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VOLUME 68 NO4 2015

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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 520 p r a i r i e p r o v i n c e s were reported from the Steinbach area 25 Jun (WJ, RN), La Rivière 1 Jul (AK), and near Souris 9 Jul–10 Aug (KDS, m.ob.), all in Manitoba. A Lark Sparrow at Fort McMurray, AB 22 Jul may have provided the northernmost record for the province (IP, KB). A Black-throated Sparrow frequented a feeder near St. Jean Baptiste 6-7 Jun, supplying Manitoba with a long-awaited frst record (J&BS, m.ob., ph.). An Indigo Bun- ting near Rumsey, AB 16-21 Jun was a rare fnd (GF, JF, GW), as were single Dickcissels along the Manitoba Grasslands Birding Trail 25 Jul (R&KP, RC) and near Estevan, SK 13 Jul (KH). Bobolinks were reported in high numbers across s. Alberta (fde TK). An Eastern Mead- owlark, a less-than-annual species in Manito- ba, furnished a Breeding Bird Survey highlight near Brightstone and was subsequently seen and heard by many 3-11 Jul (PT, m.ob.). An intrepid pair of House Sparrows was occupy- ing a nest-box at an abandoned shack, partly demolished by Polar Bears, at Hubbard Point in late Jun (CA, KK). Observers (provincial compiler in boldface): C. Artuso, R. Austin, L. Blanchette, G. Budyk, K. Burton, B. Chartier, R. Clarke, C. Cuthbert, K. De Smet, B. Di Labio, D. Dodgson, M. Dor- riesfeld, Gerry Fox, James Fox, J. Gillis, K. Gir- oux, G. & J. Grieef, R. Harris, D. Hatch, K. He- degard, H. Hinam, T. Hindmarch, W. Jansen, R. Johanson, K. Kingdon, R. Klassen (RKn), R. Klauke (RKl), R. Koes (RKo), T. Korolyk, A. Kuhnigk, M. Lloyd, B. Luterbach, V. McTag- gart, R. Nickel, K. & A. Orich, R. Parsons, J. Patterson, R. & K. Porteous, I. Povalyaev, N. Saunders, S. Shadick, M. Sharp, B. Shettler, A. Smith, J. & B. Snydal-Manikel, R. & D. Stani- forth, P. Taylor, G. Wagner, D. Weidl, N. West, W. Woodard. n –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Rudolf F. Koes, 135 rossmere crescent, Winnipeg, Manitoba r2K 0G1, ( Peter Taylor, p. o. Box 597, pinawa, Manitoba r0e 1L0, ( Mockingbirds near St. Laurent 17 Jun–7 Jul (RKo, m.ob.), at Gillam late Jun (fde BC), and near Black's Point 16 Jul (HH). A Sprague's Pipit near St. Ambroise 18 Jun (RKo) and a likely bird near Woodridge, MB 23 Jun (RC, RA) were well e. of their known current range. A long-staying Prothonotary Warbler at Regina 1 Jun–9 Jul delighted many birders while providing about the eighth record for Saskatchewan (BL, m.ob., ph.). A Common Yellowthroat at Hubbard Point (75 km nw. of Churchill, MB) 24 Jun was n. of its usual range (CA, KK). A pair of Tennessee Warblers bred successfully at Saskatoon, SK (NS); this spe- cies has in recent years taken up residence in mature mixed-wood lots in suburban and rural areas. A Northern Parula near Wildhorse, AB in Jun (fde TK) and a Black-throated Blue War- bler at Winston Churchill P.P., AB 6 Jun (JF et al., ph.) were far w. of their breeding ranges. Closer to its normal range was a Black-throated Blue Warbler at Moose Lake, MB 17 Jun (RP). An extralimital Spotted Towhee was e. of Lenswood, MB 19 Jun (R&DS). Field Sparrows low Rails could not be found at the normally reliable Douglas Marsh, MB (CC) but did turn up at scattered localities elsewhere in Manito- ba. Up to 3 American Coots were at Churchill in early Jun (RKo, Churchill Northern Studies Centre group). For the third year in a row, 3 Whooping Cranes summered at Mudstick Lake, AB (MS, m.ob.). Documentation would be much appreciated for a potential provincial- frst Red-necked Stint, reported without details at Churchill in early Jun. GULLS THROUGH OLD WORLD SPARROWS A Glaucous Gull at Cranberry Portage, MB 13 Jun (MD, JG) was a rare summer fnd. A Great Black-backed Gull was found during breeding bird atlas work in the Caribou River area of ex- treme n. Manitoba 26 Jun (CA, KK). A Parasitic Jaeger was unexpected at Pakowki Lake 25 Jul (GF, JF). A Eurasian Collared-Dove near Pine Dock 26 Jun was the farthest n. in Manitoba that the species has been reported (BS). An out- of-season Snowy Owl was near Yellow Grass, SK 16 Jun, the third consecutive year for such a record (VM). A feeder at Mountain View, AB hosted a Black-chinned Hummingbird 6-10 Jun (NW); the species has been reported there a number of times in recent years. A Dusky Flycatcher at the Claybank Brick Plant in s.-cen. Saskatchewan 12 Jun (AS) was the frst in the province to be found away from the Cypress Hills. A Scissor-tailed Flycatcher photographed in Kananaskis Country 19 Jun was about the tenth for Alberta (RKl). A pair of Western Bluebirds was at a nest box in the sw. corner of Alberta 11 Jul (fde TK). In Manitoba, Wood Thrushes were noted near Ste. Anne 3 Jun (G. Budyk), at Garson 22-26 Jun (RKo, m.ob.), and near Whitemouth Lake 23 Jul (GB, DD). Also notable in Manitoba were Northern A pair of Mississippi Kites nested in a suburban area of Winnipeg, Manitoba from July into August 2014 (here 5 August). One young was reared to near-fedging, but it fell from the nest and was abandoned. It was rescued and taken in for rehabilitation. This repre- sents the frst breeding record of the species for Canada. Photograph by Michael Loyd. Long overdue for Manitoba was its frst Black-throated Sparrow, near St. Jean Baptiste, where it frequented a feeder on 6 (here) and 7 June 2014. Photograph by Joy and Barry Snydal-Manikel. Much to the delight of numerous local birders, this male Protho- notary Warbler lingered at Regina, Saskatchewan from 1 (here 6) June through 9 July 2014. It represented about the eighth record for the province. Photograph by Kim Mann. This Scissor-tailed Flycatcher, found at Peter Lougheed Provincial Park on 19 June 2014, provided about the tenth record for Alberta. Photograph by Raymond Klassen.

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