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V O L U M E 6 8 ( 2 0 1 5 ) • N U M B E R 4 511 T e n n e s s e e & K e n T u c K y present during the previous two summers. A presumed very tardy spring migrant Black- bellied Plover was at the Falls of the Ohio 16 Jun (EH, DS, ToB). A Piping Plover was at Duck River 27 Jul (RS). Two Semipalmated Plovers in s. Jefferson, KY 2 Jun (EH) were the latest spring migrants reported. Four American Avocets at Austin Springs, Washington, TN 24 Jul (RLK) were unusually early fall transients. Two tardy or nesting Spotted Sandpipers were seen on the Mississippi River downstream from Watson Point, Fulton, KY 5 Jun (JB). There were three late Jun reports of probable early fall migrants: one in w. Henderson, KY 22 Jun (CC); one in s. Jefferson, KY 24 Jun (EH); and one at Guthrie Swamp, Todd, KY 28 Jun (FL). Single Greater Yellowlegs at Petros Pond, Warren, KY 19 Jun (ph. JSo) and in w. Henderson, KY 22 Jun (ph. CC) were presumably very early fall migrants. A tardy Lesser Yellowlegs lingered in s. Jeffer- son, KY until 2 Jun (EH). An Upland Sandpiper at Duck River 27 Jul (RS) was the only one reported. Four Stilt Sandpipers at Duck River 8 Jul (SGS) were unusually early. A relatively early Sanderling at the Falls of the Ohio 23 Jul (DS) and another at Island 13, Mississippi Riv- er, Lake, TN 26 Jul (RS, VS, TW) were the only ones reported. A Baird's Sandpiper at Duck River 8 Jul (SGS) established a record early fall date for Tennessee. A Least Sandpiper in s. Jef- ferson, KY 24 Jun (EH) was apparently an early fall migrant. Twenty-two Semipalmated Sand- pipers were still in s. Jefferson, KY 2 Jun (EH). A very early Long-billed Dowitcher was at Guth- rie Swamp, Todd, KY 9 Jul (ph. FL). Approxi- mately 200 Ring-billed Gulls had returned to Kentucky Dam Village S.P., Marshall, KY by 23 Jul (BP). A presumed summering second-cycle Herring Gull was at the Falls of the Ohio 14 Jun and 15 Jul (ph. ToB, CB), with a very early juv. there 29-31 Jul (ph. ToB, CB, BP, DS). A Least Tern at Jacobson Park, Fayette, KY 7 Jul (†RO) was a local frst and very far out of range for the time of year; 6-7 ads. and 2 large chicks were e. of Morganfeld, Union, KY 25 Jul (BP, EH), confrming breeding there for the frst was at Reelfoot N.W.R., Obion, TN 4 Jul (LP). There were fve Kentucky reports of American White Pelicans: 2 in w. Henderson 9 Jun (ph. CC); 8 still on Lake Barkley, Lyon 10 Jun (JSo); one at the Falls of the Ohio 17 Jun (ph. BWo); one at Lexington, Fayette 22 Jun (ph. EP); and 6 on Mitchell Lake, Ballard W.M.A., Ballard in early Jul (SR). In Tennessee, none were reported away from regular summer locations at Tennessee N.W.R. and on Reelfoot Lake. Up to 8 (18 Jun) Least Bitterns were seen/ heard at Adkins Swamp during Jun and early Jul (SG, TG, JSo). A Little Blue Heron was at Cedar Creek Lake, Lincoln, KY 6 Jun (ph. TN), with 3 there 27 Jun (ph. TN). A Snowy Egret lingered in s. Jefferson, KY through 19 Jun (EH), with perhaps the same bird at the Falls of the Ohio 9-11 Jul (CB, ToB et al.). Snowy Egrets once again nested on Little Elder Island, Woods Reservoir, Franklin, TN, with 4 and a nest with young, observed there 3 Jun (SGS). A Cattle Egret at Elk Run G.C., Pike, KY 4 Jun (LE fde JC) was a frst for far e. Kentucky. An imm. White Ibis was at Joachim Bible Refuge, Greene, TN 19-20 Jul (DW). Two pairs of Mississippi Kites apparently had nests at St. Matthews, Jefferson, KY this year as 2 juvs. were observed together during early Aug (the only known nest had only one young; MCo, ph. BWo, MY et al.). Other Ken- tucky reports of interest included one at Chero- kee Park, Louisville 15 Jun (MCa) and one to 2 at Ryland Heights, Kenton, during the third week of Jun (MBe, †EL, JL) that represented a frst for the extreme n.