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VOLUME 68 NO4 2015

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V O L U M E 6 8 ( 2 0 1 5 ) • N U M B E R 4 513 T e n n e s s e e & K e n T u c K y Steve Graham, Teresa Graham, Mark Greene, Ian Horn, Janet Howard, Eddie Huber, Kathi Hutton, John Anthony Jones (JAJ), Rick L. Knight (RLK) (ne. Tennessee), Roy Knispel (RKn), David Lang, Dave & Bonnie Langner (D&BL), Sam Lawson, John Leon, Evan Leon, Frank Lyne, Jonnie Sue Lyons (JSL), Larry Mc- Daniel (LMc), Joe McGuiness (JMc), Tom Mc- Neil (TMc), John Meredig, Daniel Moss, mul- tiple observers (m.ob.), Tina Nauman, Ronan O'Carra, Brainard Palmer-Ball, Jr., Lyda Phillips, Eddie Pauley, Brookie & Jean Potter (B&JP), Constance Powell, Scott Record, Frank Ren- frow, Tommie Rogers, Vicki Sandage, Jan K. Shaw (JKS), Jeff Sole (JSo), Scott G. Somer- shoe (SGS) (middle Tennessee), Bryan Stevens, Ruben Stoll, Victor Stoll, Del Striegel, Holly & Mark Taylor (H&MT), Charles Thompson, Michael C. Todd (MCT) (w. Tennessee), Mark Tower (MTo), Darrel Wilder, Terry Witt, Barbara Woerner (BWo), Stefan Woltmann, Brian Wul- ker (BWu), Antonio Xeira, Mary Yandell. n –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Chris Sloan, 2036 Priest Road, nashville, Tennessee 37215, ( Brainard Palmer-Ball, Jr., 8207 Old Westport Road, Louisville, Kentucky 40222, ( locations in Hale, AL, where they are becom- ing regular (D&JS, SRM). A female was at Sea- man 3 Jul (m.ob.), but no breeding evidence was reported this year. Breeding was confrmed here last summer, representing one of the few known breeding sites in Mississippi. Common Loons are not completely unex- pected in summer on the coast, but 4 at Pelican Island/Dauphin 10 Jul was a high number (ph. AHaf). Pied-billed Grebes continue to have a scattered presence in the M.R. and I.C.P. One was at Limestone Park, Shelby 2 Jun–16 Jul (KW et al.), 2 were n. of Hartford, Geneva 19- 27 Jul (RW, RI), up to 4 were at Hope Hull, Montgomery 27-30 Jul (LFG). Two Northern Gannets were at Fort Morgan on 15 & 28 Jun (MJJ), rare but regular on the coast in summer. Wheeler continued to host a pair of Anhingas from locations on the G.C. not typical for re- cent years, including 5 at Pelican Island/Dau- phin 8 Jun (AHaf) and 2 at Belforest, Baldwin 27-30 Jun (ph. KC). Still rare in the I.C.P., up to 12 were in Hacoda, Geneva 10-20 Jul (ph. OHJ), a site that also had birds in 2012. The summer high count for Canada Goose in the T.V. was established at 297 in Lauderdale 13 Jun (DJS). An injured Gadwall was at Noxubee 23 Jun–16 Jul (vt. TLS, JH), and another injured individual lingered at Eufaula N.W.R., Barbour 13-27 Jul marking the frst summer occurrence for the I.C.P. (ph. JAT). Blue-winged Teal are uncommon breeders in the Region. A pair was probably nesting 2-21 Jun at Limestone Park, Shelby, AL (ph. KW, PHF, SC). Two males and one female were at W.P.S.L. 9 Jun+, but no evi- dence of nesting was found (TLS). Three were also at Leighton, Colbert, AL 25 Jun (DJS). Five Northern Shovelers were at Limestone Park, Shelby 9 Jun (PHF), providing the third sum- mer record for the M.R. A female Redhead was a rare summering bird at Seaman, lingering from the spring season 15 May–10 Jul (m.ob.). A male Lesser Scaup summered for the sec- ond consecutive year at W.P.S.L. (TLS). An- other male was at Town Creek Marsh, Colbert, AL 22 Jun (ph. JDG). A male Buffehead was a nice fnd 15 Jun at Guntersville Lake, Mar- shall, providing the second summer record for Alabama (ph. JDG). An uncommon breeder in the I.C.P., 7 Hooded Mergansers were counted on the Sprott B.B.S. route, Perry 4 Jun (ECS). A male Red-breasted Merganser at Short Creek, Marshall, AL was a rare inland sum- mering individual 23 Jun (ph. JDG). Several Ruddy Ducks were reported in the Region. A male was at W.P.S.L. for the entire period, providing the frst summering record for that area (TLS). One female- type was seen 6 Jul+ at two John A. Trent –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– W eather this season was generally unremarkable, with near-average statistics for both months. Tempera- tures in June were very near normal, and rain- fall amounts measured slightly above average. July temperatures were below average by ap- proximately 3° F, with rainfall below normal by just over an inch. This season was productive in terms of summering waterfowl, uncommon nesting species, and frst summer records for both states. Abbreviations: Dauphin (Dauphin Island, Mo- bile, AL); Fort Morgan (Fort Morgan State His- torical Site, Baldwin, AL); G.C. (Gulf Coastal Re- gion of s. Alabama); I.C.P. (Inland Coastal Plain Region of s.-cen. Alabama); M.R. (Mountain Re- gion of n. Alabama); Noxubee (Noxubee N.W.R., Noxubee/Oktibbeha/Winston, MS); Seaman (Sea- man Road Lagoons, Jackson, MS); S.B.C. (Sum- mer Bird Count); T.V. (Tennessee Valley Region of n. Alabama); W.P.S.L. (West Point Sewage Lagoon, Clay, MS); Wheeler (Wheeler N.W.R., Limestone/Morgan/Madison, AL). WATERFOWL THROUGH PELICANS Black-bellied Whistling-Ducks were reported Alabama & Mississippi This Red Phalarope was a rare fnd along the Mississippi River at Palmyra Lake/Davis Island, Warren County 19 July 2014, marking the frst summer record for Mississippi. Photograph by Layne Logan. Representing only the second summer record for Alabama, this male Bufehead was at Guntersville Lake, Marshall County 22 June 2014. The bird showed no signs of injury and was seen actively diving, foraging, and fying. Photographs by Jerry D. Greene.

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