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VOLUME 68 NO4 2015

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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 506 w e s t e r n g r e at l a k e s sota's only report was from Washington (SBE, RMD, BAb). Blue Grosbeaks returned to two Michigan locations where found in previous years, a male in Dickinson 3 Jul (fde PC) and a male in Allegan 13 Jul that was joined by a female 16 Jul (SMd). In the sw. L.P., a nesting pair provided the frst record for Kalamazoo 12 Jun+ (APa). Wisconsin reported male Blue Grosbeaks in Iowa 10 Jun (DS) and Marinette 2 Jul (BK, Kay KK), and nesting was suspected in Sauk (ph. AH). Trailing the spring infux of Painted Buntings was a male in Green Lake, WI 21 Jun (ph. DT). A Rusty Blackbird lingered until 9 Jun at Copper Harbor, Keweenaw (LJD, JDK). Minnesota's eleventh Eurasian Tree Spar- row was serendipitously found in Yellow Medi- cine 7-10 Jun (DWK, SBM). Cited observers (subregional editors in bold- face): Brad Abendroth (BAb), Larry M. Abraham, Brandon Aho (BAh), Nick Anich (eBird Wiscon- sin), Amar Ayyash, Karl J. Bardon, John Bates (JoB), Jim Baxter (JiB), Calvin Brennan, Paul E. Budde (Minnesota), Adam M. Byrne (eBird Michigan), Bob Bucci, Joan Campbell, Phyllis Carlson, Philip C. Chu, Bruce Cohen, David C. Dister, Louie J. Dombroski (Michigan), Rob- ert M. Dunlap, Dan Duso, Susan Barnes Elliott, Jackie Elmore, Roger A. Eriksson, Marty Evan- son, Bruce A. Fall (eBird Minnesota), Rick Fare, Wayne A. Feder, Virgil Gantner, Anne Geraghty, Brian Gibbons, Malcolm Gold (MGo), Michael Gray (MGr), Skye Haas, Michael L. Hendrick- son, Mark Hodgson (MHo), Ken & Molly Hoff- man (KMH), Aaron Holschbach, Matt Hysell (MHy), Joseph D. Kaplan, Bob Kavanagh, Kay Kavanagh, Tom Kemp, Douglas W. Kieser, Steve Kolbe, Jan & Larry Kraemer (JLK), Roger Kuhl- man, Terry Lane, Perri Liebl, Brian Lipson, Ken Luepke, Scott B. Meyer (SBM), Shirley Miller (SMr), Steve Minard (SMd), Heather Morris, Riley Morris, Dana Neufeld, Andrew Nyhus (ANy), Mark Otnes, Jim Otto, Todd Palgut, Anne Pancella (APa), Andy Paulios (APs, eBird Wisconsin), Laura Peabody, Nolan Pope, David J. Peters, Glenn S. Peterson, Tom Prestby (eBird Wisconsin), Linda Ritz (LRi), Linda Rudolph (LRu), Joe Schaufenbuel (Wisconsin), Darrell Schiffman, Chace Scholten CSc), Tom Schultz, Seth Spencer, Andrew Sturgiss (ASt), Peder H. Svingen, Andrea Szymczak (ASz), Steve Thies- sen (STh), Don Timm, Sarah Toner (STo), Joel Trick, Tom A. Tustison, Dan Versaw, Phil Vree- man, Melody Walsh, Thomas R. Wheeker, Tom Ziebell, and David C. Zumeta. We extend our sincere thanks to the hundreds of other con- tributors who could not be acknowledged in- dividually. n –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Peder H. Svingen, 2602 east 4th street, Duluth, Minnesota 55812, ( of Common Raven in the Great Plains has been fascinating, as it reclaims niches not occupied since the virtual disappearance of bison. Ravens have also increased in w. Minnesota, and one was s. of its usual range in Dakota 16 Jul (†DV). In the s. L.P. of Michigan, 2 ravens were heard near a nest discovered by Cohen in Gratiot 5 Jun (TRW). Unseasonable to say the least was the Townsend's Soli- taire at Whitefsh Point, MI 10 Jul (DN, STo). Two American Pipits at Park Point 2 Jun (MLH) were late for Minnesota; inexplicable for Michigan was one in Mason 28 Jun (ph. DCD). Record late for Minnesota was a Smith's Long- spur in Cook 2 Jun (KMH). In Michigan, Worm-eating Warblers were found again this year in Allegan and Berrien. Mich- igan