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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 504 I l l I n o I s & I n d I a n a An incredible 195 Chipping Sparrows were tallied in Marshall, IN 16 Jun (KM et al.), best- ing the previous high count for the state by 100 birds. A singing male Clay-colored Sparrow at Illinois Beach S.P., Lake IL 5 Jun (LM) was likely on territory; most pass through as migrants at this location. A transient singing male was at Montrose 29 Jun (v.r. GAW, ph. RDH). It was a good summer for Lark Sparrows in Indiana. At least 6 birds, including 3 juvs., were seen at Wabashiki F.W.A. 28 Jun (AMB), confrming a frst breeding record for Vigo. The Indiana Lake Michigan lakefront's frst Jul bird appeared at Miller 12 Jul (MK, JKC); on the same day, 2 ads. were seen feeding a juv. s. of Hobart, Lake (BF fde KJB), confrming the frst breeding at the Indiana lakefront since 1950. A juv. seen at Miller 26 Jul (JKC, AH, MW et al.) suggested that nesting also occurred there. A White- crowned Sparrow lingered at Chicago's Lincoln Park 25 Jun (LGM). A late Dark-eyed Junco was at Eggers Woods, Cook, IL 27 Jun (DFS). Four singing male Summer Tanagers were reported from Dunes 11 Jul (BB), equaling the second highest count for the Indiana Lake Michigan lakefront. A single Bobolink at Prai- rie Ridge State N.A., Jasper IL 9 Jul (CLH) was likely either a late spring migrant or an early fall arrival, as they are not known to nest at this location. A territorial pair of Brewer's Black- birds that had been found in LaGrange, IN in late May was seen again 3 Jun (JAH, SS, MWi). There are no breeding records of the species for LaGrange. For the second consecutive breed- ing season, a Eurasian Tree Sparrow was seen along the Chicago lakefront, at Monroe Harbor 27 Jun (JIE). It remains to be seen if additional sightings occur in the greater Chicago Region. Contributors cited (subregional editors in boldface): Susan R. Bagby, Steven D. Bailey (Illinois), Phred Benham, Adam M. Betuel, H. David Bohlen, Aaron Boone, Lyndon Borkhold- er, Kenneth J. Brock (Indiana), Mike Brown, Duane L. Brunk, Brad Bumgardner, Samuel B. Burckhardt, Brooke Burrows (BkB), William H. Buskirk, John K. Cassady, Gordon L. Chastain, Paul R. Clyne, Donald R. Dann, Chuck David- son (ChD), Sheryl L. DeVore, Stephen J. Din- smore, Colin Dobson, Steve Doud, Mel Eash, Kim Ehn, Joshua I. Engel, Thomas Falk, Brad Feaster (BrF), Robert E. Fisher, Bob Foppe, Ty- ler D. Funk, Don Gorney, Brendan J. Grube, Aaron Gyllenhaal, Eric D. Gyllenhaal, Heath M. Hagy, Heath D. Hamilton, C. Leroy Harri- son, Ted Hartzler, James A. Haw, Glen Hawley, Jed B. Hertz, Lynea S. Hinchman, Amy Hod- son, Frank R. Holmes, Steve J. Huggins, Robert D. Hughes, David B. Johnson, Matt Kalwasin- ski, Dan M. Kassebaum, Amy Kearns, John C. Kendall, Nick Kiehl, Brandon Lake, Joseph W. singles were noted 7 Jun in Wayne and 9 Jun in Clay (CLH). In LaGrange, IN, a Red-breasted Nuthatch at Pigeon River F.W.A. 14 Jun (BM) was very late. A Brown Creeper was at Swallow Cliff Woods F.P., Cook, IL 6 Jun (DFS), and a singing male was noted in Tazewell, IL (SDB), both indicating potential breeding at unexpect- ed locations. A Bewick's Wren seen 1 Jun in Brown, IL (JIE et al.) was very near the known historic breeding colony outside Siloam Springs S.P. Eight Veeries, including 7 singing males, were tallied at Swallow Cliff Woods F.P., Cook, IL 6 Jun (DFS), while the 21 Veeries logged at Po- tato Creek S.P., St. Joseph 4 Jul (KM, LB), es- tablished a new high Jul count for Indiana. A Swainson's Thrush seen at Chicago's Water Filtration Plant 31 Jul (ph. SJH) was possibly an extremely early fall arrival or simply a wan- dering nonbreeding individual. The bird of the summer season was Illinois's second Curve- billed Thrasher at Montrose 18 Jun–1 Jul (LGM; ph., †RDH, m.ob.). Noteworthy was a female Golden-winged Warbler at Montrose 12 Jun (LGM). A female Black-and-white Warbler at Springfeld's Lin- coln Gardens, Sangamon, IL 2-21 Jul was likely near a breeding territory (HDB), making it no- table for a county in which summering indi- viduals are observed over an extended period only