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V O L U M E 6 8 ( 2 0 1 5 ) • N U M B E R 4 503 I l l I n o I s & I n d I a n a (CD, ph. KML, ph. DBJ, m.ob.), well n. of any known breeding sites in the state; the bird had been banded at the West Alton, MO breeding location in 2009. Other notable Least Tern sightings away from known breeding locations included 2 birds in Henry, IL 13 Jul (DJM) and 2 birds at the O'Fallon W.T.P., St. Clair, IL 10 Jul (GH, KAM). Six birds were noted at AMAX wetlands, Wabash, IL 2 Jul near a known nesting location (CLH). A few nesting pairs of Black Terns were reported from Red- wing Slough, Lake, IL (BYS), which is one of the very small number of Illinois sites where nesting activity has been observed in recent years. The Common Tern breeding colony at Great Lakes Naval Training Center continues to exist. A total of 24 ads. with 11 nests and 23 eggs were noted 13-19 Jun (DRD), but heavy fooding wiped out the nests. Miraculously, 3 nestlings noted 7 Jul had survived the ordeal (BYS). Perhaps surprisingly, a Common Tern at Miller 5 Jul (MT) represented the frst early Jul record on the Indiana Lake Michigan lake- front in 15 years. Indiana's third Jul jaeger and only second Parasitic Jaeger was an ad. vid- eotaped at Michigan City Harbor, LaPorte 24 Jul (BJG). DOVES THROUGH OLD WORLD SPARROWS White-winged Doves were found at Chicago's Jackson Park 18 Jul (PRC) and at Emiquon 22 Jun (ph. TH, ph. MJW). Breeding Barn Owls were noted at Prairie Ridge State N.A. in Mari- on, IL 23 Jul (ph. RES) as a nest box contained 3 well-grown nestlings, and 17 Jun in Jasper, IL, where three nest boxes contained 2 ads., an ad. with 3 young, and a box with 5-6 young, respectively (CLH). In a canoe trip down the Eel River, Miami 28 Jun, an impressive 26 Belt- ed Kingfshers were noted (LN, SD), Indiana's third highest daily count. On 31 Jul, Indiana's frst Jul Merlin, a female or imm., was photo- dence of breeding was noted; there are no breeding records for the s. third of Indiana. A Black-bellied Plover seen near Bourbonnais, Kankakee, IL 24 Jun was either a lingering spring or an eager fall migrant (JBH). An early Semi- palmated Plover returned to Bailey Wetlands, Richland, IL 18 Jul (CLH). On 11 Jun, a hefty total of 37 Black- necked Stilts was tallied at Goose Pond (DRW et al.); they were not as widespread in Illinois this season, with 10 at Emiquon 5 Jun (AG) constitut- ing the largest reported group. The 9 American Avocets at Horseshoe 27 Jul (FRH) provided the maximum sum- mer total. The 92 Spotted Sandpip- ers logged at Wakarusa 14 Jul (NM) set a new high count for Indiana. A Solitary Sandpiper at Goose Pond 14 Jun (LWS, TF) was likely a very early fall migrant, and another at Emiquon 25 Jun (KBR) was rather early as well. Also early were 2 Greater Yellowlegs at AMAX wetlands, Wabash, IL 3 Jul (CLH), 5 Lesser Yellowlegs at Emi- quon (KBR) and one at Goose Pond (AK) 25 Jun, and a single Stilt Sand- piper at AMAX wetlands, Wabash, IL 9 Jul (CLH). The only Whimbrels re- ported were 3 singles in Indiana and one at Montrose 12 Jul (ph. SBB). Godwits were also scarce, as just 3 Marbled Godwits were reported, singles at Montrose 30 Jun (ph. LGM), Lake Springfeld, Sangamon, IL 30 Jun (ph. HDB), and Michigan City Harbor, LaPorte, IN 19 Jul (KJB et al.). No Hudsonians were reported. A group of 42 Sanderlings at Montrose 26 Jul was noteworthy for its size at such an early date (GAW). A Baird's Sandpiper seen at Springfeld, Sangamon, IL 15 Jul was, according to H. David Bohlen, "my earliest ever fall arrival." Also arriving early was a single White-rumped Sandpiper at Bailey Wetlands, Richland, IL 18 Jul (CLH). Very rare in summer, single Bonaparte's Gulls made appearances in Jasper, IL 18 Jul (CLH) and at Brookville Reservoir, Wayne, IN 24 Jul (WHB). Also notable was a Frank- lin's Gull at Horseshoe 31 Jul (DMK). For the second consecutive summer, Least Terns bred successfully at Goose Pond, 3 chicks hatch- ing from the nest on "tern island" on 1 Jul (AK). In Illinois, Least Terns were reported widely throughout the state, representing ei- ther attempts to establish new breeding sites, responses to disturbance at known breeding sites, or migratory overshoots, or perhaps a combination of all three. Most interesting was a Least Tern at Johnsburg, McHenry, IL 3 Jun fde LWS) when a nest with 2 chicks and 2 eggs was found. Swainson's Hawks continue to hang by a thread at their historical breeding grounds in Kane, IL. Only one bird was reported 17 Jun–2 Jul, whereas 2 birds had been present 12 Jun (REF, m.ob.). For the frst time since 1987, breeding by King Rails was confrmed on the Indiana Lake Michigan lakefront. A single ad. was initially found at Grant St. 5 Jun (MK), a pair was there 7 Jun (LSH et al.), and a downy chick with an ad. was observed 7 Jul (DP) with photographs obtained 11 Jul (KR) and subsequently (m.ob.). Another breeding King Rail, this one with 3 downy chicks, was noteworthy in Clay City Township, Clay, IL 17 Jul (ph. CLH). Though perhaps expected at this site, fve Sora nests located during the season at Emiquon (fde HMH) was of interest, as reports of breeding activity come more usually via observers of single family groups. Multiple broods of Com- mon Gallinule were encountered at Hennepin 11 Jul (DFS), while four nests were noted at Emiquon (fde HMH). Sites with more than one nesting pair are good news for this state Endangered species. A pair of Sandhill Cranes was seen at Goose Pond on and off throughout the summer (BrF, fde LWS), but no further evi- This immature White Ibis frequented the Bailey Wetlands, Wayne/Richland Counties, Illinois 10-22 (here 16) July 2014 (here in Wayne County). It provided the fourteenth record for Illinois in the past 10 years. Photograph by C. Leroy Harrison. This Black-bellied Whistling-Duck was present for just the afternoon of 21 June 2014 in heavily birded Lincoln Park in Chicago. It was last seen just prior to the onset of a heavy thunderstorm. Photograph by Geofrey A. Williamson.

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