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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 518 n o r t h e r n c a n a d a & g r e e n l a n d Dovekie was seen in Baffn Bay, Greenland 21 Jul (DC). GULLS THROUGH FINCHES Exceptional counts of Black-legged Kittiwakes included 10,750 at Akpait National Wildlife Area, Baffn Island, Nunavut 27 Jul (GC), and about 1000 were at Coburg Island, Nunavut 26 Jul (LP). Totals of 240 Black-legged Kittiwakes, 140 Iceland Gulls, and 2 Lesser Black- backed Gulls were seen at Søndre Strømfjord, Greenland 24 Jul (MS). Two reports of Ivory Gull this season, both from Nunavut, involved 2 along the foe edge at Cape Crowford 7 Jun (CK) and 5 at Nasaruvaalik Island 18 Jun (IP). Some 200 Herring Gulls were at Rankin Inlet, Nunavut 5 Jun (DBl, RKo). The season's high counts of 817 Glaucous Gulls and 121 Thayer's Gulls were recorded at Arctic Bay, Nunavut 3 Jun (CK). A count of 80 eastbound Glaucous Gulls past Herschel Island, n. Yukon 22 Jun was indicative of a late migrant movement of nonbreeding birds (CEc). Reports of Sabine's Gulls included an interior migrant fock of 55 at Tthe Ndu Lake, s. Yukon 3 Jun (TH, PP), 3 at Watson Lake, s. Yukon (JJ), 55 at Cambridge Bay, Nunavut 12 Jun (VJ), and 15 along with 4 Ross's Gulls at Nasaruvaalik Island, Nunavut 17 Jun (IP). Three Caspian Terns, casual in s. Yukon, were at M'Clintock Bay 17 Jun (JH). Black Tern is at the edge of its breeding range in s. Northwest Territories; 25 were seen between Yellowknife and Big River 2 Jul (RH). An impressive 140 Arctic Terns were reported from Tagish Narrows, s. Yukon 15 Jun (SVD), while a boat trip out of Hubbard Point, Nunavut tallied 50 on 26 Jun (CA). A s. Yukon Common Nighthawk survey counted 156 territorial birds 13-24 Jul (JJ). A colony of 270 Bank Swallows was noted at Fort Simpson, NWT 14 Jul (DT). Breeding congregations of Cliff Swallows included: a total of 550 at three locations around Haines Junction, sw. Yukon 4 Jun (BD, CEc); 250 at Eagle Plains, cen. Yukon 5 Jun (TH, PP); 200 at Two Moose Lake, cen. Yukon 8 Jun (CEc); 150 at Carcross, s. Yukon 17 Jul (DM); and 115 at Tagish, s. Yukon 18 Jul (DM). Three Barn Swallows, well n. of their range, were at sw. Bylot Island, Nunavut 27 Jun (AR). A Western Kingbird, casual in the Yukon, was at Dezadeash Lake 2 Jun (ph. TH, KK, AP, PP, MW). The Region's high count of 24 Marsh Wrens came from Fox Holes Rd., Fort Smith, NWT 14 Jul (DBr). Northern Wheatear is a widespread breeder across the Region; reports this season included 7 displaying males at Herschel Island, n. Yukon, where this species is casual, 13-26 Jun (CEc); a family group of 5 on Surfbird Mountain, cen. Yukon 15 Jul (JJ); 7 at Iqualuit, Nunavut 30 Jun (SS); and 30 Baird's Sandpipers came from Bylot Island, Nunavut 17 Jul (PRB, DLB); 27 were at Marcil Lake, Arctic Bay, Nunavut 17 Jun (CK); and 4 were seen at Nasaruvaalik Island, Nunavut 17 Jun (IP). Buff-breasted Sandpiper is a scarce breeder across the Region; 7 were at sw. Bylot Island, Nunavut 23-24 Jun (DLB); 3 were at Bell Bluff, Herschel Island, n. Yukon 22 Jun (CE, SM, RJ); 3 were at Simpson Point 23 Jun (ph. CEc); and one was at sw. Bylot Island, Nunavut 17 Jul (PRB, DLB). A Pomarine Jaeger was unexpected at Fort Simpson, NWT 3 Jun (DBr). At