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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 508 I o wa & m I s s o u r I Few late northbound shorebirds were found; 65 White-rumped Sandpipers and 140 Semipal- mated Sandpipers at Eagle Bluffs 2 Jun (BJ) were the largest focks noted. Late shorebirds in Iowa included a Black-bellied Plover and Hudsonian Godwit, both 4 Jun in Hancock (SJD), a late Mar- bled Godwit at Lower Morse Lake W.P.A., Wright 4 Jun (ph. SJD), single Dunlins in Johnson 3 Jun (MB) and at Big Wall Lake 3-4 Jun (SJD), and 3 Wilson's Phalaropes at Saylorville 2 Jun (R&PA). Mid-summer shorebirds included three pairs of Black-necked Stilts at Pershing 24-28 Jun (SK), 2 birds at B. K. Leach C.A., Lincoln 5 Jul (PL), and up to 4 at R.M.B.S. 7 Jun–1 Jul (BR, m.ob.). Iowa's only Black-necked Stilt was one at Iowa City, Johnson 15 Jun (ph. Sharon Bauer). Single American Golden-Plovers at R.M.B.S. 22 Jun (Connie Atwood, BR) and in Fremont, IA 7 Jul (Matt Dolliver) are hard to categorize. Upland Sandpipers were found in 12 Iowa counties (m.ob.), most of them probably breed- ing there. Up to 6 were found in Missouri's w. counties, with 15 at Dunn Ranch, Harrison 8 Jun (m.ob.) the most. Elsewhere, singles were in Boone 8 Jun (RD), Eagle Bluffs 28 Jun (BJ), and Pershing 22 Jul (SK). Southbound migration was fairly slow, with few reports of large concentrations in either state and most reports from the last week of Jul. The Region's only American Avocets were all in Mis- souri: one at Longview Lake 14 Jul (KD), 5 in Linn 15 Jul (SK), 2 at Eagle Bluffs 27 Jul (SH, BJ), and 7 at Stockton Lake 27 Jul (E&GSa). Iowa had a furry of Willet reports on 12 Jul, with 3 at tumwa, Wapello (R&PA, BSc). Bald Eagles con- tinued to thrive, with about 400 active territories in all but three of Iowa's 99 counties (SS). North- ern Harriers were found in one Missouri and fve Iowa counties, but no one indicated evidence of nesting (m.ob.). A rare summer resident, one or 2 Sharp-shinned Hawks were found in seven Missouri counties roughly from Columbia to Springfeld, with several seen attacking birds at a feeder in Columbia, Boone (Paul McKenzie) the farthest north. Few Broad-winged Hawks were reported: singles were in Adair and Clay, n. Mis- souri 2 Jul (BC, Marky Mutchler), where rare. Swainson's Hawks continued in their sw. Mis- souri outpost with several reports from Greene, including a nest with young in Springfeld 7 Jun–11 Jul and singles in Barton and Lawrence (CB, SL, m.ob.). Iowa's Swainson's Hawks were singles in Lyon 5 Jun (SJD) and Sioux 27 Jun (LS), both in nw. Iowa. Iowa King Rails were an ad. at Big Wall Lake 3 Jun (SJD) and 2 juvs. at Hawkeye 13 Jul (†Di- ana Pesek). Virginia Rails in Iowa included 11 plus a nest at Big Wall Lake 3 Jun (SJD) and singles at Green Island, Palo Alto, and Worth (JFu, MSIM, RG). Up to 5 Soras were found in 10 mostly n.-cen. Iowa counties (m.ob.). In Iowa, Common Gallinule broods were found 3 Jun at Big Wall Lake (SJD) and at Green Island 7 & 23 Jul (JFu, DE). Elsewhere, one or 2 were found at Cone Marsh, Louisa and Otter Creek Marsh, Tama (m.ob.). In Missouri, in addition to 4 ads. and 12 juvs. at Squaw Creek 17-30 Jul (PHa, Mike Stewart, m.ob.), one was in Boone 8 Jun (GL) and one or 2 were at B. K. Leach C.A., Lincoln 4-17 Jul (J&CM, m.ob.). Sandhill Cranes probably nested in most of the 25 Iowa counties where they were found (m.ob.). Other than a brood at Riverton W.A., Fremont (Amanda Smith, fde SJD), all were in the e. half of the state. The highest count was 11 at Green Island 4 Jul (JFo). Besides a pair with a colt 25 Jun–30 Jul at Squaw Creek (ph. Charlotte Ross, m.ob.), 2 ads. were present for much of the summer both at Swan Lake N.W.R., Chariton and in John- son (SK, Alan Branhagen), but no evidence of successful nesting was noted. several reports of up to 9 through mid-Jul along the Mississippi River as well as reports of up to 5 scattered across the state from Boone, Cass, Henry, Holt, and Vernon (m.ob.). Iowa's only Snowy Egrets were an ad. and a juv. at Frazer's Bend 30 Jul (SJD). Besides singles in Boone and Phelps (William Wood, GL), Little Blue Herons were found in six counties each in w. and e. Missouri, with 16 in Cape Girardeau 26 Jul the most (AG, DC). Cattle Egrets were found in 10 counties scattered across Missouri, with 13 in Cape Girardeau 22 Jun (AG) the highest count. Iowa's Cattle Egrets had two nests on the Clin- ton spoil islands 25 Jun and 14 nests in Mills 14-15 Jul (Coady Lundy, fde SJD). Iowa's only Yellow-crowned Night-Heron was one at Mason City, Cerro Gordo 15 Jul (RG). Single juv. White Ibis were at Eagle Bluffs 14-20 Jul (S&DeM, BJ, m.ob.) and at McFall, Dunklin 27 Jul (ph. TJ). The only White-faced Ibis were 10 in Kossuth, IA 23 Jun (Erich Gilbert, fde Matt Kenne) and one at Pershing 24 Jun (SK). A juv. Roseate Spoon- bill at Frazer's Bend 30 Jul (ph., †SJD) consti- tuted Iowa's fourth record. OSPREY THROUGH SHOREBIRDS In Iowa, 14 of 20 Osprey nests were successful and produced 27 young (PS), totals similar to those in recent years. Missouri's active Ospreys nests were found in Randolph (KA), Stockton Lake (GSw, AK), Macon (BJ), and at Truman Reservoir, Henry (CW, BJ). Mississippi Kites were widespread in Missouri s. of the Missouri River and along the Mississippi River (m.ob.). The high count was at least 20 on 1 Jul at Creve Coeur Lake and County Park, St. Louis (Dylan Sheets). Mississippi Kites persisted at both es- tablished Iowa sites, with up to 4 at Des Moines, Polk (JB, Phil Walsh, Aaron Brees) and 2 in Ot- This juvenile Wood Stork was present 8 (here 10) June through 31 July 2014 at Four Rivers Conservation Area and was joined by a second bird 27 July They marked Missouri's third summer record in the past 10 years. Photograph by Steve Martin. At Frazer's Bend Wildlife Area, Fremont County, this juvenile Roseate Spoonbill appeared 30 July 2014, furnishing Iowa's fourth record. Photograph by Stephen J. Dinsmore. In recent years, summering Swainson's Hawks in the Iowa and Missouri region have been largely confned to southwestern Mis- souri and northwestern Iowa. This adult was found 5 June 2014 near George, Lyon County in the northwestern corner of Iowa. Photograph by Stephen J. Dinsmore.

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