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V O L U M E 6 8 ( 2 0 1 5 ) • N U M B E R 4 507 Iowa & Missouri ports included 4 on Spirit Lake 4 Jun (SJD), one at Ames, Story 17 Jun (WO), 2 on West Oko- boji Lake, Dickinson 3 Jul (Marilyn Conover, fde LAS), and one in Tama 24 Jul (MSIM); up to 3 were at McDaniel Lake, Greene, MO 7-14 Jun (David Blevins, S&DeM). A pair of Horned Grebes at a nest at Eagle Lake 4 Jun and an ad. and 2 half-grown young there 12 Jul (SJD) docu- ment the Region's and Iowa's frst nesting record of this species. One in Winneshiek 6 Jun (LR) was unexpected. Other grebes in Iowa included an ad. Red-necked Grebe at Grovers Lake, Dickin- son 19 Jun (LS) and a pair at Eagle Lake 29 Jun (SJD); two pairs of Eared Grebes at Eagle Lake 4 Jun and a pair there 29 Jun (SJD); and a lin- gering Western Grebe in Carroll 13 Jun (Hank Zaletel) and a pair at Eagle Lake 4 Jun (SJD). The Region's only Wood Storks were a juv. 8 Jun–31 Jul joined by a second bird 27 Jul at Four Rivers (†Chris Daniel, †SM). The only Neotropic Cormorant was one at Schell-Osage C.A., Vernon, MO 14 Jun (SK, Larry Lade). Double-crested Cormorants had 931 nests and about 545 young at the Clinton spoil islands 25 Jun (SJD), up somewhat from 2013. At the same site, American White Pelicans had 885 nests and about 575 young (SJD), totals down somewhat from 2013. Peak counts of southbound pelicans were 1585 at Frazer's Bend 30 Jul (SJD) and 300 at Pershing 22 Jul (SK). The only American Bit- terns were singles at two sites in Hancock, IA 4 Jun and 12 Jul (SJD) and at Eagle Bluffs 8 Jun (Kevin Wehner). One or 2 Least Bitterns were found in fve Missouri counties, including a nest with eggs 15 Jul in Linn (SK, m.ob.). The 20 seen at Green Island 4 Jul (JFo) made a high count for Iowa. There were 465 ad. Great Egrets and 388 nests at the Clinton spoil islands 25 Jun (SJD). High counts in Missouri were 450 in St. Charles 30 Jul (D&MAM) and 175 at McFall, Dunklin 23 Jul (TJ). Snowy Egrets in Missouri included WATERFOWL THROUGH SPOONBILL In Missouri, single Black-bellied Whistling- Ducks were at Springfeld, Greene 4-5 Jun (ph. AK et al.) and near the Cape Girardeau airport, Scott 6-9 Jun (ph. Todd Cannon, AG); in Iowa, one near Davenport, Scott 2 Jun (ph. Susa Stone- dahl), 2 in Woodbury 28 Jun (ph. GLV), and one at Green Island 3 Jul (ph. Susan Nixon) add to the growing list of records of this highly mobile species. Late waterfowl included 15 Snow Geese at Big Lake S.P., Holt, MO 21 Jun (SH) and up to 9 at Otter Slough C.A., Stoddard, MO 17-19 Jun (Auriel Fournier, GSa), a Ross's Goose at Ames, Story 2 Jun (SJD), Iowa's frst American Black Duck in summer since 2004 in Franklin 12 Jul (ph. SJD), single Northern Pintails at R.M.B.S. 7 Jun–24 Jul (†J&CM, m.ob.) and Four Rivers 11 Jun–1 Jul (GSa, CW, BJ), a Green-winged Teal at Pershing 3 Jul (SK), a Canvasback at R.M.B.S. 1-24 Jun (Dave Gibson, PL, m.ob.), a Buffehead at R.M.B.S. 7-26 Jun (†BR, Jamie Goodspeed, m.ob.), single Common Goldeneyes at Lake Remembrance, Jackson, MO 26 Jun (†MB) and at Green Island 4 Jul (JFo), 3 Common Mer- gansers at Clear Lake, Cerro Gordo 1 Jun (PHe), Iowa's frst Red-breasted Merganser in summer since 2000 in Bremer 9 Jun (MSIM), and single Ruddy Ducks at Four Rivers 11 Jun (GSa) and in Dunklin, MO 18-31 Jul (TJ). Nesting reports included a Blue-winged Teal