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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 512 T e n n e s s e e & K e n T u c K y livan and one site in Washington were notewor- thy. An ad. male Rose-breasted Grosbeak along Middle Creek Rd., Boone, KY 7 Jun (KH, GF et al.) may have been on territory or a tardy mi- grant. Territorial Bobolinks continued through the season at Camp Nelson Civil War Park, Jes- samine, KY (m.ob.); single males were noted at two different locales just w. of Midway, Wood- ford, KY 23-25 Jun (IH); 4 (possibly a family group) were at Hisle Farm Park, Fayette, KY 17 Jul (ph. TN) with 12 there 20 Jul (JSo); and a fock of 75 at Shaker Village, Mercer, KY 19 Jul (DL, ASK) must have contained multiple family groups from successful nesting nearby. An ad. male Yellow-headed Blackbird at Vo- nore, Monroe, TN 3 Jul (ph. D&BL) furnished a highly unexpected frst summer record for the state. A fedgling Brown-headed Cowbird was seen following an ad. Lark Sparrow along McDonald Landing Rd., Henderson 25 Jul (BP, EH) representing a frst documented report of cowbird parasitism of the sparrow in Kentucky. Red Crossbills were reported from likely breeding areas on Roan Mountain (2-3 through Jun) (RLK, m.ob.) and at Street's Gap, Unicoi, TN (one on 13 Jun) (TMc). Similarly, a pair of Pine Siskins at the summit of Roan Mountain 2 Jun (RLK) and 2-3 at another location on Roan Mountain 17-25 Jul (B&JP, m.ob.) were also present at areas where the species has nested in recent years. Cited contributors (subregional editors in boldface): Audubon Society of Kentucky (ASK), Hugh Barger, Tiffany Beachy (TBe), Colleen Becker, Tom Becker (ToB), Mark Betcher (MBe), Melissa Bishop (MBi), Mike Brown (MBr), John Brunjes, Kevin A. Calhoon (se. Tennessee), Mike Callan (MCa), Joan Carr, Spencer Coffey, Wallace Coffey, Marge Constan (MCo), Charlie Crawford, Roseanna Denton, Melissa Easley, K. Dean Edwards (KDE), Les Estep, Rand Falls, Ginny Fantetti, Frank Fekel, Clayton Ferrell, Jul (RS) was far away from any known breeding location. Two Fish Crows on Little Elder Island, Woods Reservoir, Franklin, TN 3 Jun (SGS) may her- ald additional expansion within the state. The only Red-breasted Nuthatches reported were at the traditional Rock Bridge, Wolfe, KY nesting area during Jun (FR, m.ob.). One to 2 Brown- headed Nuthatches continued at the Marshall, KY nesting area during the season (m.ob.). An active Brown Creeper nest, the frst document- ed for e. Kentucky, was found at Rock Bridge, Wolfe 5 Jun (ph. FR, ph. BP). A Sedge Wren at Surrey Hills Farm, Jefferson, KY 28 Jul (BP) was the only one reported. A tardy Swainson's Thrush lingered at Lexington, KY through 2 Jun (MTo). The presence of 2-3 Hermit Thrushes and 2-3 male Magnolia Warblers through the season on Roan Mountain (RLK) indicates possible breeding. Similarly, a female and 4 male Yellow-rumped Warblers were found on Roan Mountain 2 Jun (RLK), with 2 present through Jun (m.ob.), also suggesting breeding there. Two to 3 Magnolia Warblers on Unaka Mountain, Unicoi, TN through the season (RKn, m.ob.) also suggest they may be breeding at that location. A male Brewster's Warbler was noted in a Golden-winged Warbler breeding area at Hampton Creek Cove, Carter, TN 19 Jun (JAJ). The only Bachman's Sparrow reported in Kentucky was from the traditional breeding area at Fort Campbell, Trigg 4 Jun (DM). Similarly, Tennessee's lone report was from Fort Camp- bell, Montgomery 1 Jul (SGS, DM). The only Kentucky reports of Lark Sparrow came from w. Henderson, where up to 6 (25 Jul) including juvs. were found along McDonald Landing Rd. (ph. CC et al.). Reports of Savannah Sparrow away from known breeding areas included 2 (including a singing bird) along Butler Branch Rd. nne. of Columbia, Adair, KY 11 Jun (†RD); a singing bird at Valley Oak Cemetery, Casey, KY 30 Jun (v.r. RD); one nw. of Powderly, Muhlen- berg, KY 6 Jul (ph. SG, TG); and one heard along Hidden Lake Rd. e. of Glasgow, Barren, KY 29 Jul (†AX). One to 3 in Washington, TN 28 May–15 Jul (RLK) and 2 at Shady Valley, John- son, TN 3 Jun (RLK) might represent breeding birds. One to 2 Vesper Sparrows were present through Jun on Roan Mountain (RLK, m.ob.), where the species is known to breed. Reports of Henslow's Sparrow of interest included 2 at Fort Campbell, Trigg, KY 1 Jun (DM), with 3 there 4 Jun (DM); 3 heard e. of Columbia, Adair, KY 9 Jun (RD); and one heard nnw. of Columbia, Adair, KY 10 Jun (RD). Three Dickcissels were still on territory at the Eastpark Industrial Park, Boyd/Greenup, KY 7 Jun (CT), with one still there 13 Jul (CT). Dickcissels are highly local in e. Tennessee, so reports from two sites each in Greene and Sul- time in several years. On the Mississippi River and Ohio River, nesting appeared to be relative- ly successful, with 750-1000 active nests be- low Watson Point, Fulton, KY; 250 active nests on the sandbar downstream from Middle Bar, Hickman, KY; and 49 nests on the Ohio River upstream from Ledbetter, Livingston, KY during the season (CP, JB). The number of nesting fail- ures seemed to be relatively modest, with most caused primarily by depredation and rises in water level (CP, JB). Five Black Terns were on the Mississippi River downstream from Watson Point, Fulton, 12 Jun (JB), with 3 at the same locale 9 Jul (JB). Three presumed late spring migrant Common Terns were seen along the Mississippi River at the Middle Bar sandbar, Hickman, KY 4 Jun (†JB). A White-winged Dove was at Murray, Callo- way, KY 11-12 Jun (ph. ME). An active Yellow- bellied Sapsucker nest was found at Iron Moun- tain Gap, Unicoi, TN during early Jun (JMc); in addition, single individuals were found at three other sites in Unicoi, TN 14 Jun (TMc, BS, RKn), and another was on Roan Mountain 7 Jun (RLK). A Merlin on Roan Mountain 18 Jun (RLK) furnished the second summer record for the location and the state; observers should be attentive for nesting by this species. Likely nesting Peregrine Falcons were found at Alum Cave Bluff, Great Smoky Mountains N.P., Sevi- er, TN 30 May and 2 Jun (one ad., 3 juvs.) (TiB) and on Unaka Mountain, Unicoi, TN 14-19 Jun (one ad., 2-3 juvs.) (RKn, m.ob.). FLYCATCHERS THROUGH SISKINS One to 2 Alder Flycatchers lingered through Jun at Hampton Creek Cover, Carter, TN (m.ob.) and were the only ones reported away from the known breeding population nearby on Roan Mountain. Western Kingbirds were unreported away from known breeding areas at Ensley and on President's Island, sw. Shelby, TN. A pair of Scissor-tailed Flycatchers with an active nest was found se. of Utica, Daviess, KY 18 Jul (JH, ph. MBr et al.); the family group remained in the area for several weeks. In Ten- nessee, all reports came from known breeding areas in Marion, Sequatchie, Rutherford, and Shelby, although a female and juv. near a nest near Canyon Road, Marion 17 Jul (JSL) ap- peared to represent a new territory. Kentucky reports of Bell's Vireo of inter- est included up to 3 at Sandy Watkins Park, Henderson during the season (CC); several at scattered locales along KY 268, w. Henderson during the season (JM, CC et al.); one at Fort Campbell, Trigg 1 Jun (DM); and one at Fort Campbell, Christian 13 Jun (DM, SGS). Tennes- see's only reports were also from Fort Camp- bell, Montgomery 13 Jun and 1 Jul (DM, SGS). A Blue-headed Vireo at Lobelville, Perry, TN 20 Scissor-tailed Flycatcher remains an extremely rare and unpre- dictable breeder in Kentucky. These fedglings (here 25 July 2014) were from a nest in southern Daviess County and constituted a frst breeding record for the county. No other pairs are known to have nested in Kentucky in 2014. Photograph by Kate Hannah.

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