual range (RS). A late Yellow-rumped Warbler was in McLean, ND 2 Jun (MOB). Henslow's Sparrows made a strong showing in the Dakotas. In North Dakota, singles were in Sheridan 7 Jun (REM) and in Sargent 12 Jul (REM, CDE). Two Henslow's were in Barnes, ND 17-18 Jul (BJA). In South Dakota, single Henslow's were in Roberts 27 Jun (MO) and in Jones 12 Jul (RDO). Rare in sw. North Dakota in summer, a Nelson's Sparrow was in Stark 5 Jul, and 2 were in Hettinger 6 Jul (REM). Late mi- grants, a White-throated Sparrow was in Per- kins, SD 11 Jun (BM), and a Harris's Sparrow was in Ward, ND 17-29 Jun (REM). A Gray- headed Junco was at Valley City, Barnes, ND 1 Jun (TLG). There are fewer than 10 records of this subspecies for North Dakota. A frst nesting record for the Black Hills in South Dakota, a Northern Cardinal was car- Least Bitterns were reported from three North Dakota counties, about average for this species in recent years. A high count of 2500 Great Egrets was tallied on a nesting island in Stutsman, ND 20 Jul (JT). A Green Heron nest in Stutsman, ND 24 Jun (CZ) provided one of only a few nest records for the state. Up to 3 Glossy Ibis were seen through the season at J. Clark Salyer N.W.R., ND (REM). Singles were noted 23 Jul in Barnes, ND (BJA) and 25 Jul in Nelson, ND (DEH). Accidental in Montana, a Glossy Ibis was at Bowdoin N.W.R. 11-14 Jun (ph. SJD). A peak of 200 White-faced Ibis was tallied 20 Jul at J. Clark Salyer N.W. R., ND (REM). Summer sightings of Osprey continue to increase in North Dakota, with 6 reported from six counties this season. A rare breeder in North Dakota, a pair of Sandhill Cranes with a colt was seen in Grand Forks 28 & 31 Jul (DOL). Accidental in Mon- tana, a Snowy Plover was at Bowdoin N.W.R. 13-14 Jun (ph. SJD). A rare but increasing nester in the Dakotas, a Black-necked Stilt was on a nest in Brown, SD 16 Jun (SJD). In North Dakota, a nest and brood were photographed in Foster (KRC) and two, possibly three, broods were noted at J. Clark Salyer N.W.R. through the season (DOL, REM). Other North Dakota sightings were 2 at McKenzie Slough, Burleigh 3 Jun (HCT) and 2 in Divide 23 Jul (JA). A very rare migrant in South Dakota, a Red Knot was in Clark 31 Jul (BM). Casual in summer in the Da- kotas, a Lesser Black-backed Gull was in Kidder 7 Jun (CDE). Caspian Terns continue to increase at Bowdoin N.W.R., MT, with 56 nests noted 13 Jun (SJD). Accidental in Montana, an Arctic Tern was at Nelson Reservoir 6 Jun (ph. SJD). Rare in any season in North Dakota, a Barn Owl was in Morton 22 Jun (HCT). Accidental in summer, a Snowy Owl was photographed in Mercer, ND 18 Jun (KJM, ph.). West of usual was a Ruby-throated Hummingbird in Lawrence, SD 5-29 Jul (DGP). A Red-bellied Woodpecker was un- usually far w. in Dunn, ND 2-5 Jun (DBL), and a pair with young at Bismarck 29 Jul provided a rare nesting record for w. North Da- kota (ET). VIREOS THROUGH ORIOLES A Warbling Vireo singing the song of the western subspecies group was heard in Stutsman, ND 19 Jul (KRC); there are no previous reports of this group from the state. Out-of-range Sedge Wrens in North Dakota included singles 5 Jul in Stark (REM) and 6 Jul in Ron Martin –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– M uch as in other recent summers in North Dakota, many observers noted the rather humid season. June was wet and cool, but July was near average. The western third of North Dakota and eastern Montana continued to be wetter than normal, with lush vegetation and more wetlands than in average years. Eastern North Dakota, however, began to dry out after many years with above- average precipitation. Glossy Ibis and Black-necked Stilt continue to increase in the Region. Henslow's Spar- rows made a strong showing in the Dakotas, and Blue Grosbeaks were reported in unusual numbers in North Dakota. A number of rari- ties were documented from Bowdoin National Wildlife Refuge, Montana in early June. WATERFOWL THROUGH WOODPECKERS A high count for Jun, 110 Wood Ducks were in Cass, ND 9 Jun (KRC). Accidental in sum- mer in the Region, a male Eurasian Wigeon was at Bowdoin N.W.R., MT 14 Jun (ph. SJD). A post-breeding fock of 410 Buffeheads was noted in Pierce, ND 4 Jul (REM). Accidental in summer in North Dakota, a single Red-breast- ed Merganser was in Stutsman 7 Jun (LDI). Rare in the nesting season in South Dakota, Horned Grebes were in Meade 3 Jun (RSL) and in Pen- nington 19 Jul (RSL). A Neotropic Cormorant 29 Jun in Aurora, SD continued the recent sightings in that state (SS). Considered accidental in Montana, this Glossy Ibis (foreground) was at Bowdoin National Wildlife Refuge, Montana 14 June 2014. Photograph by Stephen J. Dinsmore. Seldom seen on migration in interior North America, this Arctic Tern was at Nelson Reservoir, Montana 6 June 2014. Photograph by Stephen J. Dinsmore. This Snowy Plover was a rarity at Bowdoin National Wildlife Ref- uge, Montana 13 June 2014. Photograph by Stephen J. Dinsmore.

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