-cen. portion of the state. One at Clarksville, Montgomery, TN 9 Jul (SW) was unexpected away from w. Tennessee. The upward trend in the number of occupied nesting territories of Bald Eagles in Kentucky continued, with 131 territories, including 13 at new locales, documented during spring 2014 (cf. Heyden, K. 2014. 2014 Bald Eagle Nesting Activity in Kentucky. Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources. Frankfort, KY). A Sharp-shinned Hawk in Dyer, TN 2 Jul (MG) was rare for summer. A Golden Eagle was at Roan Mountain 11 Jul (H&MT). RAILS THROUGH FALCONS A Virginia Rail heard at Adkins Swamp 18 Jun (JSo, SG) was the only one reported. The only report of Common Gallinule was one at the Minor Clark Fish Hatchery, Rowan, KY 6-8 Jun (BWu, VS). A Sandhill Crane at Duck River 3 Jun (CF) was possibly the same individual in Shelby, TN? Two presumably injured Greater White-fronted Geese continued at Ensley 6 Jul (SL). A family group of Mute Swans was pres- ent at Adkins Swamp through the season (SG, TG et al.). An ad. male Gadwall was on a pond in Whites Bottom, Cumberland, KY 18 Jun (ph. RD). A female Blue-winged Teal at Walter S. Davis Marsh, Nashville, TN 2 Jun (FF) was likely a late spring transient. Tardy male North- ern Shovelers lingered at Sandy Watkins Park, Henderson, KY through 4 Jun (CC) and in s. Jef- ferson, KY until 24 Jun (EH). A Northern Pintail in Union, KY 25 Jul (BP, EH) was presumably an early fall migrant. A female Canvasback (perhaps injured) was observed at the mouth of the Little Sandy River, Greenup, KY 12-26 Jul (†CT). A male Lesser Scaup at Radnor Lake State Natural Area, Nashville, TN 8 Jun (JKS) was fully capable of fight. A possibly injured male White-winged Scoter at Nickajack Dam, Marion, TN 17 Jul (TR) furnished the state's frst summer record. Hooded Mergansers are not expected breeders in Tennessee other than in the w. portion, so the following three reports from e. Tennessee were noteworthy: one at Steele Creek Park, Sullivan 1 Jun (LMc); one in Knox 9 Jun (KDE); and 2 at Joachim Bible Refuge, Greene 28 Jun, with one still present there 16 Jul (DW). A Red-breasted Merganser at Brainerd Levee, Hamilton, TN 6 Jun (HB) was also out of season. Single Common Loons were at J. Percy Priest Dam, Nashville, TN 9 Jul (SC) and on the Fish- ing Creek embayment of Lake Cumberland, Pulaski, KY 15 Jul (RD). Single Pied-billed Grebes were reported at Brown Park, Louis- ville, KY 24 Jun (MBi, RF) and at the Sauerhe- ber Unit Sloughs W.M.A., Henderson, KY 15 Jul (CC). A Horned Grebe in breeding plumage on South Holston Lake, Sullivan, TN 24 Jun (WC) furnished only the third summer record for Tennessee. Wood Storks are casual away from the Mississippi River in sw. Tennessee, so one at Duck River 16 Jul (CF) was exceptional. Up to 5 Anhingas (17 Jun) were present and likely breeding at a heronry in Macedonia Bottoms, Gibson, TN 17 Jun–10 Jul (MG, m.ob.). One Mute Swans continue to be relatively uncommon winter visitors in the Tennessee and Kentucky region. This pair at Adkins Swamp (here with three cygnets 18 June 2014) are the only pair currently known to nest in Kentucky. Photograph by Jef Sole. Mississippi Kites continue their slow expansion into central Kentucky. This nest (here 10 July) was one of two documented nestings in Jeferson County during 2014. Photograph by Barbara Woerner.

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