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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 502 Egrets at Wabashiki F.W.A., Vigo 16 Jul (PES) set a new high mark for the cen. tier of Indi- ana counties. Unexpected single ad. Yellow- crowned Night-Herons were in a Porter back- yard 9 Jun (KS fde KJB), the frst seen at the Indiana Lake Michigan lakefront since 2004, and at Kaufman Lake, Champaign, IL 19 Jul (NS, PB et al.). An imm. White Ibis present 10- 22 Jul at Bailey Wetland, Richland, IL (ph. CLH, ph. RES, m.ob.) was a rare fnd. Representing the two more regular ibises were an ad. Glossy Ibis at Emiquon 5-13 Jun (AG, EDG, JWL, JOS et al.) and 9 White-faced Ibis at Emiquon 5 Jun (AG, EDG, JWL, JOS), with 2 still present 20 Jun (KAM). Also, noteworthy was an imm. White-faced Ibis at 126th Street Marsh, Cook, IL 12-14 Jun (ph. SBB, WJM et al.). VULTURES THROUGH FALCONS Further testimony to the northward push of Black Vultures was a sighting in LaGrange, IN 25 Jun (SP), a frst for the county. Nesting by Ospreys in Illinois has increased steadily since the mid-1990s, when one nest was noted state- wide. This year's activity included two nests at Carlyle Lake (DMK), the frst time for multiple nests there, and the third occurrence of three nesting pairs at Palos, Cook (WSS). Mississippi Kites continue to make the news. Birds in the n. tier of Illinois, i.e., the Rockford, Winnebago birds, fedged 2 juvs. that remained through the end of the period (DTW, ph. JL, m.ob.). Following a sighting of a bird near the w. edge of Eagle Creek Park, Indianapolis 4 Jul (GLC) near the boundary of Marion and Hendricks, continued sightings at the same site culminated on 20 Jul with the appearance of 2 ads. and 2 apparent juvs. (DG, AR). A nest was thought to be located in Hendricks, which would constitute a frst nesting record for Indiana's cen. tier. The tally of 13 Mississippi Kites in Pike and Spencer 13 Jul (LWS, KMc) set a new high count for In- diana. A rare confrmation of Northern Harrier breeding occurred at Goose Pond 6 Jun (ChD can Black Duck in LaGrange, IN 18 Jul (SP), an American Wigeon at Hennepin 1 Jun (JIE et al.), single female Northern Pintails at Hen- nepin 13 Jun (DFS) and at Wakarusa 30 Jul (NM), single Green-winged Teal at Montrose 6 Jun (RDH) and at Wakarusa 25 Jul (LS), and 6 Redheads at Hennepin 13 Jun (DFS), with an additional male at Cane Ridge W.M.A., Gibson, IN 8 Jul (JR). A pair of Ring-necked Ducks, only the third summer pair ever recorded in Indiana, was at Goose Pond 11-14 Jun (LWS, TF et al.). Noteworthy were 2 Lesser Scaup at Horseshoe 12 Jun (JL) and 26 Jun (FRH) and a male that spent the entire season at Grant St. (KJB, SRB, JKC, MK, MT et al.). Also notable were a male White-winged Scoter on the Little Calumet River in Chicago 5 Jun (WJM), a female Com- mon Merganser at Lake Springfeld, Sangamon, IL 21 Jul (HDB), and single female Red-breasted Mergansers at Montrose 6-22 Jun (RDH et al.), in Kosciusko, IN 6 Jun (JCK) and in LaGrange, IN 17 Jul (BM). An excellent Breeding Bird Survey tally of 64 Northern Bobwhites 13 Jun on the Kell Route, Marion, IL was encouraging (SDB). Discourag- ing was low breeding success of Greater Prairie- Chickens from the known Illinois colonies in Jasper and Marion (fde CLH, RES), which are being supplemented with birds from Kansas. A Horned Grebe in Chicago 3 Jun–5 Jul (ph. LGM, m.ob.), representing only the seventh published summer record for Illinois, was miss- ing its left foot. The Western Grebe found in late May at Emiquon lingered until 25 Jun (JIE, KBR, KAM, m.ob.). The Johnson, IL heron rook- ery, where a few Anhingas have nested the past few summers, was abandoned by all waders this season. No Anhingas were reported from the Region. American White Pelicans at Pelican Is- land, Carroll, IL 25 Jun included 150 ads. with 29 nests and 72 young (SJD), marking the sixth consecutive year of breeding in the area since the Region's frst nesting record in 2009. The dramatic increase of American White Pelicans in Indiana continues in evidence: there were unprecedented numbers in the state through the season. Two remained throughout the sum- mer at Striebel Pond, LaPorte (MPS, m.ob.), 4 were at Geist Reservoir, Hamilton, 5 Jun (NK), 6 lingered at Eagle Marsh, Fort Wayne 17-19 Jun (RR et al.), the 45 that few over Dunes 2 Jul (fde KJB) constituted a new high count for the Indiana Lake Michigan lakefront, and the 75 at Goose Pond 3 Jul (TS, fde LWS) established a new summer high for the state. It was a good summer for bitterns. Five American Bitterns (including a juv.) were noted at Goose Pond 14 Jun (LWS, TF), 7 Least Bit- terns were seen at Grant St. 26 Jul (LS et al.), and 8 Least Bittern nests were found during the season at Emiquon (fde HMH). The 180 Great James D. Hengeveld Keith A. McMullen Geofrey A. Williamson –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– I ndiana had a slightly warmer and wetter June than normal, but for the most part the Region was blessed with comfortable, sea- sonable temperatures and normal precipita- tion. The cool spring might have contributed to delayed migration for several species, and lingering individuals of many species tarried to mid-June. Rarities and out-of-season visi- tors within the Region included Black-bellied Whistling-Ducks, White Ibis, Parasitic Jae- ger, White-winged Dove, Merlin, and Curve- billed Thrasher. Abbreviations: Dunes (Dunes S.P., Porter, IN); Emiquon (Emiquon N.W.R. and The Nature Conservancy's Emiquon Preserve, Fulton, IL); F.P. (Forest Preserve); F.W.A. (Fish and Wildlife Area); Goose Pond (Goose Pond F.W.A., Greene, IN); Grant St. (Grant St. Wet- land, Lake, IN); Hennepin (Hennepin-Hopper Lake Restoration Area, Putnam, IL), Horseshoe (Horseshoe L., Madison, IL); Miller (Miller Beach, Lake, IN); Montrose (Montrose Point in Chicago's Lincoln Park); Wakarusa (Wakarusa W.T.F., Elkhart, IN). WATERFOWL THROUGH IBIS Black-bellied Whistling-Duck continued its annual visits to the Region, with one at Chica- go's Lincoln Park 21 Jun (SJH, †ph. GAW, JIE) and 2 at Beardstown Marsh, Cass, IL 7-13 Jun (ph. DLB, ph. TH). A pair of Trumpeter Swans with 2 juvs. was noted at McGinnis Slough, Cook, IL 17 Jun (DRD); breeding of this spe- cies in the state is expected to increase, but to date there are few records. For the second consecutive summer but only the third time in the last 20 years, a female Northern Shoveler with young (3) was found in Indiana, this time at Goose Pond 9 Jun (AB fde DG). A diverse set of lingering waterfowl included an Ameri- Illinois & Indiana Now an annual visitor to Illinois and Indiana, this bird was one of two Black-bellied Whistling-Ducks seen in Cass County, west-central Illinois 7-13 (here 13) July 2014. Photograph by Ted Hartzler.

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