rarely. On a foat trip down the Patoka River in Patoka River N.W.R., Pike/Gibson, 65 Prothonotary Warblers, 64 Northern Parulas, and 36 Yellow-throated Warblers were tallied 9 Jun (HDH, MB, BkB), representing respectively, the second highest, the second highest, and the third highest daily counts for Indiana. Two female Mourning Warblers at Montrose 9 Jun were tardy (RDH). Hooded Warblers are quite uncommon in the n. tier of Illinois, therefore 3 at Rock Cut S.P., Winnebago 3 Jul (DTW) and 2 at Dan Wright Woods F.P., Lake (BJS) were perhaps indicative of a northerly push of the species. For another species that is more com- mon in the s. part of the Region, the 3 Cerulean Warblers 23 Jun at Rock Cut S.P. (DTW) in Winnebago, a n. tier county in Illinois, provided encouraging news for this Watch List species. Single singing male Blackburnian Warblers at Eggers Woods, Cook, IL 11 Jun (DFS) and at Dunes 18 Jun (BB) were likely late migrants. A breeding-plumaged male Chestnut-sided Warbler at Springfeld's Washington Park 31 Jul was H. David Bohlen's earliest ever fall mi- grant for Sangamon. A female Black-throated Blue Warbler lingered at Montrose 18 Jun–2 Jul (RDH, LGM, GAW). A pair of Prairie War- blers was likely nesting at Grant Woods F.P., Lake, IL 13-28 Jun (CS, BJS, SDB, SLD, m.ob.), noteworthy as being away from the normal s. Illinois breeding locations. graphed at Grant St. (ph. KE, MK). Remark- ably, on the same day, another was found in Coles, IL (ph. TDF). An extremely eager Olive-sided Flycatcher was at Middlefork Savannah F.P., Lake, IL 15 Jul (JOS). Fine counts of 48 Eastern Wood-Pe- wees and 44 Acadian Flycatchers were made, respectively, at Kankakee F.W.A., Starke, IN 7 Jun (KJB, SRB, JKC, LSH) and at Patoka River N.W.R., Pike/Gibson, IN 9 Jun (HDH, MB, BkB). An actively singing male Alder Flycatcher at Grant Woods F.P., Lake, IL 24-28 Jun (AFS, SDB, SLD et al.) suggested the possibility of nesting activity. Nesting by the species has nev- er been confrmed in Illinois, though occasion- ally its presence over a period of time in one location has raised suspicions, as was the case here. A pair of Western Kingbirds returned to the Havana, Mason, IL 2013 breeding location; a nest with 3 young was noted 28 May–1 Jul (KBR, ph. SDB, m.ob.). Two nests were noted at the East St. Louis breeding location 1 Jun–1 Jul (ph. DMK), with 5 birds present 22 Jun. In Indiana, two pairs of Western Kingbirds were seen at the Evansville Regional Airport, Van- derburgh 29 Jun (MW, AH, AR), and on 8 Jul, 6 Western Kingbirds were seen there, includ- ing 2 young (LN, SD). Two Scissor-tailed Fly- catchers were seen in the American Bottoms, Monroe, IL 11 Jul (DMK), and near this same location a Western Kingbird x Scissor-tailed Flycatcher hybrid was photographed 1 Jul (ph. DMK). The breeding pair of Scissor-tailed Fly- catchers returned to the Cache River area in rural Johnson, IL for the second season (MM-L, m.ob.), and appearing in the n. tier was a single Scissor-tailed Flycatcher at Fermilab, DuPage, IL 15 Jun (ph. BL). The Region's Loggerhead Shrike situation was a little more encourag- ing, with reports from 15 counties in Illinois, where pairs, young, or recently fedged birds were noted at six sites; 8 birds were seen 29 Jun at Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie, Will (JAS), while 6 were reported 17 Jul in Wayne/ Richland (CLH). In Indiana, 9 birds, including 5 fedglings, were found in Daviess 9 Jun (AK), and two nests were found in w. LaGrange dur- ing Jun (ME, DS, SP). An impressive 21 different Bell's Vireos were observed at Eighteen Bottoms, Franklin, IL during 8-25 Jun (LWSy), and the 95 Warbling Vireos logged at Kankakee F.W.A., Starke and Kingsbury F.W.A., LaPorte 7 Jun (KJB, SRB, JKC, LSH) established a new one-day high for Indiana. Fish Crows continue to expand north- ward in Illinois away from the Mississippi and Illinois river valleys. A family group of 6 birds was seen at Lake Springfeld, Sangamon 3 Jun, another was elsewhere in Springfeld 5 Jun, and 2 were seen at Sangchris Lake S.P., San- gamon 18 Jun and 30 Jul (HDB). Furthermore,

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