Pond Inlet, Nunavut, totals of 15 Pomarine, 8 Parasitic, and 60 Long-tailed Jaegers were recorded 30-31 Jul (WR); 20 Long-tailed Jaegers were recorded at sw. Bylot Island, Nunavut 16 Jul (YS). Low numbers of small mammals along the Yukon's North Coast meant lean times for jaegers; a Long-tailed Jaeger was observed eating cranberries at Herschel Island, n. Yukon 14 Jun (CEc, RJ, SM); and a fock of 13 Long-tailed Jaegers on the tundra at Herschel Island 16 Jun appeared to be foregoing breeding (CEc, RJ, SM); likewise, at Running River, a nonbreeding fock of 48 Long-tailed Jaegers was seen 27 Jun (BD). An estimated 150,000 Thick-billed Murres were reported from the seabird colony at Akpait National Wildlife Area, Baffn Island, Nunavut 27 Jul (GC), while 10,000 along with a Razorbill were at Digges Island, Nunavut 15 Jul (GS) and 1000 at Coburg Island, Nunavut 26 Jul (LP). An impressive 495 Black Guillemots were along the foe edge at Cape Crowford, Nunavut 7 Jun (CK); 110 were at Wager Bay, Ukkusiksalik N.P., Nunavut 28 Jul (SB). A lone Razorbill was seen offshore sw. of Digges Island, Nunavut 27 Jul (JK). A ship- based observer on the Greenland Sea reported a total of 17 Dovekies 4-5 Jun (CG); another Grebe, well n. of its range, was at Gravel Lake, cen. Yukon 3 & 7 Jun (TH, PP). A count of 25 Northern Fulmars was recorded at Uluksa Point, Arctic Bay, Nunavut 20 Jul (CK), while 225 were at Akpait National Wildlife Area, Baffn Island, Nunavut 27 Jul (GC). American White Pelican is regular in s. Northwest Territories; 22 were at Fort Smith 14 Jul (DBr). Turkey Vultures wander widely in the Region, and singles were seen at Repulse Bay, Nunavut 2 Jun (AO) and between Yellowknife and Big River, NWT 2 Jul (ph. RH). American Bittern is rare but regular in s. Northwest Territories; 3 were at Yohin Lake, Nahanni N.P. 19 Jun (DT), and 2 were near Fort Smith 14 Jul (DBr). Three Broad-winged Hawks, rare in sw. Northwest Territories, were seen at Fort Liard 11 Jun (RP). Rarer still in Northwest Territories was a Swainson's Hawk seen at Nahanni N.P. 5 Jul (DT). A Yellow Rail, rare and local in s. Northwest Territories, was observed along Fox Holes Rd. near Fort Smith 14 Jul (DBr). A fock of 11 late migrant Black-bellied Plovers was at Yellowknife, NWT 4 Jun (DBr). A total of 20 American Golden-Plovers was recorded at Cambridge Bay, Nunavut 8 Jul (JA, SD, DG, RKn). Nunavut produced some impressive counts for Common Ringed Plover, including 39 at Pond Inlet 30 Jul (WR), 15 along the lower Macdonald River, Quittinirpaaq N.P., Ellesmere Island 2 Jul (JMi), and 10 at sw. Bylot Island, Nunavut 17 Jul (PRB, DLB). A pair of Common Ringed Plovers, just the second Yukon record, was at Herschel Island 23 Jun (ph. CEc, RJ, SM). Researchers at Akimiski Island, Nunavut recorded their high counts of 16 Hudsonian Godwits 24 Jun (EN, JMc) and 7 Marbled Godwits 27 Jun (WW, EN). A high count of 95 migrant Red Knots was recorded at Pond Inlet, Nunavut 5 Jun (DLB). A tally of Sabine's Gull is rarely observed in the spring as a migrant through the interior on Northern Canada. This fock of 55 on Tthe Ndu Lake, southern Yukon 3 June 2014 was a welcome surprise for a group of travelling birders. Photograph by Tom Hince.

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