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V O L U M E 6 8 ( 2 0 1 5 ) • N U M B E R 4 505 I l l I n o I s & I n d I a n a ers submitted records but could not be person- ally acknowledged; all have our thanks. n –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– James D. Hengeveld, 6354 southshore drive, Unionville, Indiana 47468, ( Keith A. McMullen, 1405 desoto, o'Fallon, Illinois 62269, ( Geofrey A. Williamson, 4046 north Clark street, Unit K, Chicago, Illinois 60613, ( mel, Wesley S. Serafn, Leland Shaum, Robert E. Shelby, Nicholas Sly, Jeff A. Smith, M. Penny Starin, Leonard W. Stanley (LWSy), Lee W. Ster- renburg, Travis Stoelting, Alan F. Stokie, Doug- las F. Stotz, Kristin Stratton, Daniel Stutzman, Jeffrey O. Sundberg, Michael Topp, Tony Ward, Mark Welter, Donald R. Whitehead, Daniel T. Williams, Jr., Geoffrey A. Williamson, Marisa Windell (MWi), Matthew J. Winks. Many oth- Lill, Joshua Little, Karen M. Lund, Walter J. Marcisz, Kathy McClain (KMc), Matt McKim- Lowder, Keith A. McMullen, Benjamin Miller, Leo Miller, Kyle Miller, Neal Miller, D. James Mountjoy, Luis G. Muñoz, Landon Neumann, Sam Plew, Dave Pluckebaum, Rodger Rang, Kevin B. Richmond, Aidan Rominger, Jeremy Ross, Kirk Roth, Sandy Schacht, Beau J. Schae- fer, Carla Schmakel, Peter E. Scott, Brad Y. Se- Western Great Lakes young at Horicon N.W.R. 22 Jul (DS, †BB). SHOREBIRDS THROUGH WOODPECKERS All three states reported Black-necked Stilt. Most noteworthy was Minnesota's frst breeding attempt at Herman W.T.P., Grant (m.ob.); the nest held four eggs when it was unfortunately fooded by heavy rain 14 Jun. High water levels probably prevented 5+ ads. from breeding in Wisconsin in Dodge at Horicon N.W.R. Michi- gan had a single Black-necked Stilt at Shiawas- see 25-27 Jun (ph. LMA). Single southbound American Avocets in three counties was paltry compared to last year's showing in Wisconsin, but 25 in Stevens 29 Jul (ANy) represented Min- nesota's fourth highest southbound count. In Wisconsin, two Piping Plover nests were moni- tored in Ashland, and fall migrants were found in Sheboygan 30 Jul (HM, RM) and Marinette 31 Jul (JC). No fewer than 41 southbound Up- land Sandpipers were found in a single hayfeld in Stevens, MN 29 Jul (ANy). Whimbrels were northbound in all three states through mid- Jun; an early southbound migrant was far from any of the Great Lakes in Faribault, MN 27 Jul (WAF). A Red Knot was northbound at Duluth, MN 3 Jun (DCZ), and one was southbound in Racine, WI 31 Jul (RF). A Western Sandpiper was reported at Pte. Mouillee 22 Jul (ASt). Record late for Minnesota was a Parasitic Jaeger in Lake 8 Jun (MGo). Michigan and Wis- consin both reported extraordinary numbers of Little Gulls. In Michigan, up to 4 were at Pte. Mouillee, and up to 2 in Bay 19 Jun–16 Jul were augmented by 2 more 23 Jun (Dan Duso). In Wisconsin, as many as 20 Little Gulls in three Lake Michigan counties included 11 subads. documented by Ayyash in Manitowoc 13 Jun (ph. AA). Wisconsin also had 4 Laugh- ing Gulls along Lake Michigan and 2 frst-cycle Thayer's Gulls in Sheboygan, with one of them record late 11 Jul (ph. AA). At least 20 Lesser Black-backed Gulls in Sheboygan, WI 11 Jul (ph. AA) underscored this species' Regional ex- pansion. An Arctic Tern was discovered at Pte. Mouillee 5 Jul (AMB, PCC). in Mason peaked at 44 on 14 Jun (DCD). Un- seasonable Long-tailed Ducks seem to be found more consistently