brood 4 Jun–2 Jul at Longview Lake (KD), Iowa's frst Canvasback brood since 1996 in Kossuth 16 Jul (Kevin Go- odrich, fde Mark Gulick), and Redhead broods at Eagle Lake 29 Jun (SJD) and at Grovers Lake, Dickinson 27 Jul (LS). Late summer roadside counts of three gallina- ceous birds in Iowa were up from 2013 but still below long-term averages. Northern Bobwhite counts were the highest since 2004, Gray Par- tridge the highest since 2005, and Ring-necked Pheasant the highest since 2008 (Iowa Depart- ment of Natural Resources). Five Ruffed Grouse at the Greer Access on the Eleven Point River, Oregon 1 Jul (AK) made the frst report of the species in Missouri in nearly 10 years. About 140 Greater Prairie-Chickens that were caught in Nebraska were released in Har- rison, MO and Ringgold, IA in late spring. Six hens from that release nested in the two states, and two more nests were found in Iowa. Eight broods were found in Iowa, the most nesting success in several years (SS). Besides as many as 5 at Dunn Ranch, Harrison 25-31 Jul (SL, Dan- iel Smith), other Missouri sightings were 2 at Prairie S.P., Barton 17 Jun, 2 at Niawathe Prairie, Dade 16 Jun, and 8 at Taberville Prairie C.A., St. Clair 15 Jul (JC). A juv./nonbreeding ad. Pacic Loon at Stock- ton Lake 15-18 Jun (Tim Barksdale, †GSw, †SM) constituted Missouri's second summer record. Common Loons were widely noted: Iowa re- James J. Dinsmore –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– A fter the weather extremes of a few years ago, 2014 was a fairly typical summer. In Missouri, June was cool in the frst two weeks but returned to more normal warm and muggy conditions in the second half. Rainfall was 3.7 cm (1.5 in.) above normal. July had more normal precipitation and was the tenth coolest July on record. These condi- tions led to a later-than-normal haying season, which probably benefted grassland species such as Bobolinks. Temperatures in Iowa in June were some- what above average, with only a few stations reaching highs in the low 90s F. Rainfall in Iowa averaged 25 cm (10 in.), the third wettest June on record and the fourth wettest month in 141 years of records. Rainfall was especially high in northwestern Iowa, where some heavy fooding was reported. July temperatures in Iowa aver- aged 69°, 4.6° below average and the ffth cool- est July on record. Regional highlights were Pacifc Loon, Wood Stork, White Ibis, Roseate Spoonbill, Ruff, Lark Bunting, and nesting Horned Grebe. Abbreviations: Big Wall Lake (Big Wall Lake W.A., Wright, IA); Clinton spoil islands (spoil islands in Mississippi River, Clinton, IA); Eagle Bluffs (Eagle Bluffs C.A., St. Louis, MO); Eagle Lake (Eagle Lake W.A., Hancock, IA); Four Riv- ers (Four Rivers C.A., Vernon, MO); Frazer's Bend (Frazer's Bend W.A., Fremont, IA); Green Island (Green Island W.A., Jackson, IA); Hawk- eye (Hawkeye W.A., Johnson, IA); Spirit Lake (Spirit Lake, Dickinson, IA); Longview Lake (Longview Lake, Jackson, MO); Pershing (Per- shing S.P., Linn, MO); R.M.B.S. (Riverlands Mi- gratory Bird Sanctuary, St. Charles, MO): Squaw Creek (Squaw Creek N.W.R., Holt, MO); Stock- ton Lake (Stockton Lake, Dade, MO). This Pacifc Loon at Stockton Lake, Dade County 15-18 (here 16) June 2014 constituted Missouri's second summer record. Photograph by Steve Martin.

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