reported Kentucky Warblers in Berrien 26 Jun (MHy) and continuing birds from spring in Kalamazoo and Washtenaw. Unusually far n. in Wisconsin was a female Hooded Warbler that hit a win- dow in Vilas 20 Jun (PL). Michigan D.N.R. no longer conducts an annual Kirtland's Warbler census, but the core population appeared to be stable, with slightly lower numbers in the U.P. (fde LJD). In Wisconsin, eight pairs of Kirtland's Warblers produced at least 4 young in Adams (JT), and an unmated male persisted in Marinette until early Jul. Casual in Minne- sota, Yellow-throated Warblers found in spring continued in Dodge through 7 Jun and Winona through 8 Jul. An unmated Prairie Warbler in Waukesha, WI through 20 Jul (ASz) was prob- ably returning for the ffth consecutive year; another was found in Door 30 Jun (ph. MW). In w. Minnesota, a Spotted Towhee perse- vered for the third consecutive summer in Clay through 5 Jul (MO). Furnishing Michigan's frst breeding record since 1952 was the pair of Lark Sparrows in Monroe (RK, m.ob.); this site is ca. 40 km from a relatively stable population at Oak Openings, Ohio. Single Lark Sparrows were found in four additional Michigan loca- tions, including Houghton in the U.P. In Wis- consin, a male Lark Bunting was documented in Vilas 14 Jun (†JoB). Henslow's Sparrows recorded in 16 Minnesota counties was half of last summer's total; this most likely refected weather and not the conversion of C.R.P. to cropland, but loss of C.R.P. acreage continues to be a concern. Unusual for Wisconsin was a White-crowned Sparrow in Door 21 Jul (JiB). Michigan's only reports of Summer Tanager were from its foothold in Berrien, and Minne- Wisconsin had a White-winged Dove in Marathon 24 Jun (ph. KL), while Michigan reported singles in Iosco 8 Jun (TP), Clare 11-12 Jun (LRi), and Baraga 24-25 Jun (JE). Remnants of last winter's Snowy Owl inva- sion included one in Door, WI 11 Jun (SMr) and unprecedented numbers in Michigan (all in the L.P.): 2 in Muskegon, one in Crawford 1 Jun (ph. LRu), one in Allegan 24 Jun (ph. CSc), and one in Tuscola 29 Jul (ph. DD). Wisconsin's returning Chuck-will's-widow on the Jefferson/ Walworth line vocalized through 7 Jul (ME), and Michigan's bird from spring continued into Aug at Sharonville S.G.A., Jackson (m.ob.). Michigan's eighth Green Violetear visited a feeder in Newaygo 13-14 Jul (LP). Wisconsin's Crested Caracara from spring was last sighted on Washington Island, Door 7 Jul (MW). FLYCATCHERS THROUGH FINCHES At Maplewood S.P. in w.-cen. Minnesota, a ter- ritorial Acadian Flycatcher was found for the third consecutive year in Otter Tail 9 Jun – 21 Jul (BG et al.). A fallout on Park Point produced a record high count of 82 Alder Flycatchers 2 Jun (KJB). Western Kingbirds were easterly at Park Point 1 Jun (PHS), Keweenaw 5 Jun (CB), Mara- thon, WI 5 Jun (ph. TL), and Door, WI 7 Jun (ph. TS). A Scissor-tailed Flycatcher reached Marquette, MI 16 Jun (SH), and another stayed uncharacteristically long in Door, WI 23 Jun – 8 Jul (ph. MW). After nesting in Michigan last year for the frst time since 2001, Loggerhead Shrike was absent from the Wolverine State, and Wisconsin's only report was of one in Jack- son 14 Jun (SS). Recent southward expansion Farm workers found this Wood Stork near Blue Earth, Faribault County, Minnesota on 19 June 2014, only the second for the state. Cooperation between the landown- ers and the birding community led to more than 100 birders being able to enjoy the stork, which remained through 23 June. Photograph by Chad Heins.

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