on the Great Lakes in recent years; the largest fock was 16 in Keweenaw, MI 9 Jun (JDK). Red-throated Loon migration normally continues into late Jun, but up to 7 in breeding plumage in Bayfeld, WI 2-11 Jul (ph. AG) were extraordinary. Nearly extirpated as a breeding species in Minnesota, a lonely Horned Grebe on Lake Harriet in Minneapo- lis 10 Jun+ (TAT) was hundreds of miles from the nearest known potential mate. Red-necked Grebes were found in six Wisconsin counties, including confrmed breeding in Columbia 13 Jul (JO). Unseasonable and out of range in Wisconsin were an Eared Grebe in Winnebago 16 Jun (TZ) and a Western Grebe in Manitowoc 8-17 Jun (ph. MGr). Minnesota's second Wood Stork was discov- ered by farm workers near Blue Earth, Faribault 19 Jun and identifed by Feder, who made ar- rangements for >100 grateful visitors through the weekend (ph., †WAF). The bird survived an attack by a dog on the 2second and was last reported 23 Jun. For the second consecu- tive summer, Snowy Egrets were farther n. in Michigan than usual, noted in Bay through 25 Jul (GSP). Two Tricolored Herons from spring vacationed all summer at Pte. Mouillee. Three Yellow-crowned Night-Herons were photo- graphed in two Wisconsin counties, a good showing for the Badger State. Spring's Glossy Ibis at Shiawassee lingered through 12 Jun (DJP, RAE). Five White-faced Ibis in two Wisconsin counties and 5+ in two Minnesota counties continued the recent upward trend. Unusual for Michigan was a Mississippi Kite in Macomb 8 Jul (BAh). Rough-legged Hawks occasionally linger into early summer in our Region; most are late migrants, like the 2 in Portage, WI 14 Jun, and many are juvs., like Minnesota's dark morph at Sax-Zim Bog 14-16 Jun (ph. BL), but singles in Michigan's L.P. at Muskegon 23 Jun (ph. PV) and in Ogemaw 25 Jul (†TK) were out- liers. Wisconsin reported up to 2 King Rails in Dane through 13 Jun (KK) and a pair with one Peder H. Svingen –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– T emperatures across the Region were near average in June and cool in July. June was characterized by average (Michigan) to above-average (Minnesota and Wisconsin) precipitation; the statewide average of 19.7 cm (7.75 in.) for Minnesota was the wettest June in modern times. Noteworthy records included Wood Stork and nesting Black-necked Stilts in Minnesota; Black-bellied Whistling-Duck, Chuck-will's-widow, and Painted Bunting in Wisconsin; and Black-bellied Whistling-Duck, Arctic Tern, and nesting Lark Sparrow and Blue Grosbeaks in Michigan. Abbreviations: L.P. (Lower Peninsula of Michi- gan); Muskegon (Muskegon W.T.P., Muskegon, MI); Park Point (Duluth, St. Louis, MN); Pte. Mouillee (Pointe Mouillee S.G.A., Monroe, MI); Shiawassee (Shiawassee N.W.R., Saginaw, MI); U.P. (Upper Peninsula of Michigan). WATERFOWL THROUGH GALLINULES Wisconsin's Black-bellied Whistling-Duck from May was last seen at Horicon N.W.R. 1 Jun (MHo, NP, STh), and another was found in Ozaukee 6 Jul+ (ph. VG). With only four previ- ous Michigan records, 2 Black-bellied Whis- tling-Ducks at Tawas Point, Iosco 4 Jun (SK) were unexpected. Northbound Greater Scaup occasionally linger into Jun, but a male at Du- luth, MN 29 Jun–26 Jul (ph. JLK) was clearly a nonbreeder. For the second consecutive sum- mer, Michigan reported an unusual congrega- tion of White-winged Scoters; this year's fock

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